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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    I know this has been addressed before but really needs to be reinforced. It is absolutely ridiculous that Toyota does not offer the option of Stability Control on the Touring trim level of this car. You can order it on the Matrix/Vibe, not to mention other lower priced models. What are they thinking? Can any of you long time Toyota experts explain the logic behind this? (Heated seats would be nice too, but I can live without that)
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    When someone is sitting in the passenger seat on my Limited there is an orange light "AirBagON". This light comes on for several seconds at startup, goes off and then comes back on and stays on. The owers manual says it is supposed to come on at start and then go out but doesn't say anything about coming back on.

    The dealer says it is supposed to be on all the time. Can any other owners confirm that your passenger airbag light is on or off when there is a passenger in the car. Thanks in advance.
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Posts: 248
    No bluetooth for the Avalon. I am surprised Toyota did not put this feature in the car. Anyone tried the after market bluetooth?
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    Fair enough. You could also call several dealers to get several opinions, for that matter. No offense meant, however easily taken.
  • dajabdajab Posts: 35
    During test-driving yesterday, I didn't notice if the AirBag Light went off briefly at startup, but it DID stay on during the entire drive on at least of 2 of the 3 models we tested. The salesperson said that it comes on when anyone over 60 pounds sits in the passenger seat. (Small children, therefore, will not trigger the airbag, in theory.)

    So, your light staying on when there is a sizable passenger is perfectly fine. (Perhaps the light comes on and then goes out only when NO one is in the passenger seat.)
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    Thanks for sharing your experience. This is clearly a complicated car.
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    I am in SE Virginia. My dealer is getting 20 Avalons in March. I'm estimating about 2 months from preference placement to arrival.
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    "about the wind noise, he was surprised, said "thats a 2, lexus is also a 2" whatever that means."

    An introductory DVD on the Avalon for dealers, of which I got a copy, discussed that. It refers to the relative wind noise level. Toyota was talking about all the measures they had taken to reduce wind noise in the Avalon, and had reduced it from 3 previously down to 2, same as Lexus.
  • markermarker Posts: 4
    The way that car purchasing works with AAA here is that a) you pick out the brand, model, color, and options. b) AAA gives you the dealers with those kinds of cars in your area for which they have already pre-negotiated terms. The dealer gets an exact $XXX margin above manufacturers invoice. c) you call them and see if they have the car in stock. d) If so, you go and check out the car, see the invoice (not MSRP) and pay them exactly $XXX above the price on that specific car's invoice. no haggling.
  • markermarker Posts: 4
    Thank you. You may be right. It could have been a mistake. I did not see the car itself but I almost bought it "sight unseen" over the telephone via our local AutoLand agent. (This is a car purchasing service for members of my credit union). On the other hand, the car might have been an anomoly since she swore that it was a touring. I will ask her to send over the spec sheet on that car since she mentioned that she did receive one from the SD dealer.
  • dshimkatdshimkat Posts: 54
    "Can any other owners confirm that your passenger airbag light is on or off when there is a passenger in the car."


    The passenger side airbag light also stays on all the time when there is a person over 60 pounds in the passengers seat of my new Avalon.
  • solara00solara00 Posts: 81
    From what you state I assume that you cannot order a car with the options you want. You have to take something that is already on someone's lot. Correct?

    Any idea what the $XXX range might me?

  • tallguytallguy Posts: 23
    This is just a hypothetical, and I do not mean this to sound like it is not a good way to go.

    The thing I am not clear about is the ad charge after the invoice price and what keeps them from charging someone $50, $400, or a $1000 and saying that is the price for co-op? Add this onto the arranged markup and potentially they could be making $1000-1100 over invoice and than an additional several hundred $ on advertising.
    If the co-op actually cost $400, what is to keep them from claiming $1000. By the way most Toyota dealers in the area (Los Angeles) have excluded the Avalon from the program.
    Good luck and let me know how you make out.
  • tallguytallguy Posts: 23
    Check some of the earlier posts that address it. I know it works on my 2001 XLS with the antenna on the dash, and I believe someone said it should work mounted inside the trunk, but may not be as effective with reception in all conditions.

    By the way I just received notification of price from XM going up from $9.95 a month to $12.95. They have added a number of sports stations and a couple of premium ones they charged separately for. Personally I would be happy for them to keep all the new stations and keep the old price.
  • tallguytallguy Posts: 23
    I was just told by a dealer that works with Costco and AAA in the LA area that the whole area the dealers have exempted the Avalon. He has permission to sell at MSRP. Others presumably will pay above MSRP.

    I have a question especially for any dealers out their. Is this an industry wide practice for all dealers to charge above sticker for cars in short supply. Or do some dealers take what I consider a more mature approach to sales, charge MSRP and when the initial rush is over start to deal? Thanks....
  • mtwmtw Posts: 3
    Can anyone post pictures of a Limited with the graphite or light gray interior ?
    I am interested in seeing how the wood trim looks also. I understand the wood is darker on the graphite interior. Is it light or dark on the light gray interior ?
    Which looks best ?
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Hi. I have the new 2005 Limited, and the air bag light is suppose to stay on on the passenger side when someone is sitting in it. If no one is in the passenger seat, it will not be lit.
    I hope you love this car as much as I do. It is fantastic, and I also get lots of looks with it.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Hi..while I don't have pictures to post, I can tell you that I have the Black limited with gray interior with dark wood. The dark wood trim is by far the best looking in my opinion. I saw a green Avalon that had the light wood, and I don't find it as attractive.
    I love this car!!!!!!
  • hutch34hutch34 Posts: 34
    The light in my limited is always on when someone is in the passenger seat. Same thing in my 05 Camry.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    It is for the Laser cruise control. It is the sensor for it.
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