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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • tweakertweaker Posts: 30
    Has anyone installed window tinting in your Avalon with ivory interior?
    How are you dealing with the reflection from inside looking out?
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    I did, and have no reflection looking out, but I did not tint my winshiled, just all the rest.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Thank you, sorry once again. Dean makes good sense if money is an issue, but you have to feel comfortable that it is what you want so you don't say I wish I had.... Good Luck.
  • gbinplanogbinplano Posts: 65
    Ange, your story reaffirms my concern that special ordering really isn't special. I'm happy that the new Avalon is so well received and that once more Toyota is delivering a world class automobile. It is very unfortunate for folks like you whose orders are not filled in a timely manner. When I was notified, my salesman said that my order matched one on their May allocation, so I would get it. I guess "Be Patient" seems trite, but being patient is probably the only way to get the exact match to your desires.

  • johnijohni Posts: 43
    Havalong, good to hear your installation went well. Your speaker location appears to be better than mine. I'll look at moving it when I get a chance. Thanks for the tip.

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    'puterguy, since you're having a hard time deciding why not throw the Toyota Highlander into the mix? It's the Lexus' cousin and you'll save even more! Heck there's rebates on those babies right now in most regions. Or better yet get the hybrid version of either the Lexus or Toyota (same vehicle as far as I'm concerned although the Highlander is a little bigger on the inside) ;) Or maybe the new Lexus GS?? Seems to me you're hung up on the "luxury" nameplates.
    Mackabee :blush:
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    The reason the engine stops when you open the door is for safety reasons. Also to avoid a potential thief (carjacker) from just running up and knocking you down and taking the car.
  • tweakertweaker Posts: 30
    Can you tell me if it is metallic tint?
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    No I decided against the metallic tint, Yet my tint does a great job here in SC near Ga border, so it does get hot. It makes a huge difference when I park the car after putting my sunshade against the windshield, and when driving with the A/C on, the heat I used to feel in the days of no tint is no longer a problem.
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 26
    Question - The heated and cooled seats are not offered on the Touring. The dealership has offered to do heated seats (they can't do the ventilation for cooling) for $195 a seat. Is that a reasonable price and can it be done adequately without the factory doing it? I'm currently at an offer of $750 above invoice and $565 under what my trade-in is worth according to kbb. I would like to get at $500 above invoice and what my trade-in is worth. Difference of $815. I figured my trade-in at fair condition because I have a dent in the passenger side (parked too close to a damn post at convenience store). You think that's an accurate description or shoould it be poor? Also, has anybody noticed a gap between the tops of the rear seats and the area behind the seats? I can slide my fingers in that space.
  • tweakertweaker Posts: 30
    Do you have a brand name you can give me? The reflective nature of the metallic won't work and I'd like to find a good non-metallic.
  • Hi Deanie & alphawolf.

    Thanks for the great comments :-) This is the comparison feedback I've been expecting - why mothers/fathers of little ones choose Avalon over SUV if cost is within $5K... and why SUV if ride quality much better on Avalon...

    At first glance (originally), the highlander just doesn't have as many options available. Memory seat is an absolute MUST (hate not having this in my loaded Sienna). Also, to me, something about the Highlander's rear seats that feels "smaller" & more cramped than RX330. Perhaps the seat wasn't in the rear-most position when I sat in it - not sure. I'm certain this year's Highlander won't be an option for us.

    Great points on overall 3yr vehicle cost/value comparisons (insurance, gas, safety, etc.) - even more reason to save $$$ up front (all out of pocket this time - no loans & no leasing).

    I'm afraid I entered a typo on the Performance Plus Pkg. I meant Premium Plus Pkg (contains a standard set of extra goodies that are must-haves for me - and according to several dealers, tend to be standard orders out here in CA). Therefore, Performance (i.e., air suspension I imagine) will not be added on my RX order (if I decided to go that route). For reference, no - my parent's RX does not have this suspension. My comparison point was merely that their ride quality would most likely be better for the mere fact that they have 17" rims - vs. the 18" that I'd "have" to have (less than a $200 option).

