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Mazda B Series



  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Congrats on your purchase.

    I don't have a tonneau cover but they look great and wish I did have one. When you speak of a lid I assume you are talking about what we refer out west here as a shell?
  • I bought a soft tonneau cover made by Le Bra that looks great and is weather is one of the "zip lock" types.....NO snaps....I haven't had any probs taking it off or putting it on in either the heat or cold , and like I said, the rain doesn't get into my is a no drill installation that uses $200 I've spent on my truck....Pep Boys here in Athens , GA has them for around $179 now(ordered mine online over a yr ago)........I chose a soft cover over a hard cover because if I'm at the hardware store and want to bring something big home....all I have to do is roll it up( I cut a short piece of pvc pipe to make rolling it up easier), and I'm ready to having to leave a hard top at fits the exact dimension of the bed and looks great......

    By the way, this is for you maltb.....I've noticed here lately that my "door ajar" light stays on longer along with overhead light....sometimes turns off slow...sometimes fast.....any TSB's on that ??.......
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Thanks for the info on the tonneau...I should get one, but my ash tray doesn't have enough change yet.

    There are no TSBs for that, but there are only 2 parts that could cause that: The GEM module and the switch. The switch is about $7 and the GEM is $115. If you are out of warranty, I'd live with it until it becomes annoying.
  • neb,
    I have the same problem with my door ajar light coming on often...I solve it by making sure the back doors are shut very tight.(I assume you have the 4 door)The door connections seem to be poorly designed to me, but "slamming" them has worked so far
    thanks for the info mdaffron!
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    No problem. I just went over there and it looks like they've changed the board a bit -- but it's still got a lot of discussion threads in it. You can post a question there and you won't believe some of the answers you'll get!

    BTW, I do remember reading something somewhere about drive shafts in the 4000 series. Especially the extended cab ones, since they had an additional universal joint in them, making them three sections long. There was a TSB or something on them and people were complaining of that clunk noise a few years back. I've also read many comments on that "door ajar" problem too.

    You should also go check out -- under "problems and issues" they have a section where you can look up the recalls and TSBs on your vehicle. You can also look up and read summaries of consumer complaints about your vehicle too. Sometimes it's reassuring to see you're not the only one experiencing a certain problem.

    Good luck with the truck --

  • tone2tonetone2tone Posts: 15
    I've got over 80k miles on the truck. It has the 5 spd. Like Post#480 I'm getting intermittent "Door Ajar/interior lights on which eventually go out within 5 min.

    The intermittent wipers staying on even when in the off position.

    The heater temp control knob sometimes works. If I leave it in the "red zone" then the heater will work.

    Finally, the paint has blistered on the cab roof and hood.

    BUT, it's paid for and starts every morning. I'd appreciate any suggestions on remedies etc. Thanks
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    There is a recall on the wipers, see your dealer about that.
  • i have a 93 b2200 with 120k. it has been a very serviceable truck, but i also have some odd problems. first, on cold days, the engine tends to rev really high until fully warm. occasionally, it will start doing it after running for a while. this seems to occur in cold weather only. also, it will sometime smoke on startup...much more profusely on very cold mornings. then there is this one: right around 2700 rpm, which happens to be very inconveniently at about 60 mph, it will sputter sometimes. if i go faster or slower, the problem goes away. in addition, my AC quit last summer, and the problem turned out to be a resister which is held onto the blower motor housing by 2 difficult to reach screws. it's really easy to take out the glove box to get to them. the part was about 30 bucks. the ac button is piggy-backed electrically to speed 1 on the fan, so if the light on the button comes on when it is pressed and spd 1 is selected, then goes out if you switch to a faster speed, probably you have the same problem. any help on the stalling and fast idle would be greatly appreciated. also, i tried several seal conditioners to help with the smoke problem, and "bar's stop leak" oil additive helped. i wish this truck had the comfort and performance i want. it has been very serviceable. other than making a cloud of smoke until it's warm, it's very solid. body still tight as a new one.
  • dalesr1dalesr1 Posts: 1
    I'm wondering why I don't read about Ford (who build my 2001 B3000 DS cab plus)swapping out ALL Firestone Tires. I went into MY Mazda on and was popped with a recall on a (l) passenger seat belt buckle. When I in went for that, I was told that FORD was pulling ALL the firestone tires and replacing them...that's all 5 tires folks. The service guy said that most of the replacements were Michelin's, and that's what I ended up with...just so you know. Oh, BTW, I really like my Tall Truck. I came out of a '95 SB Isuzu, 'cause I wanted a cab plus to throw my junk into! Take care
  • tone2tonetone2tone Posts: 15
    I'd like to go to a larger rim/tire size on my B2300 X-Cab (4 cyl/5 spd) to replace the stock 14" spoke rims. I am wanting to do this on the cheap so my target is stock 15" or 16" rims/mags from another vehicle that would bolt on. Anyone done something similar or recommend something that will work?

