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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • jms132jms132 Posts: 6
    Thank you rewop. I must have missed that page.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    RONN WHERE ARE YOUToyota Avalon is the hot sedan this year, and is one fantastic car. The Avalon is taking sales away from nearly every domestic maker. Chrysler's 300c is losing a few sales, Buick is dropping even further and Ford's 500 barely got out of the gate. Even the folks who might have looked at Lexus, Cadillac or Lincoln are jumping on the Avalon. It's got space, looks, power and Toyota reliability. This is the conclusion you come away with when you review all the articles including the most recent ones. So we have one great car and at a great price, whether at MSRP or below, JMHO . Enjoy your Avalon folks.
  • mexcarmexcar Posts: 21
    Thanks for the great advice. Once I find out for sure that Toyota isn't letting a few XL orders slip through with the JBL, I'll have to look at the Touring.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 335
    The Toyota Platinum 7yr/100K miles/0 deductible warranty varies from a low of 985 USD to 1,650 USD. Depending on where you buy from. Dealers set the price for whatever they want, it is a great money maker.

    I originally paid 1,450 for mine, a $200 "discount" from my dealership. Within 2 weeks I found the $985 from Greenfield Toyota in Mass. I went back to my dealer and they said, "Oh Well" I cancelled through TFS and rebought from Greenfield.

    Teach them "Oh Well"

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 335
    "Anyone have the insight on where you can get original Toyota parts (accessories) for less than what your local dealership charges? I have purchased parts for my Infiniti from a dealer via the web at prices well below what my local dealer was charging. Looking at getting the rear spoiler and mud guards for a 2005 Avalon. Thanks."

    Try a search on Toyota Parts World, they are a dealership out of Havermill, Mass. I have bought several items, mostly filters, for my other Toyotas from them. I'd post the actual link but das ist Verboten! They have been reliable and well priced.

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 335
    "I recall reading a post that apparently there is a way to hide the "I Agree" screen. Any one know how?"

    The best thing to do would be to use the forum search function found at the top of each page.

  • gbinplanogbinplano Posts: 65
    The Avalon and Prius NAV systems seem to be very similar except for their user interface (Prius is touch screen). They both have integrated the premium JBL system. I do not yet know if the wiring harnesses are identical. I would expect they would be at the NAV controller and LCD head. They are both Denso units, as is the one on the Sienna and the Lexus cars. Any mods you do perform are at the risk of destroying your warranty coverage on the NAV unit.

    The following link takes you to Coastal Electronics. They specialize in aftermarket accessories for Prius and other Toyota cars. One especially nice accessory allows the attachment of a video camera for the rear that displays on the existing LCD when the car is put into reverse. It has two sets of video and audio inputs to permit an external DVD, mp3, iPod or other device to integrate fully with the JBL sound system. Coastal also sells a wiring harness that will bypass the NAV nag screen for the Prius. Again, it may or may not work with the Avalon.

    Coastal Electronics NAV kit

    Coastal Electronics Video kit

    I have both units on order from Coastal. Now all I need is an Avalon to verify their operation. For that I need to wait until May 27th!

  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    I'll be sure to update this forum later this week (or next) when we find out whether or not our soon to be delivered 2005 Avalon XL has the JBL stereo option.

    - Paul
  • barclay3barclay3 Posts: 90
    Mr Bakeroid... I order a Cassis Pearl Limited back in February and mine is also to be delivered in 2 weeks. I guess that is the week for Cassis Pearl. I hope we aren't fighting over the only one they are making! I've never seen it either. What options did you get?
  • cafpafcafpaf Posts: 65
    Gentlemen, I picked up my Mirage Blue Limited last Thursday evening and my dealer had five of the Cassis Pearl Avalons in stock. None was a Limited, but I can tell you that the car looks great with either the Ivory or the dark gray interior. They also had a gold stripe on two and a two tone silver and gold stripe on the others. I am sure that you will be please when you see it. I am sorry that I can't get back there to send you a picture.
  • tcapr01tcapr01 Posts: 2
    Great response, I had mine around 130mph on the highway with plenty of room left-bravo for driving this car as it should be driven.. Let me know the top end if you would.
  • bakeroidbakeroid Posts: 39

    At least there will be two in the US (Hope they're not the same one. Mine was ordered in early Mar.) . Am getting the Ivory interior with the Nav system, laser cruise, stability control, and floor/trunk mats. Hopefully also color keyed mud flaps but my dealer is handling that.

    Hopefully someone will post a picture. The color swatch on the Toyota website is useless.

    Jim Baker
  • bakeroidbakeroid Posts: 39
    Thank you for the encouragement. Am interested in the striping. Were they OEM or after-market? Which color looked best?
  • dcalliesdcallies Posts: 33
    I think the black little box is the re-coil for the rear seat belts. If you look closer, there are three of them that match the location of the seat belts.

    I don't know what the L-shaped thing is but I'm hanging my jumper cables on it. Keeps things off the trunk floor.

    You may be right about them being part of the reclining seats but it still makes a great hanger...

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    mexcar, I just pulled an invoice on an XL to see if the JBL system is listed, It is not, the standard system is the am/fm/cd cassette combo with 9 speakers. The optional system adds the in dash 6 cd changer. I would venture to say it's probably made by JBL since the stereo systems in all trim levels of the Avalon share the same faceplate. Usually the stereo that Toyota uses in their vehicles are made by Fujitsu Ten unless they are equipped with JBL or Pioneer systems.
  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119
    Bear with me as I try again to post this photo, hosted on my personal account with SBC/Yahoo.

    Attached photo shows underside of upper trunk area, right side. What is the L-shaped black thing? There is a matching one on the left side. Also, what is the big black box? My 2000 Avalon has the same big black box, but not the 2 L-shaped things.

    I have a Limited. Does this thing exist on the other models?


  • lntlnt Posts: 189
    I have the Cassis Pearl. It's gorgeous. Sparkles brilliantly in the sunlight. If I knew how to post a picture I would, but I don't know how. I love it - until I put it up next to a black car then I kind of wish I had bought black. But I had a 2000 black Avalon and my husband and son thought I should get another color. It is very pretty, though, and I am about to get the gold package put on it. I had a 98 that color with gold pkg and it looked very nice. Gold package is aftermarket - Toyota doesn't have it yet. You'll love the color, though, unless you are hung up on black like I am.
  • lntlnt Posts: 189
    The shifting of gears and revving of engine annoy me after having such a quiet engine and smooth shifting in my old Avalon. I guess it is the drive by wire throttle and we'll just have to live with it. My son said it made it sound more sporty - but I don't like that kind of sportiness. I don't like feeling and hearing every time it shifts gears - makes me think I'm driving a manuel transmission vehicle!
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    I have the same tiny faint (very faint) squeak coming from the area where the base of the windshield and the dashboard meet. I live in Rockville, Maryland, and bought the car in early April, and the temps have been fluctuating 20-30 degrees recently (30's-40's in the AM and 60's-70's in teh PM).

    Though it may be temperature related, it'll get worse over time as time and temp fluctuations and vehicle flex do their work, unless the source of the squeak is found and fixed - unlikely. I'd never let mechanics open up the dash to merely fix a tiny squeak and open up a new can of worms (more possible squeaks) should the dash not be screwed together as well as when done by the factory.

  • barclay3barclay3 Posts: 90
    Hi Int...Now I remember that you got the Cassis Pearl too! That makes 3 of us. Is gold pin striping included in the gold package you are getting?

    Cafpaf...Which pin striping looked best to you?
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