    Unless I hear that Limited's invoice price is significantly increased for 2006, I'll likely wait till this model is available for order.

    Thanks to all who responded. Your feedback has been helpful and will certainly be points to consider when final decision is made.

  • leinadleinad Posts: 32
    Anyone here concerned that Toyota Avalon has an aluminum camshaft (?) as was tried out by Chevy Vegas that didn't work out? Is this new for Toyota Avalon?

    What's a good invoice price for Avalon Limited to offer, of course will add about $400-500 with the invoice...

  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119
    I did some spreadsheet calculations on the Avalon top speed, based on available data. The parameters I used are -

    sea level standard air density
    aero drag coefficient = 0.291
    aero drag area = 72.8*58.5 / 144 = 29.58 sq-ft
    tire rolling friction coefficient = 0.014
    vehicle weight = 3800 pounds (Limited curb wt = 3600 + 200 lb driver)
    max torque = 260 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm
    max HP = 280 @ 6200 rpm
    overall gearing giving 3100 rpm in 4th gear @ 75 mph , 2230 rpm in 5th gear,
    as observed on my Avalon LImited.

    Some unknown factor relates HP at the rear wheels to engine dyno brake HP.
    The resulting top speeds, as a function of this HP factor, are

    HP factor -------Top speed (mph)-------- Engine rpm
    0.7 -------------------- 143 ------------------- 5981
    0.8 -------------------- 150.5 ----------------- 6300
    0.9 -------------------- 156 ------------------- 6525

    All top speeds are in 4th gear, 5th gear gives lower values. Torque & power curves below 4700 rpm and above 6200 rpm are educated guesses.

    With a 6500 rpm redline, I suspect real top speed is pretty close to 150. But, I just don't know what the correct HP factor is.

    Any of you have chassis dyno experience, to compare engine BHP vs HP at rear wheels?

  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Re: Window Tint, I don't believe I can post the phone number here, but if you go to Google and type in Pro Tint, Savannah, Ga you can get their phone number. You can then call them and ask, it's where I had it done.
    You can try this link, although I'm not sure if they are connected to them, you can try and call them also and see, they seem to be in the tint business as well as other things. But where I had it done, that's all they do, tint car windows and a couple of really nice guys, I'm sure they would help you on the phone, they don't have a web page. Good Luck. Here is the other Pro Tint company I found on-line for you.
  • lntlnt Posts: 189
    I had my windows and back windshield tinted. When I looked out the back windshield, it seemed as though I was looking though waves, so I took it back and they retinted it. It has been a month - plenty of time for the moisture to go away - and it still looks wavy. I will take it back, but I am wondering if it is the window tint or if there is a flaw in my windshield. You would think the second time they would do it correctly. The side windows are okay. The dealership where I bought the car is who tinted the windows. I have always had my windows in my cars tinted, but a guy here in Denton has always done it and he is a real pro! If the my salesman hadn't said the tint was on him, I would not have let them do it.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 335
    Anyone else here having trouble remembering to arm the car alarm? Since I no longer have to use a key I'm finding that I forget to arm it when I walk away. Must be a Senior moment thing...These Avalons are meant for the 65+ crowd, right??? :)

  • leinadleinad Posts: 32
    The keyless entry Avalon is only available with the Limited right? what does this require to lock it? Is this what you are talking about above, forgetting to arm the car alarm?
  • leinadleinad Posts: 32
    what is the main difference, besides price, in these 2 models...options offered in one but not the other...

    also, are the 2006's coming out in May 2005?

  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    "Any of you have chassis dyno experience, to compare engine BHP vs HP at rear wheels?"

    3putt: Good rule of thumb for RWD vehicles is RWHP = 85% x BHP at flywheel. That's what I would use for FWD as a starting point.

    Good hardcore post. Thanks.

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