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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    yurik, unless your window sticker reads CF or Z1 on the options side your car did not come with mats. Some sales people will say anything to sell a car unfortunately. :blush:
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    canefire, that IS a wonderfull mother's day gift! follow the owner's manual recommendation as far as break in the engine is concerned and you will get lots of future pleasureable miles out of this car.
  • wynwyn Posts: 32
    Carpet type Avalon mats are an almost $200 MSRP option---at least on the XLS. That is not to say you could not bargain with the dealer to throw them into the deal.
  • rainh2orainh2o Posts: 19
    jl618 wrote:

    "Meet at Driver's Sports Bar?"

    'Sounds like a plan. But my Blizzard Pearl Limited w/VSC doesn't arrive 'til the end of May or first of June.

    'Any other Phoenix metro Avalon junkies out there?
  • chipmunk47chipmunk47 Posts: 39
    I also see rust from the exhaust pipes, but nothing on the garage floor. I'll talk to the service dep't this week about it.
  • canefirecanefire Posts: 12
    Right on Paul!! Ain't it neat!! My 1995 Avalon, 143K miles, although 1st production year, has stayed calm and been a gem - no elec or powertrain problems at all, just normal changeout stuff. My baby girl was 7 in a car seat, when we purchased and now she's driving it almost daily. Toyota is king in the reliability department. We should enjoy our Avalon's for a while - maybe a 2015 Avalon hybrid will be next!!

    canefire :D
  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    Well, at the moment I have no vehicle at all. When I moved I gave my Sister my 2001 Accord V6.

    I have been telling dealers I'm open to an XLS if it's black, gray phantom pearl, or titanium and has DVD NAV and VSC.

    I'd keep the car maybe 3 years. I was going to lease, but may buy- not sure yet. Depends on the numbers.

    Can you e-mail me info on car brokers? Guess I can do a Google on them, but any direct experience would be good.

    You know- I really want/need the rear leg room the Avalon has. The G35 is very cramped in the back and the M35 is to much.

    The 300c gets poor mileage and just does't make me feel as "safe" as a Japanese brand. I've owned American cars when I was a kid. Back in college when my modified Ranchero GT chassis cracked I ended up getting a Honda CRX and was almost ashamed how much I liked it. From then on I got Hondas.

    You're right- I can rent something until what I want comes in.

    The good news is that my FICO went to 710 tonight on Equifax. So, now if I find something I can hop on it right away.

    You do get a LOT for you money if the price is right. Most quotes I got were at $35k for the Limited. Pretty good.

    You know...I built another Honda Accord EX V6 with NAV on their website, and no matter how I dress it up, it is still an Accord. Great car...but I want something bigger.

    The Avalon is great...if I could actually buy one. LOL.

    I honestly just don't want to wait more than another week.

    I'll try to work on it hard this week.

  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    "Obviously I don't know your situation, but why don't you just buy a junker for a few months then sell it or give it to your son or something?"

    Hmm. I'm not Deanie. My name is Dean and there is another Dean here who uses the deanie nickname.

    Anyways, I moved down here to go into real estate full time. I cannot use a Junker as a stop gap. I am not worried about the Avalon's 1st yr issues too much. The Azera isn't something I'd consider. Maybe it's because I just turned 34 and it's a Buick and ya need to see it in person.

    I agree it will probably help the buyer's market though.
  • canefirecanefire Posts: 12
    Mack, thanks for the tip! Clayed and applied 3 coats this morning before I started reading the "Book" this afternoon but fell asleep twice before finishing it - lots of new info. No problem, still 55mph speed limit here.

    The wife took the car out today, cruising and showing off her present with her sister - I've asked her for a comparable gift on upcoming Father's day - currently hoping hell will freeze over next month!

    canefire :D
  • luplup Posts: 2
    I picked up my loaded blizzard pearl limited Friday. I want to thank all of you for your informative discussion group. I have been following it faithfully since last September. I took a list of questions from this group with me and after going to the, I am quite sure I new more about my new car than the dealer. However they showed and went through everything with me.

    Yes!!!!!! I got a great buy and the tail pipes are vertical and horizontal.

    Thanks again and I too couldn't be happier with my purchase.

  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    "So if you have to wait till mid-June to get your car, my take is that it's well worth being patient."

    You're right. I was just talking to my best friend and he's listened to me talk about it forever. I also watched the Motorweek show with him and when he saw the Titanium Limited they showed he said "Wow. That looks like a Mercedes kind of car"

    I won't be happy with anything else and would regret any other I just sorta made up my mind. Even if I need to order it I'll just rent for a couple month if need be.



    Dean [not Deanie ]
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    It was Jordan7 who bought through UBS, not me - I was denied the chance because of where I lived. I don't know the answer to your question.
  • lakedoglakedog Posts: 15
    I'm on my second week of driving my new limited, I am amazed with the power. My only fear so far is that the door areas are so vast, it's like a blank canvas waiting for those parking lot dings. Does anyone else wonder why Toyota didn't think about maybe placing a strip of some kind along the sides to give a bit of protection? At first I was not in love with the Phantom Grey color, but it seems to be "growing" on me each day. :D
  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100

  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Hi Alphawolf:
    I live in and bought in Maryland, not Florida.
  • ski1003ski1003 Posts: 41
    I have the XL with the grey interior and Titamium Metallic exterior. I really am happy with this combination. Especially witht the grey interior. I have 2200 miles on the car now and have not had any problems. My only regret is not selling my trade-in myself and also doing more bargining with the dealer. I brought the first one in the area and paid MSRP for it. 29300. It has remote start (which I don't need), moon roof, home link, and upgraded radio. Also carpets, and emergency kits.
  • mi_satmi_sat Posts: 42
    Does anyone know what the residual value (%) is for an XLS, 36 month lease, 15,000 miles/year?
  • BOY DO i KNOW THAT FEAR------it is the reason why I hate parking anywhere
    in new york city---what I have done is placed pumper strips on the side doors
    and on the pumper themselfs the car looks awful with those strips but better safe then sorry especically when you try to sell a car to a dealer or person to person sell ---you will loose a $1500 to $2000 on a sell due to scratches and ding and dents-- I know I have sold may last 2002 solara and gotton evaluations on the body.I try to park far away from other cars which sucks due to the fact that you have to walk a long way from the car-----but you know what even worse is the
    little monsters(children) who don't know any better and open the doors from SUV and caravans those little Critters do not have any regards as to how they get out :cry:

    VOOOOOOMMMMMM/---280/hp I still got gas---gasoline that is ;)
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Your right about the kids, they swing the doors open. As far as walking, it's good for us, I do the same thing. Have you ever noticed the other clean looking cars parked far from the rest of them. They think like we do, and better parking away so we prevail and don't get those door dings, and moldings don't stop them either because of the curves of most doors.
  • Rewop,

    I know exactly what you're describing. My Audi A6 (aka the Ouchie) does the same thing when you're coming to a stop but don't completely stop before accelerating again. The problem is caused by the blasted computer, not the transmission itself. The computer tries to figure out if you're looking for power or fuel efficiency and anticipates it, but in doing so can't decide if it should use gear one or two. There is a fix for this problem in the Audi, which is replacing the standard chip with a performance chip for a mere $1,200. I opted not to go that direction, because it eliminated the problem by always going for first gear and launching the vehical rather than delaying and then choosing a more smooth acceleration. I'm going to guess that such a solution will be available to Avalon owners in the after market parts arena.

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