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Toyota Camry Solara Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • katyhykatyhy Posts: 13
    Yes, I was told by two separate salesmen and two different dealerships that the hard top convertible was coming out in 2 years. So far the only things I don't like about the car are 1) the bad blind spots in the back panels when the top is up; 2) the button to close all the windows is blocked by the turn signal. The only other thing is the fact that it is a 2 door. I have a daughter and her friends are with us a lot so there's a lot of in and out of the back seats. She says she's fine with it but I'm always the one moving the passenger seat back into position so that I can see out the passenger window. It is a very pretty car - I got the mistic blue with tan top/interior and I've got to say, it's beautiful! The interior finishes are nicely done.
  • I just got a brand new (16 miles) '08 SE Convertible for $23,950. It's the dark metallic gray (the color I wanted), and came with the auto V6. So far, I'm loving it. It's my first convertible.

    My "old" car (a 2007 silver Camry LE 4 cyl. with about 2,000 miles on it) was hit and the entire back had to be replaced. The guy's insurance company gave me a good deal on the diminution of the vehicle and I decided to take that money and trade the Camry LE in for the Solara SE. The dealership gave me a really good deal on the trade-in (between diminution and trade-in, I did better than MSRP). I always had "buyer's regret" for not getting the dark gray metallic when I got my Camry, so I decided to try and get the dark gray metallic on the Solara.

    I found the deal in the paper with a "one at this price" ad. When I went out there, it just so happens that the "one at this price" was the dark gray metallic I really liked.

    Toyota was also offering special financing. After the deal, I wound up paying about $28 more a month (over the same period) for the SE Solara convertible than my old Camry LE 4 cylinder.

    I am a little leery after reading the posts on water getting in through the convertible top. I park in an underground garage so I haven't even had it out in the rain. I think I'll go take it for a ride the next time it rains just to see how it does.

    ETA: In addition to the $23,950, I did have to pay $645 for the dealer destination charge.

  • moms_maxmoms_max Posts: 62
    Well, the Solara Convertibles get a reprieve!!!

    Ya-hoo!!!! :D
  • moms_maxmoms_max Posts: 62
    Congrats! She's a beauty....

    Don't let all these posts scare you. Most of us don't have any problems with leaks (let's hope it stays that way!), so you should be fine. The only problem EVERYONE has is that, when it is raining and you have to exit the car or roll down the window, you get drenched with water coming over the roof edge...there is no "drip molding" like on hardtops to catch and redirect the rain. So, stash a towel under your seat. Small price to pay for cruisin' in the sunshine :shades:

    Enjoy your ride!!!
  • THANKS!!!

    I drove it yesterday in the rain and it was fine. But, since I park indoors, I didn't have to roll down my window or open my door when it was raining.

    I'm LOVING this car. Compared to the four cylinder, the six is SO much nicer.

    This is my all-time favorite car that I've owned. It's the first time I really got what I wanted instead of what was practical

    Driving with the top down is awesome. And, this car gets looks everywhere I go, even with the top up. I bring it in for my first "check up" tomorrow. I've only got 300+ miles, so I don't anticipate any problems.
  • I'm lookin at a 08 Sport V6. Sticker is just over $29,000. Since these are being discontinued, should I expect the dealer to go below invoice? I don't think there are any rebates on these either. Anyone received any recent deals?
  • Towards the end of October, I requested a quote on a new '08 Solara from a local dealer (I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area) and the internet sales rep indicated that since the car was being discontinued (and "hard to get"), that they were going for $1000 over invoice. I didn't try to negotiate or press the issue, but I would assume that you could get the price down to at least close to invoice. I hope this helps! Good luck on your search!
  • WOW!!! Personally, I think that is outrageous..... :mad:

    However, that being said, certain areas that sell lots of "verts" will try to milk them for all they are worth. We looked up & down the east coast (back in July '06) and found an SE in Maryland ~ we're in NC ~ with NAV, mats, vehicle stability option, etc. for about $27K. It was worth the 5 hour drive for us, since we wanted an '06, and dealers were getting in '07s at that point.

