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Ford Mustang (2005 and Newer)

05mustang05mustang Posts: 1
edited January 3 in Ford
there's not a lot of feed back on the new 05 ford mustang. not the 2005 ford GT


  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    Man, people act as if all the 60's Mustangs had 300-400 HP V8's. And what's all the hand wringinig about the 3.8? It's being dropped for 2005 Stangs.

    There always was and always should be a base level Mustang with an adequate engine for average buyers.
  • I thought Ford said that the Mustang would be the only RWD car under 20k, meaning the V6 version. I never heard them say that it would be the only RWD car with a V8 costing under 20k.
  • looks cool...i wonder if that really is the car though...also im not so sure about the round headlights on the inside..i know its a throwback to the old 69 mach 1 but still...this model would look best w/o them.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    I think it's pretty plausible that these are the real deal. Esp. the's new, but not radically different from the current model. Which seems to me to make it more likely this is the more-or-less ready for production model.

    But I agree with 3.1 on the inner headlights. In fact, I think back in the late 1960s, Ford had to stop doing that because of DOT restrictions on headlight placement. Resident history experts?
  • Couldn't this version with the grille lights be an optional package?

    This is the production Mustang.
  • thats what i was thinking...just have the rounded headlights as some sort of premium package...i think it would be best if they just made them available at dealerships for a little extra money...then if you dont want them you dont have to worry about taking them off.
  • I was comparing these latest spy shots to the Mustang concept, and it kind of looks like Ford has dropped the ball. The really cool lines and shapes that hearken back to the late '60s 'Stang in the concept, have been smoothed and modified a bit to look more like a blend of the concept and the current model in the production version.

    I don't know why Ford couldn't produce a Mustang that looks ALMOST EXACTLY like the concept. I understand needing to change a few minor things, like not having the exhaust pipes integrated into the middle of the rear bumper, but come on! The 2 concepts had me excited about the Mustang for the first time in years! The prototypes in the spy pics are a bit less inspiring.

    Oh well, all we can do is wait to see what it actually looks like...
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352

    What you are thinking about is the Shelby that started the year with the grill headlights side by side dead center but had to move the lights to the ends of the grill after producing only a few because of (I believe) several states' motor vehicle regulations.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    fdthird, you the man! Good call...I knew it was something Mustang, just couldn't quite recall. Wasn't there also an issue with the Shelbys regarding turn signals or some kind of light on the c-pillars at some point?

    Re the concept-to-reality problem, yeah, I totally understand. I go to auto shows and think "I would so drive that". But I guess most people actually wouldn' things get toned down. I guess most of the market is pretty conservative in its tastes. Too bad.

    Though I think the Viper actually went from concept to reality relatively unchanged though...
  • Driving in Dearborn on Southfield FWY, saw a proto convertible with the dots all over it. The spy picture looks pretty accurate as to the front, the back had a tarp on it so couldn't get a great look. Interior looked like it had silver gauges w/ leather. Overall impression was pretty good, but not as agressive as the concept car. I'll be curious to see what the final version will look like. This was the GT or Cobra version as it had the twin pipes.
  • did the front have the rounded headlights along with the regular ones?

    please say no...
  • Has anybody heard any talk about the price range of the 2005? Do you think it's going to be around the same as the other mustangs or more expensive?
  • Does anyone know if the DOHC engine will be available in the GT? Will this car have IRS? Will it have unequal length A arms for the front suspension? I hope so. We have waited too long to get just a re-do of the 25 year old platform. If Ford does not do this right I predict the GTO will kill the Stang. Too sad to imagine.
  • I agree with the previous comments as to how close Ford will follow the concept idea with the production version. It seems that the Mustang has gone from its original sporting concept into something that would be a family car in Europe. I also agree that if Ford departs from a new sporting concept that has been promoted - its existence will follow the Camaro. Ford missed the ball with the 35th anniversary. The design was something a non-automotive designer would have come up with. They should have taken the '65-66 GT and "morphed" it into a performance vehicle for 2000. That's past history. If they do this one right, with a decent selection of engines, transmissions (including a 6- speed) and by keeping the price within the reach of common folks- they will have winner.
  • Does anyone out there know when this car will be for sale? I have heard so many different dates that it might be two years away. The most recent date of sale is April of 04 according to a Ford dealer. What have you heard? Also, what will be the lowest and highest prices? (MSRP)Are there any specs available to the public? Any other info would be appreciated.
  • ambullambull Posts: 255
    I heard this from a Ford exec on SpeedTV this morning.
  • carjimcarjim Posts: 155
    The rear deck of the side view has me concerned a little. It appears as if the rear end swoops upward from the back window. That would be weird. Or, am I looking at a spoiler that makes it look taller on the tail? Can anyone tell?
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