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Toyota Camry Solara Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just bought a 2006 Solara with the 4 cyl. and 24000 miles for 15,100.00 from North Coast Auto, sight unseen, through eBay Motors. Took a bus from Toronto, Canada to Cleveland, Ohio to test drive the car. Buy buying this car fron the USA I saved approx. 20,000CAD as they are currently selling for 32,000CAD in Toronto. Fantastic car......would do it all over again!!.
  • sonnypsonnyp Posts: 1
    Did you have to pay county sales tax of 6%, why it's only $92.31 ?
  • Hi Sonny: Because I was registering it in another country- (CANADA), I didn't have to pay any OHIO state tax...however, once in Toronto, I had to pay close to 3,000CAD :cry: in taxes: 15% :cry: I still was able to save 18,000CAD though :)
  • Dear Car Man and others who know!
    I am in NY City and thinking about leasing 2007 Solara Convertable V6 for 36 months. Two questions, if I may.
    First, from various forums it looks like not many people are leasing this car, mostly buying. Any reason why?
    Second, what would be the residual value for the car?
    Thank you very much in advance for your help.
  • Dear Car Man,
    Could you be so kind as to answer my questions above (#8 re 2007 Solara lease). I really need the answers urgently.
    Thank you.
  • I just joined the forum. Just wanted to say Hello & ask a question.

    I plan on buying a 2007 Solara SLE V6 Coupe next month. I'm just not sure if I'm getting it for a good price. The only additional features I want are the tinted windows, Sunroof Wind Deflector, & Wheel locks. The salesman gave me a price of $26,125 MSRP plus 500 handling fee & $1597 in taxes. The total came to $28,222. I also want the VSC & TRAC. He said that would be approximately $600 more. Grand Total of $28,822. Do you think this is a good price?

    I'd also like to know what people think about the Designer Edition roof. Is is durable? It's approx. $1,800 more. It looks really nice but I don't know how well it holds up. I plan on keeping this car a few years & I don't want a roof that starts shredding. The salesman avoided talking to me about it. I'm not sure why. He told me that I don't need that & that it's "not me". It reminded me of the rag tops that the old Caddy's had. I liked it. Any thoughts or experience with these tops?

    This will be my first new car. Are there some costs that are not usually negotiable? I was surprised that someone was able to get the dealer fees cut in half. I would not have thought that that was negotiable.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you. :)
  • I don't have too much faith in Costco/AAA pricing - but it can be a very good starting point. I helped my cousin with buying a 2007 Toyota Camry. We asked for the AAA pricing and one of the dealers offered us around $300 over invoice - but didn't have any stock. The second dealer offered us around $800 over invoice but quickly matched the 2nd dealer price. So much for the AAA price - but by using multiple dealers, this was one of the easiest car deals that I have done for what seems like a fair price.

    The next experience gets more bizzare. I was looking for a Solara SLE convertible. I went to the dealer (a 3rd dealer) on Sunday. Turns out that the AAA guy was not at work on Sunday. So I go through the regular guys - but he quickly brings out his Costco book. The price - $1500 above invoice. Since I had bought the Camry for $300 above invoice, I was getting ready to walk. He dropped the price to $0 above invoice. Since I was flying out of the country for the next few days, I offered to come back on Fri and finish the deal. When I started walking out, the dealer offered me $500 below invoice for a brand new fresh off the truck 2007 SLE convertible in a color that I wanted (blue). He had only one in stock too. I ended up making the deal that day itself! So I went from $1500 above invoice on a regular Costco deal to $500 below invoice - which is a huge difference. The dealer said something about making their targets - but I don't know if I believe it but $500 below invoice sounded pretty good. [By the way, I had talked to the Camry dealer a few days before before and he was $1000 above invoice on a SLE convertible on his AAA price and would not budge even though he did not have any car in stock as yet].
  • Guys........ dont buy a new one!!! 18 months ago, I found a black 04 SLE V-6 coupe with EVERY option........ 1200 miles............ paid 21500. found it using the computer

