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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • autoguy1autoguy1 Posts: 87
    You're not the same guy over at the "other club", are you? You know, the board where some other members and I learned from your mistake and now have plexiglass or plastic covering the hole to the laser, right?

    I, also a XLE Limited owner, highly recommend that all people with Dynamic Laser Cruise to add some sort of clear covering to the laser box whole to protect it. If Bluesie is the same member, than there was a mod we did to the Sienna that would protect the laser.

    I'm making a tutorial about it. So hold on.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 335
    "The Navigation manual is helpful, but a device would have been more practical and useful. I'm expecting some nasty responses to this suggestion,e.g. "the system is easy, and you're just stupid.: But that's a risk I'll take."

    No nasty response here, I consider myself a Technophile (Geek) and I too have had my share of trouble mastering this system. So no flames from me!

    I think they should have included a USB 2.0 port where you could DL info / addresses off of your PC directly into the Nav system using a micro drive.
    I have a TV remote that allows me to goto their website, configure all my A/V gear, DL the info thru USB right into the remote. Very slick!

    Toyota needs to rework their Nav system to make it more user friendly.

  • jl618jl618 Posts: 64
    It seems many upscale cars are offering rear-wheel drive these days. To me, it is understandable when (1) the vehicle has excessive horsepower or (2) torque steering problems with the FWD. Otherwise, are there benefits of RWD, other than on the race track? You'll have a hard time convincing me that RWD has better traction in the snow. The reason I'm curious is that one post in another forum suggested the new Avalon is behind the technology curve because of the lack of RWD. One could argue perhaps without an AWD variant, but without RWD? What am I missing?
  • teereevesteereeves Posts: 69
    For those of you who decided to wait for the 2006 Avalon in hopes of getting some additional features that wasn't found in the 2005 Avalon. You need to let Toyota know what you want in the 2006 Avalon, it may help and it may not, but at least it will be recorded in their database.

    Goto this website:

  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Hey..where I live, AWD or FWD or a must because of the winter and snow! My friends here often have cars sitting in the garage during snow with RWD! I do not think they go good in the snow.
    I do hope they make the Avalon with AWD in the near future. It would be a big plus!
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    Why not post it here? As a new owner of the Limited, I would like to have seen the following options available:

    ·Blue Tooth Technology
    ·Auto Tilting rear view mirrors that go down while in reverse
    ·Coin Holder
    ·Back-up Sensors

    My Limited is one remarkable car. I haven't heard one rattle or phantom noise and this is more than I can say about my previous Lexus GS and Acura TL.

    Regards: Dan
  • autoguy1autoguy1 Posts: 87

    Voila. It was very easy to do & again, I highly recommend this to anybody with the Laser Cruise.
  • bushkabushka Posts: 19
    Some people also laughed when the Japanese started making cars. The early Hondas and Toyotas were very basic and sub-par by today's standards. Today, it's the Korean brands that seem to be on the fast track of improvement and refinement. Don't discount Hyundai and their Korean siblings. It may surprise you to know that the Sonata you disparaged had fewer reliability issues (problems) than ANY Toyota or Lexus product in 2004, based on a detailed reliability report from Consumer Reports (posted on another forum site). Certainly Hyundai has not evolved into the giant that is now Toyota, but they are a very respectible brand ... and growing stronger at a remarkable rate. While Toyota designs are regarded by many as overly bland (including the new Avalon), the Korean makers are nothing short of adventerous and daring by comparison. I suspect it is the Koreans, at least in part, that motivated Toyota to branch out with Scion. Bushka
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Bushka, granted the Koreans have come a long way with Hyundai and Kia and they are making some very good cars nowadays. However, they are still not in the same league as Toyota and Honda. Give them 10 years and they will be there. Toyota branched out with Scion due to an aging customer base not the Korean manufacturers.
    : )
  • dzorndzorn Posts: 1
    I am not sure what the Touring edition is costing but I just bought an XLS in South Louisiana and payed 1700 under MSRP. Some of the dealers in this area are charging 2200 above MSRP and I had one tell me that he was making me a good deal by charging me MSRP price. I shopped the whole Gulf Coast through the Toyota website. Dealers that are in the same city are pricing them different from each other so you can get a much better deal from other dealers that are only 15 minutes away from each other.
  • your link to the 2006 production cutoff on the 05 avalon - do you know its source or if it is sanctioned by Toyota?
  • is there some way to deactivate the rain sensing windshield wipers when you go through a car wash?
  • what's the status on these? available yet?
  • bluesiebluesie Posts: 6
    The other club? No but I would like to hear more... Toyota headquarters said I was the first one with the problem.
  • clipper1clipper1 Posts: 70
    Hertz and Avis .... middle man

    Good enough?
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    It was not sanctioned by Toyota. I spoke with Corporate and they said the Donlen report regarding the Avalon is not true.
    The color keyed mud guards are being delivered by SouthEast Distributors to my dealer in Savannah. So they are available, he will have them next week.
  • luxosportluxosport Posts: 22
    I haven't noticed any post regarding the positives or negatives (in any) of the start button in the Limited. Would you say the step up to the Limited from an XLS is worth the extra $$?
    I would also guess the negotiating on an XLS is considerably less challenging since supply is not that much of an issue.
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    Please see my post 3505. Respectively, I would just like to know what you mean by the word "corporate." Without naming names, is this an inside contact you have, customer service available to all, or ??? Just wondering in terms of credibility.
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    I also have a Sienna with laser cruise. A rock hitting the laser sensor is something I'd actually never thought of, but it certainly could happen. I had a rock take out a fog lamp on my 95 Maxima (in approximately the same position). Is this something the particularly unmechanical amongst us could do? Do you have to crawl under the car and pop out the sensor box? I wonder if Toyota is working on a protective window cover for service departments to put in.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    For your info, Toyota does not do fleet sales or rentals to Hertz and Avis at least in my region. Toyota has their own rent a car branch TRAC (Toyota Rent a Car) at most of their dealerships.
    : )
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