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Toyota Camry Solara Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
Share your Camry Solara purchase experience here.

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  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853
    ....California State Auto [non-permissible content removed]'n has a buying service arrangement with certain dealers who satisfy "criteria"...........

    At any rate, the out the door price (Here in the 'golden' state we have tax, license and a documentation fee) of just under 25k. Dealer is in Placerville.

    SE-V6 optional side air bags, 16-inch alloys, power seat, JBL AM-FM/CD/Cassette and rear spoiler. No sunroof, leathor or automatic.
  • On Saturday, I sent requests for quotes to six (6) Toyota dealerships in North Georgia. I stated the interest in buying a 2004 Toyota Camry Solara SE V6 (non-Sport) with floor/trunk mats and in one of two colors (Black or Oceanous Blue). I also stated that no other options would be entertained unless unbilled.

    The MSRP/Invoice/TMV for the car and options are:

    $21450/$19304/$20330 for SE V6
    $184/$112/$146 for floor/trunk mats option
    $21634/$19416/$$20476 for car plus option

    So, I made an offer of $20,500 not inclusive of the Tax, Tag, and Title, nor the deliver (destination) charge, and I stated my purchase timeframe was within two weeks, but the better the offer the sooner the purchase.

    Well, the cheapest counter-offer was over $22,900 for a vehicle that I clearly did not want. Not only was it not in either of the two colors I was looking for, but not in the option I wanted.

    At this point in time I am under the impression that the Toyota dealerships around me are not interested in selling a customer a vehicle 'they want', but rather a vehicle 'they don't want'. At no time did any of those the replied to my email offer to locate the desired vehicle.

    So, should I conclude this is a behavior to be expect in general of all dealerships in this day and age, just Toyota dealerships in my area, or just something I am not recognizing?

    I do understand that a floor sales person should sell what inventory is on-hand, but with a dealership's Internet sales people I would think they could put a little effort and at least attempt to find the vehicle the customer is desiring and not a vehicle the customer isn't desiring.

    Do Toyota Camry Solara SE V6 with trunk mats actually exist? There is such a thing as compromise, but their replies offer no compromise that I can see.
  • Have you gone to Toyota's website to build they vehicle you want to see if you can get the car with just those options?

    When I built my SE Sport, the only way I could have the extra floor mats and trunk mat was if I got the moonroof.

    Unfortunately, many places won't let you pick and choose exact options you want (from my experience).

    Your offer wasn't too outrageous... MSRP for my Solara was just under $25 and I got it for just over $21... If I were you I'd take a personal trip to the dealership and sit down to negotiate with them.

    Just remember, YOU are the customer... if they want to sell you the car bad enough... they will. If you don't get what you want... thank them for their time and walk away... there's always more dealerships! :)
  • jschamberger:

    Yes, I have. The problem is that the Southeastern Toyota dealerships are completely different than elsewhere in the country. They place their own options on the vehicle and these are options that don't even correspond to those listed in the brochure. This only further aggravates the problem.

    BTW, my emails only went out after I got home from being at the dealerships. They were not willing to move off the dealer listed price, which is a far cry from the manufacturer's MSRP.

    I just don't think they are interested in selling a car to someone stubborn and willing to wait. There are too many gullible fish to sell these cars at outlandish prices.

    Its just seems like an impossible aspect of trying to buy what an automaker made rather than what a dealership thinks was made. This is completely different from when I negotiated for my wife current car in 1995 and my truck in 2001. The environment seems more catered to the seller than the buyer.
  • Try - they claim they'll sell you that car in the Atlanta area for $20,123 including destination charge. It's a Carsdirect price, not a "target" price, so I think the deal would happen through them.
  • Wow, its been a couple of years since I looked for a car, and at that time CarsDirect looked to be going out of business. Lemme go have a look!
  • We contacted the nearest dealer,30 miles away in a small town. We told him what we wanted.He hadn't seen one yet but would do a search. He called back and said they are limited and asking a premium of a couple grand. His search ended up in Montana,we are on the coast of Wash. That was a Sport in a diff color. I called all dealers in a 200 mi area. Found just what we wanted 100 miles away from that dealer. Learned dealers hide certain models from search.They are in short supply here in the NW.We pd $24k incld $485 ship,
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    Solara SE V6 model 2738

    Base Invoice......18661
    Admin (TDA for the rest of the country)...575
    Floor mats and cargo mat...166.10

    Invoice Total.....20610.60

    All of the Solara SE V6 are also coming in with the SZAT conv. Package which is 933. If you do not want this package it would have to be ordered and could take 30-45 days for delivery. You need to base your offer off of this info and you shouldn't have any problems gettingthe color and price you are looking for.
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    ...1996 Crapery LE V-6, purchased at WestSide Toyota (Team Toyota)....very satisifed! Good luck.
  • Western Virginia