    has anyone heard if the Solara will be cancelled after 07?? I've heard rumors but nothing solid
  • :confuse: I just wanted to let everyone who has trouble with the poor viability in the rear of their Solara's that I found an easy solution. All I did was remove the two rear headrests from the seats and my view is 100% better :) . Has any body else done this to improve your rear visabilty? Rob in Toronto.
  • I was lucky enough to buy an 06 4cyl. with 20k for $15,000 from a dealer off of ebay motors, sight unseen! I took a bus from Toronto to Cleveland and drove it back. I wish I had bought one 10 years ago...a great automobile.
  • Do you have a coupe or a convertible?? The headrests in the convertibles are part of the roll-bar system, and can't be removed, from what mechanics have told me.
    I would LOVE to remove them....but have seen photos of stripped-down-to-the-metal rear seats, and it looks impossible. :(
  • I have the coupe model. I guess you have a big decision whether to modify the roll bar or not. :cry:
  • Wife on Saturday leased red '07 SE Conv. Only option is power driver's seat. 36/36. Went to local Philly suburban mega-dealer -- friend of family is a sales manager there. With no $ out of pocket = $380/mo incl 9% lease tax and GAP ins. She does not like to negotiate these things. Went without me; I'm still out of town and will be for next two weeks. Was she taken?
  • Hi anditer. the reason why most consumers are financing or paying cash for the Toyota Solara rather than leasing it is that Toyota has not been providing any sort of lease support on it. I can give you an idea of what this car's current residual value is, however it won't be very useful because it calculates lease payments differently than other banks. The residual value percentages that TFS publishes are for base models. It places restrictions upon what options can be residualized and caps on the ones that it allows. The system is so confusing that TFS provides dealers with a list of the actual dollar residual values of the vehicles that they have in inventory rather than having them calculate them themselves. For what it's worth, TFS current residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2007 Solara Convertible with 15,000 miles per year is 60%.

    Prices Paid Forum
  • I'm the FNG here as I just bought my 2007 Solara Sport Convertible on Saturday after a protracted search. I paid $28,434 (delivery included) for one with adjustable seat, mats, and "trunk junk" - cargo net, first aid and road assistance kits. That's $1,343 above dealer invoice (adjusted for the options above and excluding the $589 holdback) and $2,383 below the $30,817 sticker. I worked them for 5.99% financing for 4 years on $15,000 of the purchase price too!

    I had to work very, very hard for that price and one lesson to pass along to other members here is to be careful about any dealer who tells you that they'll sell a car for some amount or % above "invoice". I couldn't understand why the invoice price that I was given didn't match the one in the Consumer Reports printouts until I got to the dealer and saw the printout. Toyota's "invoice" price for this Solara includes about $800 of what I regard as fluff - a $500 "TDA" or "TSA" charge (AKA dealer prep, advertising, ad nauseum) and a $300 "floor planning charge".

    These are supposedly non-negotiable, at least until you get up and start to leave. If a newbie can give some advice, it's 1) do your homework on prices before you shop; 2) don't let your emotions get involved; 3) get lots of quotes so that you can get a feel for who will work with you and who couldn't care less; and 4) if you're getting jerked around or "worked" by one or more amateur psychologists get up and leave. Oh, and 5) always buy your convertible on December 28 when no one else wants one!
  • I just bought a red SE V6 Solara convertible at Darcars in Silver Spring in Maryland. It had added options of power front seat and floor mat package; I got it for $400 under invoice through Car Bargains. With the advertising cost, dealer fees it came to $25.8K. The dealer folks were super cordial and helpful, I went in with my check from the credit union, so it went very smoothly. :)
  • I bought my first Toyota, last week. It's blue streak metallic and I love the color! I would ONLY buy that color, so they had to find one and drive it here. I bought it for 27,000, but the Pontiac I traded in wasn't paid off. I owed 5,500 on it and they gave me 4,500 towards it. I paid a grand to the Toyota dealer and that kept me from going upside down on my loan. I'm really happy to have this car because my Pontiac was ALWAYS in the shop. :lemon:
  • kjac95kjac95 Posts: 1
    i am desperate to see a photo of a blue streak metallic solara convertible....can anyone help? has found one but it is hours away and i need to wrap my brain around the color before i okay the purchase. thanks for your help.
  • yorksladyyorkslady Posts: 6
    Got 2007 Solara Convertible Silver SLE MSRP: $32,149.00 for $26,488.00 at Power toyota of Cerritos in California. They have the coupon on their web site. They still have one red and 2 silver left.
  • faverfaver Posts: 1
    Hi; I am planning to buy a Toyota Solara convertible in Philadelphia. The car dealer proposes and MSRP of 30K and a purchase price of 29K. I qualify for tier II with a downpayment of $4500. It's a 15K miles deal for 36 months. He's proposing a monthly payment of $450. Do you know what is the money factor and the residual value? I need those nbrs to see if this is a good deal. What do you think?
    Thanks for your help
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