    You didn't state if the one you were looking at had any bells & whistles on it....
  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    Toyota will be selling Convertible Solari (sic) for at least the next couple of years. I would think that most Toyota Solara dealers would be anxious to sell any left over 08's at a reasonalble discount. I am very happy with my 08 sle convertible. It is not my only car however.
  • I see an 08 Salora at my local dealership which has 12000 miles on it. Dealer selling price is 19500. what price would be good enough to get that. it's SE V6 sport coupe, seems the vehicle was traded in. It comes with the rest of the manufacturers waranty left on it (5 yrs/60 k miles Powertrain and 36k miles B2B ).
  • swhondaswhonda Posts: 19
    Hi Moms_Max, sorry for the delay in response....the Solara I was inquiring about (and received the quote for) was a fully loaded SLE with Navigation and all the bells and whistles I could ever want! :D Happy New Year!
  • Well I test drove an '08 Solara SE today and liked what I drove. I've never owned a Toyota per se, but own an '05 Scion XB for my daily driver on my 70 mile commute. The sticker price was $22388 and it was marked down to $19888 for the old "red tag" sale. It is automatic and options from the sticker are: moon roof, cargo net, first aid kit, door sill enhancements, and an alarm system.

    I drove a 15 mile mix of back roads and interstates and paid careful attention to some of the issues that I've read about in the Solara forums. No hesitation was noted during acceleration but I did feel that the steering is overboosted, though it wasn't a deal breaker. The salesman stated that this is the rock bottom price with no further reductions. The car has been on the lot since last July and has not moved out of its parking spot since last November (I live near by and walk my dog through weekly). Does $19888 + T&T seem like a good deal to you Solara experts?
    Thanks to all..
  • Are you sure that SE has an automatic trans. rather than manual? I am unable to configure an SE with auto and the features you listed at an MSRP close to $22,388.
  • Yes I test drove the auto and I couldn't configure it on the Toyota site either. The sticker states that it is a 2008 Solara SE with the 5 speed auto.
  • Since we can't configure for come reason: I would estimate the invoice on the SE is close to 21,000 including the advertising add-on. At 19,888 my guess is you are getting it at invoice less the $1000 rebate. I have received quotes of 1800-2000 less than invoice on SLE's (including the rebate. Based on that, I would think you could squeeze a little more out of them. There aren't a lot of buyers, the car is out of production, and it is one (soon to be two) model years old. They should want to sell it to you at just a little better price IMO. You will be getting a good, brand new car at a great discount though. Let us know what happens-
  • Thanks for your expertise. I too thought that 19888 was too high on a 2 yr. old car. That was my 1st drive in a Solara and it was a very positive experience. Seats were comfortable, head & leg room were generous, ride was compliant, handling was good, and interstate accelration was acceptable with the 4 cyl. From the posts I've read here highway MPG should be in the 30's with this vehicle.

    In 2005 I test drove 22 vehicles priced in the sub-$16k range before I bought the XB. I rejected all do to comfort, mpg, or ride qualities. I commute 113 miles daily with 90% highway so comfort and MPG and paramount.

    My past history with this dealer have not been positive. They've been in business for many years in what was until recently a rural area that is rapidly being connected with the Wash. DC metro area. They still conduct business like they are one of the only dealers in town when, in actuality, most folks under 50 will drive in to the DC area and save thousands over this dealer's "Best Deal". I've bought 3 vehicles in the last 7 years-all in the DC area for substantial savings-over the local dealers. And yes Scion dealers do negotiate price but that's another forum.
  • Dealer called me back and decided to take another $500 off of the $19888 price. $19388 is still a bit high on an almost 2 yr. old car IMO. What would this car be worth once I drove it off the lot? A lot less than $19388 I'll bet. Other dealers are showing used, certified 2008's with 10k to 18k mileage in the $17500 range.
  • I think you are getting real close to a fair price at $19,388. Using your comparison to used, an extra ~$1800 for 10-18,000 miles and a brand new car with a new car warranty sounds pretty darn good to me. You are right that it will be worth less when your drive it off the lot, but it will also be brand new with about 10 miles on the odometer. I'd say, squeeze what more you can and go for it.
  • Just bought an '02 Solara conv. for $9800 for my wife. It is loaded with only 57000 miles on it. One owner and clean carfax. Seems like a solid deal as the KBB and Edmunds TMV were both a few thousand more.
  • Went car shopping in the Northeast this past weekend. Got a price on a new black 2008 Solara Convertible Sport for $25.6K (MSRP $30.7K). I really like the Sport edition because of the stiffer suspension. I still don't think this is a good price because its a leftover 2008 and the dealer has 5 or 6 2008's on the lot. What do others think?
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