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Ford Mustang (2005 and Newer)



  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Just because it's 'shiftable' (the term is manumatic or automanual) doesn't mean she HAS to shift it. She can leave it in Drive and it will work like any other automatic. The shifting is purely optional and shouldn't be a reason not to get a car IMO. Maybe she thinks she HAS to shift it all the time?

    I saw a new Solara vert yesterday. Very impressive. Not sure I like the rear but the front and interior were nice.

    Check the current convertible prices - the 2005 should be within a few hundred dollars.
  • nedc2nedc2 Posts: 192
    Maybe she wants a real manual. The Solara V6 is only available with an auto.
  • I test drove the 2005 mustang GT at a Ford event last week. It is more beautiful than the pictures display. I test drove a black GT automatic. Sweet...... the interior feels like it wraps around you.. you feel secure in it. The get up and go... well, I placed my foot on the peddal and around the track I went and we were off to the cones where the car handled great on the quick right, left, right turns.
    I wish the track was longer to get a chance to let it rip.

    The sticks that were being test driven gave the guys a chance to peel out.

    I can't wait to trade in my 6 cyl. 99 for this new GT baby.

    The trunk space I felt was big enough for luggage and what ever I would want to put into it. The back seats appear small, but, hey I am not a taxi and if they want to ride with me, then don't complain. Get a mini van if you want more room. This is true sport in an affordable price.

    My only problem is to figure out which color I want.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,379
    Aw c'mon. You're not gonna throw that out there and not give us some impressions of the car or tell us how you got hold of one, are you?

  • Sorry I am New to this site.
    The car is sweet and I took some pictures. I don't know how to post them to this sight but could e-mail if you would like.

    The car is HOT..........

    I can't wait to get mine.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Oops - I thought 'shiftable' was the problem, not automatic. You're probably right.
  • setzersetzer Posts: 127
    shiftable was the problem, not automatic. she wants automatic.

    Camry Solara's automatic transmission: html

    (Edmunds called it "5 Speed Shiftable Automatic" when I compared it with other convertibles)

    She had a Subaru Outback rental and it's transmission is similar to the Solara. She hated it and thought it would be easier just to have a car with a regular automatic. She even said to me, "I would never buy a car with this [kind of transmission]"

    Subaru Outback's transmission:

    On the other hand...
    Mustang's automatic transmission:

    See the difference? Sorry I didn't explain it better the first time.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    So I was right after all. Does she understand that it operates like any other normal automatic - you just put it in Drive and away you go. You only use the self-shift feature if you want to.

    I think she needs to drive and try it in normal auto mode before deciding. I don't think it's that big of a deal, unless she just hates the shifter design itself. I don't particularly care for the zig-zag layout myself.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Regarding your Aunt's desire on automatics: the only difference I can 'see' is the gated feature. Are you saying she doesn't like the various gates (as shown for the Solara and Suburu shifter) vs. the simple straight forward and back gear selector on the Mustang?
  • Does anyone happen to know whether or not this Magnificent 2005 Mustang is coming out on Septemer 29? My mom has one ordered, and has it on order for a long time, however no one around this little part of Tennessee seems to know anything! The Dealers have no clue as to when it's coming out, or at least they say they don't. Please Help, Any information on release date or production date would be greatly appreciated.
  • The best site I have seen to keep
    track of the actual production and
    delivery of the 2005 model is
    that site has posts from guys in the
    Flat Rock plant that are actually building the cars. The first one came of the line on Tuesday. However Ford
    ran into defect problems with the
    new 3-valve 4.6L V8, so those cars
    wont be shipped until the engines are
    checked out and certified for shipment
    which might be a while. Even the V6
    models will have a thorough going over by Ford head honchos before they get
    shipped since its a new model. The
    Flat Rock plant also makes Mazdas so
    the number of Mustangs produced will
    also depend on how many Mazdas vs
    Mustangs they want produce in any given month. I get the impression from
    the posts by the Flat Rock workers
    that Ford doesn't want to rush this
    thing and risk putting out cars that
    could have problems,so you'll
    probably have to be patient.
  • jae5jae5 Posts: 1,205
    Don't want to keep bringing up the automatic transmission topic, but is Ford finally going to put the correct number of detents in for the shifter? Meaning are they going to have D-3-2-1 with a button to get into OD, or will it be OD-D-1, or whatever the heck it was on the Fox. I remember having to start in 1, pop it in D, then slamming the shifter back into 1 to get 2nd gear. then back into D. The AOD didn't like that too much let me tell you. Can't tell by the pics. Nancyr, what are the detents?
  • dae3dae3 Posts: 55
    Isn't the whole idea of "automatic transmission" that you put it in drive and let the car take care of the rest? Maybe it's just me.
  • I spotted a car hauler with the new '05 Mustangs earlier this week heading down I-69 as I was returning from Michigan....sweet
  • "AOD didn't like that too much" Hard to believe, that. ;-)

    Shouldn't you just get a manual if you're going to shift your auto like that? It's murder on the transmission, and you'll be slower than if you just let the car shift for you.

    And Ford Racing and a number of aftermarket companies make shift-reprogram kits that allow you to tune your computer to shift exactly where you want it to...just like the pros use. You'll be faster and more consistent than any manual that way... Just a thought.
  • Has anyone heard anything about the 05' Mustang release date? I just cannot wait any longer. It looks sooooo good and it offers so many options!
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    . . has been officially released to dealers.
    GT MSRP below $25K w/dest.
    - Ray
    Thinking this is a bargain - if this is the sort of vehicle one wants . . .
  • Hey Gang...

    I was able to check out a Ford engineer's test GT 'Stang here in Michigan yesterday. It was very well done, with the interior appearing to be made of high quality materials.

    I was VERY surprised however to see that the rear seat leg room is NON-EXISTENT if the front seats are far back on their tracks. I compared the rear seat legroom in my '88 LX 5.0 which was parked next to the new '05, and there must have been a 4"-5" difference.

    I have 2 pre-teen daughters that I like to take along with my wife in the car, and from what I could tell, the new '05 is basically now a 2-seater. There's almost no way they'd fit into the back seat of the '05. Bummer.

    But, it IS nice to see Ford put a serious effort into the new Mustang project and keep the bloodline going.

  • Well, that fits with the current 'Stang. My 2002 can hold one adult in the back if he/she sits sideways. And it's not esp. comfortable re legroom then...
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,379
    Pony cars have always featured lousy back seats.
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