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Ford Mustang (2005 and Newer)



  • Correction: dealer wants 5% above MSRP for the GT500, and is talking about a retail price in the mid 40's. Told him that the closer he pushes the price to $50k, the more the car has to compete with a C6. Guess which car is going to win that competition?

    Also told him I won't drive a red car with racing stripes and red leather. It ain't in my blood.

    An inherently aggressive looking car like the GT500 doesn't need to advertise itself. In fact, imo, it makes a much more dramatic statement if understated (like my silver GT Premium coupe). But I'm, no doubt, in the minority. Just look at some of the modifications that are coming out:
    the Shelby CS6
    the Saleen's
    or, shudder, the Roush

    The Mustang seems to invite overstatement. Too bad, such a beautiful car, if left alone.
  • And if you decide your stock GT needs a little more oomph, you can always bolt on a twin screw ;)
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    Beaters usually cost a lot of money, and they are crap to drive. You will be alright with a set of Michelin X-Ice on 17" rims. I am not sure that 16" rims clear the calipers. I have the X-Ice on right now and they are extremely quiet for a winter tire. So far we have had rain or a very light blanket of snow. The difference in how the car handles the wet is impressive. Whereas my Falkens, a very good summer tire, was pretty quiet in the rain, these Michelins make it sound like I am driving in a monsoon! The sound of the rain flying off the tires as if I am driving through an inch of rain tells me the tread pattern will do the trick in the snow.

    Blizzaks have a sticky compound that, once it wears off, you are left with a mediocre winter tire at best. I have had three pairs of these Michelins and IMO nothing comes close.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    I forgot about the GT having bigger brakes - may have to stick with 17's.
  • Yes you will have to be at least 17". I think someone on a dedicated Mustang board tried 16" for drag racing but ended up grinding their brake calipers to fit.
  • I thought I'd post a picture of my GT will all of my appearance mods finished. Just wanted to show off the car before it gets beat up this winter!!!


  • Gents,
    I am an owner of a 05 GTO....(I'm not here to stir the pot)
    What I am considering is buying a new 06 Mustang GT Prem.
    with auto trans for my wife and having the best of both worlds so to speak. I've located one that fits the bill,
    a Black on Black with a sticker price of $30,330
    The dealer said they will knock off $1500 from sticker.
    $28,830 plus tax. I know these cars have been selling for
    sticker+ so do you think I should jump on this price?
    Also, the ones that have an 06, have you experienced any problems that I should be aware of?
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    Coupled with my Michelin X-Ice, was a resounding success. The conditions, even for a hard nosed Canadian, were atrocious. Snow, that turned into slush, only to have a flash freeze occur, turning roads into virtual skating rinks. they were even closing some bridges.

    The Mustang, after a good scrape (God I hate that) was ready to go and my first gear acceleration, with a good dose of respect to the conditions, was too easy. A little more gas and the TC was there to help me get going. On my deserted road it was excellent. Then again, I expected nothing less as my 99 GT was easy. This felt even more so.

    No worries here. No beaters here. With proper tires and a good dose of common sense, the Mustang is an easy car to drive in terrible conditions.
  • dan1dan1 Posts: 76
    Nice pictures it looks sweet, but there is one way it could look better. If it was parked in my garage next to my Bullitt!
  • Pumpkinfish: Thanx for the nice pics. I think your spoiler is cooler than stock. Are you actually sucking more air into the engine compartment with the hood scoop, or is it merely cosmetic? If it's real, does it make much of a difference in performance or engine temperature?

    Blackflag: Price seems right to me, but you can check going MSRP and wholesale prices at any number of sites. I've used ""
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,896
    pumpkin....SWEEEEET ride!!!!!!

    cmnot....good news on the winter driving part.

    blackflag....I sold my Mustang GT about 8 weeks ago....just because I could sell it for more than I paid for it. I had bought it on X plan and sold it for $50 under the original MSRP (but about $500 under MSRP of an '06).

    So, being that was only 8 weeks ago (weather was still nice) and you're looking at a $1,500 discount, I'd be all over that. I do think that the factory is finally catching up with the demand. Still, I rarely see a GT sitting on a dealer's lot. And, when I do, it's usually gone within 24-48 hours.

    Ford still won't include the Mustang on any of the special pricing plans they announce for the rest of their line-up.

