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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • burlburl Posts: 40
    If someone has already answered this one I apologize for the extra time taken.

    Your sulfur smell is almost certainly caused by your catalytic converter in your exhaust system.
    Don't hear about much anymore used to be major problem.
    Tell your service man ........a $30.000 car is not supposed to smell like an outdoor tolit.
    One interesting aspect is that you will smell it most often if the WIND is coming from behind you.
  • lntlnt Posts: 188
    I unlocked my car today, got in and pushed the button and it wouldn't even turn over. I panicked and called my son. He said to get out, lock the car and then unlock it and try starting it again. I did, and it started. He said it happened to him when he drove it the other day but he forgot to tell me. So if any of you get in and try to start your car and it doesn't start, just get out, lock it and start over again. Strange!
  • pablo2pablo2 Posts: 17
    I will be getting my new Limited Avalon between June 6 - 13. Then, I will be driviing through the mountains in Colorado as I drive to Durango, CO. Have any of you done any mountain driving with the new limited avalon. If so, what has been your experience during your drive? Have you had any trouble pinging of the engine, transmission, steering or braking problems?
  • jl618jl618 Posts: 64
    Rule of thumb for me:

    74 when speed limit is 65.

    79 when speed limit was 75.

    So far it's kept Smokey at bay.

    We were quite satisfied with the mileage, considering the mountain ranges one passes on that route.
  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    "Hey guys I really need help. I dunno which color to chose for my Avalon. I need some advice."

    Zupmeister - Where to begin? You know, I really think you should go with the white, it's so nice. But then again, the black, that's really boss as we used to say. And there are times I'm taken by the blue one, except that the green is really good looking. But I think the green one is the one that the guy smelled the f*rt in when he romped on it (downwind only). Don't think you'd like that, being from Bahrain and all. So maybe you should opt for the silver. Gosh, I'm just so glad we have these here forums to get all the hard to find information. Kinda nice to have the technology, ain't it?

  • greenbeltgreenbelt Posts: 55
    "The controls are on the wheel because it's safer to have two hands on the wheel as much of your driving time as possible."

    Right. And where's the built-in cell phone? And what do you look at to figure out what Mode you are in?

    As absfisch said, Toyota's track record with new models is spotty (by their own standard of what they can do down the road a year or two). There's a great deal to be worked out on the Avalon before the defect levels drop. But we don't expect them to do much to the interior.

    We've decided to pass. For the Buick crowd any Avvy is a step up, but for the 2000-2004 Avvy owners, the new 2005 has way too many minuses to overcome a few pluses.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Chipmunk47, please email me as soon as possible - pat AT
  • avalonbobavalonbob Posts: 35
    Original poster:
    The controls are on the wheel because it's safer to have two hands on the wheel as much of your driving time as possible.

    Your response:
    Right. And where's the built-in cell phone? And what do you look at to figure out what Mode you are in?

    I agree 100% with the original poster on this. I would never have another car without steering wheel controls. They are very helpful when driving in traffic. Regarding the MODE button... I don't mean to sound sarcastic but, to most people, it's fairly obvious when you switch from CD to FM to AM to determine which mode you are in. And if you can't tell by what you hear, you can, with your peripheral vision, look at the display in the center of the dash. On the top line in large letters it displays the current mode.

    Your comment:
    for the 2000-2004 Avvy owners, the new 2005 has way too many minuses to overcome a few pluses.

