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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • tweakertweaker Posts: 30
    jeffcarp, do you recommend the Garmin 2610 over the Magellan Roadmate 500? I too left off the factory Nav and plan to purchase a portable for the same reasons as you list.
  • jeffcarpjeffcarp Posts: 7
    I have never owned a Magellan but research this stuff regularly (I am a technology consultant). I have always owned Garmin's and have very, very little complaints about them. There are nice things about the Magellan, no question. Do NOT make the mistake of ordering one without seeing it in person. They are very different sizes and form factors. The remote control on the Garmin is irreplaceable to me. You can sit comfortably back in your seat with the Garmin tucked up on your dash and use it without touching the screen. Great feature. The maps both come from the same source. Garmin's map update cycle is 12 to 18 months, at which case you drop another $150 for maps, same as Magellan. One issue that I don't like about the Magellan, at least my last understanding of the issue, was that Magellan had to be used with "certified" memory cards, i.e., you had to buy them from them! Garmin uses stock CompactFlash that you can pick up anywhere. Better product or not, I just don't like doing business that way. And the Magellan, in my opinion, isn't a better device to justify supporting that business model.
  • jeffcarpjeffcarp Posts: 7
    If I remember right from my test drive (my car is still 3 weeks out), there are 2 12VDC ports in the Avalon, both in the center console (one in the large compartment and one in the small compartment). Is that right? My question is, if I remember the way the large compartment closed, it was a hinge condition where the lid dropped down and latched. Is it possible to plug into the 12VDC port, run a small cord out of the large compartment but still get the lid to latch on the cord? I am trying to figure out how to get the kids DVD player to power up for a long road trip coming up. My GPS will take the port in the small compartment, and I remember how that one worked with the lid opening sideways.

    Any thoughts?
  • jj kellyjj kelly Posts: 8
    yes bottom line
  • Great job jj
    Wher did you buy it and what color did you get Good luck with your new car!
  • johnijohni Posts: 43
    I didn't know that the defrosters were beefed up.
  • boatsmanboatsman Posts: 37
    Yes as it says in the manual this is intentional to help reduce the buffeting noise at some speeds.
  • psypsy Posts: 122
    Nice feed back on the nav's. I think honda/acura have nailed nav down pretty good. I just spoke with a buddy that has a g35 with nav. Hes not happy with his at all. The protables seem nice and being able to move them from car to car has its advantages.

    I think Im going to look into a small windows ce handheld or very small tablet computer and gps options. I know this can be done alot cheaper than a factory nav and be much more useful and hidden under the arm rest. Hide the gps unit in a out of sight area and cable it up to the computer of choice.

    I know alot of people are doing this to the gm system... northstar. They unhook the gps unit from the near worthless northstar unit, then they change the pinout and plug to fit there laptop or machine of choice.

    This will give one all sorts of options, with the right cell company there could be your moble internet connect, dvd play back and all sortd of goodies. In the Tulsa area I could even do a wireless connect with cherokee wireless.

    Being a computer geek of sorts,, this could be big fun!!!

  • ronharvronharv Posts: 51
    A couple of weeks ago I grumbled about my inability to avoid a slight jerk from a standing stop on an XL I test drove. Then a week later on a test drive with a different '05 Avalon the initial acceleration was as consistently smooth as on my own '03 XL. My conclusion was that different Avalons will feature their own characteristics, so buyers should test drive before signing the final papers. Now from I read: "My only complaint with this engine is that there is almost too much torque on take-off, and without the optional traction control . . . it's easy to spin the front tires, particularly on wet or slippery surfaces." This driver apparently experienced what I did on my first test drive. But I probably found it a lot more annoying than he did, enough so that if the Avalon I ordered replicates my first test drive, I won't accept it, mainly because what I so much enjoy about my '03 is its smoothness in so many respects.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    Prime Time:

    I could be wrong but go again to that site, click on winter tires and then see if they try to sell you steel wheels. I do remember them doing this and it is in their own interest as well.

