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Mazda B Series



  • i had a similar problem a few weeks ago.....but my problem was that the truck would turn over like crazy, but wouldn't start. i ended up having 2 sensors (i believe they were a cam sensor and a crank sensor). after having the sensors replace it starts up with no problem. your sensors may be wearing out. hope this helps.
  • I have the same problem with the same model, only the high revving is not random, it's pretty much all the time now.

    I just replaced all the plugs and wires - maybe it's worse now.

    Previously, a service manager at the dealer said to clean the throttle body of carbon build up. That seemed to help 20k miles ago, but have not tried it again lately.
  • I have a 1994 Mazda B2250 SE-5 and it makes a coughing sound when i release the gas. What should i do?
  • Hi I own a 1989 Mazda B2200 and everything is fine on it except that when my dash lights dont work. And when i push on the brakes, the blinker lights on the front come on, but dont blink...(not that they are supposed to anyway.) i need help cause i cant drive at night with the lights out. any suggestions on this?
  • 2002 B3000 V6 4x4 when turning switch on dash board into 4 high or 4low I have no reaction. Will not go into 4 wheel drive, indicator lights will not illuminate either.
    When turning key to acc. position the 4low or 4high indicators will not illuminate as they should like all other indicators do,(air bag, seat belt , batt, gruise etc...)I have checked fuse panel near drivers door and the one under the hood next to firewall all seems o.k.. Does anyone have any ideas? Or has anyone seen this problem. Would appreciate any and all suggestions. My mechanical knowledge is average.
  • chef11chef11 Posts: 1
    I am not sure if any one has responsed to you but I had the same problem. The two thing that I did to solve it was I also replaced the EGR Pressure Sensor and with 94 there maybe alot of carbon build up in the top end I use some intake cleaner and sprayed it in though the intake and at the egr intake area after that the problem went away you also want to change your oil after you do this.
  • Did you ever find out how to do this? I am stationed overseas and there is no place that deals with the keys for my truck. I can buy a blank and have it cut but I do not know how to program it. PLEASE HELP
  • b4000b4000 Posts: 1
    does anyone know if you can lift a 2wd b4000. also if you know what size tires will fit on it. And what size rims
  • Is there any one who can tell me why my truck when it's cold starts to flood. Their will be black smoke coming out of the tail pipe. And then it will get slower and slower going down the highway until it just shuts off. I was told I need a new carb. bought one almost 500.00 and it still does the same, no better please help.
  • Dear Janselmi, I see that you are having a problem with your gas mileage, sorry, to hear that and I have a product that you might be interested in. If you are interested just e-mail and I will get back with you with more information. Lonnie D. Tanem
  • I have a 92 Mazda B2200 and when my engine cools down, my upper radiator hose collapses down on its self. Does any one no why this happens? I really need help.
  • Check gage is lit gas gage sometimes registers usally does not. need info what (where) to check
  • I am thinking of buying a new 2005 B2300 with 5 spd. They advertise 29 mpg on highway. Has anyone got close to those kind of numbers? Also, how reliable are these 4 cylinders, anybody got over 100,000 miles on one? thanks
  • I have a 2004 B2300 w/auto that's rated at 26mpg highway. I average 25mpg commuting 65 miles daily. I've gotten up to 28mpg with mostly steady (65mph) highway speeds. The mazda 2.3L engines are suppose to be very reliable. They have a timing chain, not a belt. I believe they started manufacture of these new engines for 2003, so not sure if anyone would have 100,000 miles yet.
  • For the life of me I can't find the PVC valve location on my 1996 B2300 PU. Can anyone give me a clue? If it's on the valve cover, it's well hidden.
    I am also showing a check engine light; computer says examine the charcoal filter circuit. I have replaced the sensor and solenoid and it was fine for about 5 mounths but now the problem is back...any ideas here?
  • How difficult is it to replace a serpentine belt on this vehicle... or should I leave it up to a real mechanic.
  • I just put a new head on the engine....the motor will rotate..stop...rotate...stop....any suggestions on how to diagnose this issue
  • very easy.use long extension w/socket to large nut on tension pulley,pull down(or up),i believe their is picture under hood showing which way to pull,when you pull on bar it will release tension on belt by moving away from it,with other hand remove from tension pulley first,(release bar slowly,as there is a lot of tension on it).its usually easier lying on back when doing this.takes 5/10 minutes.
  • I have an 89 Mazda B2200 SE-5, and I have a few little things wrong with it. First, when it is colder out (Buffalo Winters) it idles at a high idle. Next, my dash lights are out as well as my blinker system is messed up. Thats pretty much it. Its a cool little truck, and it has approx. 95,000 miles on it. So..if anyone can help me out it would be great.
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