    I believe there are more people (like myself) who bought on '05 Avalon that would not have considered a prior year Avalon than those (such as yourself) who like the older models better. I also assume that this was the objective that Toyota was trying to achieve.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    greenbelt,"We've decided to pass. For the Buick crowd any Avvy is a step up, but for the 2000-2004 Avvy owners, the new 2005 has way too many minuses to overcome a few pluses".
    This is the best of the Avalons I've owned before and although unlike you I won't speak for everyone else I'm sure out of the 9,200 buyers in the month of April and the 24 thousand plus from the beginning of the year (meaning February) there are many happy owners in the majority. I have three other 05 avalon owners where I live and unlike this forum where some who have an agenda and repeat the mantra, these men all love there Avalons as I do and so far have no complaints. So although I respect your right to express your concerns, please don't lump everyone into your opinion. My car definitely has more pluses then my 04 beginning with the power, the windshield wipers, the reclining rear seats, the absolutely beautiful cleaned refined looking interior, the refined styling, all major pluses, and I for one love the little doors that work so well and the easy to use controls on the steering wheels allowing me no longer to hunt the dials on the radio while driving. I don't even have to open that door anymore, everything there is at my finger tips. My seats are as comfortable as the ones in my 04 and the other two Av's I owned. This response isn't a reaction to being sensitive to negative information, but to once again clear the air when you say "but for the 2000-2004 Avvy owners, the new 2005 has way too many minuses to overcome a few pluses". I don't know what minuses there might be on my car other then a smaller trunk probably because of the reclining rear seats, other then that there are none in my case. The pluses far outweigh any minuses and anyone stepping on the gas and hearing that putty cat hum will know what I mean. Since your going to buy another car why do you stay here trying to criticize the Avalon. Your not enlightening anyone, you just seem to be trying to steer people away for what ever your reason is. I was never a Buick owner. As I ride down the nations Highways, I notice that sometimes it seems every other car has the Toyota badge on it. More than anything else that speaks about the reliability and the excellent trade in value you get for the car since for the Camry and Avalon, the depreciation is so much less than other makes, and that is a fact, not an opinion. That is another major plus, and no minus when making a purchasing decision. Other then that, nothing is perfect.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    I also forgot to mention I love the dimming feature on my rear view mirror and driver side mirror. I no longer get blinded by those cars behind me who might have their brights on. I also love the garage door opener, one for me and one for my sisters garage. All major pluses. My wife absolutely loves the controls on the steering wheel. I will never buy another car without them. I know in the past there were many occasions on 95 while traveling at 79 miles an hour, I was hunting stations by the radio controls slightly slumped trying to reach them while I should have been concentrating on driving the car. What a relaxing feeling it now is with just a short finger press I can change the station or bring on my CD, lower the volume etc., or just turn it off. All major pluses. I also love the automatic A/C, I think it cools my car faster as well as the defogging feature for my front window. That's just my observation. So overall for me, I have a much better car than the 04 and it feels better on the highway and is extremely quiet.
  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    "...anyone stepping on the gas and hearing that putty cat hum will know what I mean."

    Just me - The perfect description of this car and its motor. Thank you, my friend.

  • barclay3barclay3 Posts: 90
    I hope greenbelt's post doesn't scare any potential buyers. No defects with my new Avalon, it's the best car I've ever owned and I never owned a Buick!
  • justgreat47justgreat47 Posts: 100
    couldn't agree more...looks definitely don't matter as much as comfort and fit for this crotchety 50 something year old...what i like is a v6 that makes 280hp and gets 19-20 mpb around town (if you don't use all of the 280 horses).

    oh, and one's a steal!! 30k for that motor and transmission and HID'S..i'm partial to the touring model...i think that offers the best value out of the model line=up...

    one only has to look no further than the avalon to understand why certain automakers find themselves in a corner, with no relief in sight. jackg 90seville 97k
  • dmorcosdmorcos Posts: 22
    "I'm very nervous about a problem I'm experiencing on my new '05 Avalon Limited. Only has 350 miles on it now. Numerous times when I'm going between 40-50 MPH and up a slight incline, the cars vibrates, feels like the transmission or engine, not sure which one, but if I give it some gas, the transmission down shifts and the vibration goes away. I've had a problem with a transmission on the car I replaced, had to be overhauled 3 times...I don't want this again. Anyone else experience this problem?"

    I had the same thing happen to me today. Same exact circumstance.
    Mine is 2 days old, with 230 miles.
  • ronharvronharv Posts: 51
    White not only looks reasonably clean even when it's dirty but reflects much more heat than a dark color.
  • perico1perico1 Posts: 32
    Thank you Ange for your response. I am very grateful.
  • limiteddriverlimiteddriver Posts: 234
    You look at the blue display in the dash above the radio to see what Mode you're in. I've had first year models of Mustang, Miata and Z4 and didn't have troubles. You can get a bad car any year. My '67 Mustang was awful.
  • limiteddriverlimiteddriver Posts: 234
    IMHO if your car downshifts going up a hill you probably approached the hill too slow to climb it and the car compensated by down shifting. You did that yourself when you drove a manual, correct?.
  • limiteddriverlimiteddriver Posts: 234
    Is it rusty water or brown colored water? Drive the car, quit worrying about a normal condition.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Thank you Groza. You and everyone have a wonderful Memorial Weekend. Unfortunately it's one of those solemn holidays if you focus on it's meaning. As a veteran I salute all those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and those still serving. Every one who proudly served should be gifted and Avalon. Oh well, I can dream, they earned it.
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