    While I never had any problems with mine, there are still some sporadic reports regarding a slow fuel fill issue. I'd say that it's a filler neck problem and not a fuel tank problem, as Ford originally thought. I'd ask the dealer if they'll fill-up the one your interested in at whatever pump they have to make certain it doesn't have an issue. I'd ask them to have you present when they do it, just to ease your concerns.

    I've also seen a couple of reports about the fuel guage acting weird. That could mean the ECU needs to be reflashed (since it also controls the electronic fuel guage), or maybe bad sending units. Those are easy fixes, though and would be covered under warranty.

    Hope this helps.
  • graphicguy/pumpkinfish
    Thanks for the input. I guess any discount on the GT is a plus so the $1,500 off MSRP is a real deal.
    Since my wife will be the primary driver of the car the
    fuel fill issue will be of primary importance.
    If I make the deal, but before I sign, I'll do as you suggest and ask them to put gas in the car in my presence.
    That way if it fails the test I'm not obligated to take that particular one. Don't want work to have to be done on it before I even take it home.
  • I have the BFGoodrich GForce KDWS 18" which came with the 06 GT Mustang. I never gave the tire issue much thought when I ordered it. Supposedly, these tires are "highly" rated in the winter and even on wet/snow covered roads...any thoughts on this? Other than getting a weekly car wash... anyone have an idea how to keep salt deteriation to a minimum............and please don't say something like buy a beater.
    Does any weight need to be added to the rear end of these vehicles (trunk) while driving in winter conditions?
  • What's the "X Plan"?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Price offered to Ford suppliers and partners. A plan is for Ford employees, D plan is for dealership employees, Z plan is for Ford retirees. X plan for Fords is just below invoice and just above invoice for Lincolns.
  • Thanks for the comments guys.

    PP, it is a stick on Roush scoop. I was tired of the hood looking like one big flat panel but it is not as bad as the new Accords hood. It needed that extra "pop" and I didn't want a functional fiberglass hood.
  • Ya know...I thought I was going goofy when the filler nozzle of the gas pump kept clicking off when trying to refuel.....tried pulling it out and still had the same problem!

    Must say that the problem seems to have corrected itself by switching "pumps". Is there a problem with the intake of the fuel tank perhaps?.............

    Still wondering about the extra weight for the back end of the GT for the winter driving deal!
  • What color side door stripe (that says 'Mustang') looks best with Windveil blue? Black, White, or Gold. {Im asking about the stock striping down the sides of the car, near the bottom of the doors).

  • On Windveil Blue, I'd say go with black. I actually prefer the look of the mustang without the tape stripe, though. I just bought a black '06 convertible with pony package this past weekend & opted to go w/out the stripe. But if you're a fan of it, I'd definitely say go with black.
  • Now we're getting to one of the deeper questions of life, one which I have pondered for many long hours by the fireplace, discussed at length with my comrades: Which color goes best with the Mustang?

    First and most obvious choice is hot red, the standard for sports machines (picture a Vette or Ferrari). Part of this color choice has to do with personality. Red is for the person who wants to get noticed. Some do, some don't (I don't). Different strokes. Personally, I think red makes the Tang look a little chubby, short, unless we're talking convertible, in which case red is definitely a consideration, hot and sexy.

    Then there's black, perfect for an agressive car with attitude like the Pony. But there are a couple of drawbacks, things to consider: 1) Black doesn't go particularly well with the front end, the black grill. It needs to be offset, like by the red lights in the back, or by chrome. 2) Black is an excellent choice in certain areas, like cities, like the north, but in California, where I live, it's impractical because of all the sun -- even in winter, the interior will toast (I know, I used to have a black car.) 3) Lastly, black doesn't wear well. It gets dirty easily, it scratches over time, losing its sheen, getting duller with every trip to the car wash or long distance highway jaunt.

    Lastly there's silver, the most popular color. Yes, it might look a little bland on the page, or in the dealer showroom, but out under an open sky is gathers light, glows. Out on the road, it fits perfectly with the other machines, a machine color, perfect for Calif. where the sun shines alot. It's no accident that Ford in it's first TV ad introduced the new Mustang in silver, a classy classic look.

    I chose silver, but I have to admit, everytime a new Tang rolls by I check out how a different color looks.

    As for the side stripes, don't like 'em.

    As for the fog lights in the grill, would prefer them under the headlights, where they don't interrupt the clean lines of the hood and grill (most customizations and the Cobra move them just so).

    The new "Pony package," which clutters that cool black grill is all wrong, meant, I figure, to appeal more to women, to soften the aggressive look of the car.
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