    Toyota Solara SE Sport V6

    Moonroof and floor/trunk mats option

    $21,500 plus tax, title, license

    -Salesman wasn't too bad... he was a younger guy (like me... mid-twenties) and I knew more about cars than he did so I think he knew he couldn't feed me any BS.
  • jschamberger said:
    "Toyota Solara SE Sport V6
    Moonroof and floor/trunk mats option
    $21,500 plus tax, title, license"

    This is strange. Here is the invoice price for that config:
    Base: 20,649
    Dest: 515
    Moonrf: 720
    Mats: 112
    Total: 21,996. Throw in the unavoidable dealer advertising of $549 and you're at $22,545. I don't think they're selling these cars for $1,000 under invoice. Am I missing something?
  • Don't know... the sticker off my car says:


    All I know is the price I signed for was $21,500 plus tax, title, and license. Who knows... maybe the dealer needed to sell a new Solara. My car was built in August... got to the dealer on August 30th... sat on the lot until Sept. 21 when I bought it. I was the first person to buy a new Solara at their dealership (so they say).

    Maybe they gave it to me for cheap because they knew they could screw me on my trade. I had a 97 Grand Prix GTP in MINT condition (maybe a few dings here an there) within only 87K miles on it and they only gave me $4300 for it. I stopped back to the dealership a week later and they had it advertised for nearly $9K! Someone bought it a week after that... not sure how much they paid for it though???
  • i live in N.CA and the dealer offered me carsdirect price ($27,6xx)for an SLE V6 with Nav, side & curtain airbags, slip control, rear spoiler, special paint for white exterior (rip off from toyota), floor & trunk mat (big rip off from toyota), trunk net (another big rip off from toyota). dealer not willing to take out the mat and net because they came from the factory.

    jschamberger: just curious, what makes you get rid of the pontiac and switch to a japanese car? i still see my POS 2001 Civic selling on the dealer's website. I cannot get rid of it in months and I hope the dealer is having a hard time getting rid of that POS too.
  • I got rid of my Grand Prix because for three reasons...

    1- It had a small water leak in it that I couldn't find... and whenever it rained the passenger side front and rear floorboard would get soaked (started happening about 3 months before I got rid of it... a major PITA to clean!)

    2- As you may or may not be aware Pontiac loves to use tons of cheap plastic parts in their cars and as the car ages it rattled all the time... drove me nuts.

    3- It seemed to start depreciating (spelling???) faster and faster lately (wonder if it had something to do with the new model of Grand Prix coming out) that I wanted to get the most I could out of it.

    I have a new job that requires me to travel quite a bit. I wanted something that was 100% reliable, smooth, quiet ride, and had a sweet looking interior. The Solara did it for me.

    I will admit that I do miss the POWER of my Grand Prix... I modified the engine and exhaust a little and pushed the horsepower up to around 280 (at the crank). I loved hearing that supercharger whine!!!! If you want to know what it sounds like... rent the movie "The Italian Job"... whenever it shows chase scenes with Charlize Theron... the sound of her engine was just like an engine with a supercharger whine... greatest sound on earth! :)
  • The cargo net is standard in SLE V6. You shouldn't be charged on that. If they did, ask them to refer the catalog and Toyota web site and refund the money.
  • thanks cooldad.

    i just realized toyota has their pricing list for extended warranty on their website. called the dealer to see if they're willing to meet the MSRP on the extended warranty price before i cancel the contract. still waiting for them to call me back.

    for those that are interested in purchasing extended warranty, make sure you go to Toyota Financial Services and get an idea how much the extended warranty costs before negotiating with the dealerships.
  • Who's offering the best deals on 04 solaras in the Chicago area? Is $500 over invoice doable?
  • Just checked the price sticker on my car. They didn't charge for the trunk net.

    Regarding the extended warranty, dealer agreed to give me some coupons or vouchers for the differences between the amount I paid and the quote I got from another dealership. I can use it for parts or services at that dealership. Just hope that they won't close their door in the next few years. But I think by looking at how they rip ppl off, it'll be difficult for them to go BK.

    Why the heck do we have to buy a car through dealerships? Can't the manufacturer set up something so we can buy from them directly?
  • Minimum 3 percent under invoice and expect a cargo net and floormats free, maybe wheel locks too. Otherwise walk, and wait until the end of the month when the dealers and slaesmen need to make their quotas. Go to Schaumburg Toyota outside Chicago as they are the largest volume dealer. Extended warranty should br 50 percent of retail.
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