    It is also time to replace shocks etc. Any recommendations on that? Thanks
  • eauxdomeauxdom Posts: 3
    Any input/feedback on the durability of the 5 speed tranny in the B3000? I see it is manufactured in FRANCE!!! They aren't renown for their quality in auto manufactoring. Feedback please.

  • eauxdomeauxdom Posts: 3
    Any input/feedback on the durability of the 5 speed tranny in the B3000? I see it is manufactured in FRANCE!!! They aren't renown for their quality in auto manufacturing. Feedback please.

  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,744
    I thought the stock rim was a 15 inch rim? A 225 x75 x15 tire was stock for quite a few years. So you could go to a 235 x 70 x15 for a wider tire or a 235 x 75 x 15 for a wider taller tire. don't go taller if you climb a lot of hills. You can get a ford rim and it should bolt right on. A 235 x 60 x 16 is the same size hight wise as a 235 x 70 x 15 so it is strictly up to you. Want the same gearing go one size bigger rim and one whole size down from a 70 to a 60 in ratio. Want a taller tire only drop 1/2 size in ratio to a 65. You will lose some bottom end pull with a taller tire. If you have a 14 inch rim the same rule applies. One size bigger rim and one whole size smaller ratio. Two sizes bigger rim and two whole size smaller ratio.
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    "Someone like Britney Spears doesn't have any integrity to maintain, so it doesn't matter..."

    Shock rocker Rob Zombie prepares to take his music rights law suit against Mazda to court in July over the unauthorized use of his music in a truck commercial.



  • lisbeylisbey Posts: 21
    Hey Malt--long time no talk. Have a clunking noise in my '01 B-4000 4WD when I make turns--particularly to the right. Has around 19K miles. Anyone else have this problem? I'm thinking suspension or something. I can usually feel it under my feet but the sound seems to be coming from the center or back. Taking it in next week for engine light and thought maybe I could have them address this. You know they'll think I'm crazy when it doesn't happen to the service person. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • cyates2cyates2 Posts: 1
    My 1993 b2200 does the same thing as posting 508.
    around 2700 rpm, it will sputter sometimes. if i go faster or slower, the problem goes away. Has any one got any ideas??? Had tune up, replaced plug wires, distributer cap and rotor,plugs
  • nicknixnicknix Posts: 1
    I need an ECM for my 1990 B2200 W/EFI. Would appreciate any info anyone could offer.
  • Just purchased a B2300SE 5-Spd
    Has 93K on it. Just needed a small truck to scoot around town and haul light stuff instead of driving my big 99 GMC Safari
    Any other owners with the 2300 Engine, what's your mileage? How long did/does yours go trouble free? Any problems to know about?
    My observation: for 93K and a (Ford) 4-Cyl. Seems to run good. Could use more power nonetheless
  • have a black mazda b3000, love the look of the edge rails on a ford ranger bed sizes are the same for both trucks , has anyone done this and is it a good fit also is ther a smarter place to get NEW edge bed rails than ford dealer other than junk yard DEALER WAS $172.00 EACH SIDE
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Perfect truck for my needs....yet
    I can't find one to buy.

    Half the Mazda dealers answer my request with
    "Uhhh, I didn't know we HAD a Dual-Sport B4000"
    What's up with that?
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