    Alternatively, call your local Toyota dealership, albeit very expensive, and ask them how much a Toyota (not really made by Toyota but OEM) steel wheel would cost for your Avalon.

    In addition, do a search on ebay. I am sure you will turn up steel wheels in 16" diameter, not sure about 17".

    Let me know.

  • barclay3barclay3 Posts: 90
    I bought the Limited with the same options as you and here is what I paid: $33,206 (selling price) + $1,992.36 (PA tax) + $122.50 (tags) for a total of $35,320.86 on a car with a MSRP of $34,929. How did you do it and where did you get it??
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    Did the second Avalon you test drove have traction control ? That might explain the difference in acceleration.
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    The dealer just called an my Phantom Gray Limited with graphite interior is here and will be ready to pick up in about an hour. I can't wait. . . . . . .
  • larryt22larryt22 Posts: 125
    Just curious, I have not heard any mention of squeaks and rattles. The 02-05 Camry sedans that are built on the same assembly line have always came with many squeaks and rattles as standard equipment. I figure this must be a design issue or Toyota would have corrected the problem by now. Most of those squeaks and rattles in my 04 Camry seem to be temperature sensative. On a nice warm sunny day, the car is as quiet as can be, but get a cold overcast day, especially when the temperature has quickly dropped, and the car will have 4-5 different, sometimes very obnoxious squeaks and rattles. If you follow the Camry forums, you will notice that the squeaks and rattles get talked about nearly as much as the hesitation problem. Luckily I have never experienced the hestitaion problem, but I put up with the squeaks and rattles pretty consistently during the winter. I just wondered if any of this carries over to the new Avalon platform which is "loosely based" on the 02-05 Camry platform.
  • Thanks for the feedback.

    My past experience with Dealers is that advertising is very negotiable--depending on salesperson, salesmanager, supply, demand, etc. I also have found that if you offer a reasonable amount above dealers invoice, e.g. $1000, the advertising charge will disappear. In otherwords, so long as the final number allows the dealer to make a reasonable profit, he/she won't worry about ancillary charges, e.g advertising.
  • jj kellyjj kelly Posts: 8
    I been going to the same dealer for years, also had a $500.incentive. Color Phantom Gray w/Graphite.
  • I noticed that several persons are negotiating and purchasing on the basis of an amount "below MSRPprice." In my view, a better approach is to check the dealers invoice price--available on Edmunds, Kelly, AAA--and negotiate upwards from there. As an example, the difference between Toyota Limited Dealers Invoice and MSRP is $4026. So if a salesperson offers you $2000 below MSRP, he/she is still making a profit of $2026. Unless you get a really substantial discount from MSRP, I think you are better off working from Dealers Invoice.

    I'd be interested in other views.
  • manatoc5manatoc5 Posts: 19
    I have owned the 2005 Avalon LTD for a week. If you work with the average mpg digital read out on the dash, you can average 25-26 mpg between highway and city. But, this is accomplished by EPA Guidelines, drive 55 on expressway and dont gun it in city driving. I filled up 3 days ago and between city and highway about 50/50 equal,
    and 1/3 tank used I average 26 mpg so far
  • mikerochmikeroch Posts: 69
    According to the brochure we got the other day, there are two interior colours available in the XLS - Graphite and Ivory.

    I think the one we test drove was the darker (although not dark), more grey Graphite colour (the exterior was black), and that the "Ivory" was lighter and a bit closer to a "tannish" colour.

    Maybe dshimkat if you would post some pics of your Ivory interior, it would help me.

    Thanks again,
  • williamtwilliamt Posts: 39
    "Most of those squeaks and rattles in my 04 Camry seem to be temperature sensative. On a nice warm sunny day, the car is as quiet as can be,"

    That is one of the few complaints I have had about my '02 XL Avalon. There is a buzz in the dashboard area on cold days, until the interior gets really warmed up. It mostly occurs during start and low-speed acceleration, and is not very loud. Mostly it's just a curiosity, particularly given that Toyota is so good at careful design and construction. I hope my new Limited doesn't do that, but we'll see (at least three more weeks to go...I am getting impatient).
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