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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    It does work; I just looked at Mike's pictures, including some of barbacued chicken! :) You just have to use the provided password (Avy05). You have to use a capital "A" (as he wrote it); must be case-sensitive, as my first attempt with small "a" didn't work. I agree that using the paste-in address options would be better. All you have to do is copy the middle line of the three addresses Photobucket gives, and paste into the posting window. It's not necessary to use the IMG tab Edmund provides.
  • shulersshulers Posts: 1
    I'm having the EXACT same issue. The vibration happens around 50 mph most of the time under very mild acceleration or deceleration. It happens very inconsistently so it's been very hard to troubleshoot. It has been back to the dealership once and they've found nothing. I'm also apprehensive since the car is brand new - 3 weeks old & 1,000 miles. Seems like the vibration is now less prevalent than when the mileage was lower.
  • gbinplanogbinplano Posts: 65
    Actually, the pinstripes are tape. I had thought of removing them and getting painted stripes, but the deeply grained metallic look may not be easily painted. The stripes were part of the ExtraMile package of odds and ends offered by Gulf States Toyota. I think they are $99 standalone.

  • swardsward Posts: 20
    RE: "I ordered my Avalon without the XM radio but I am considering adding it now. As I understand it I can order the Pioneer XM unit from Toyota and have it installed myself. Does anyone know the part # and cost? How can I get the JBL radio/CD unit out of the dash so I can make the connections or is there access some other way to the DIN connectors?

    Hey ron6,

    This installation is covered in great detail in an older post in this forum. Use your search function to find it. The post includes the part number and a description of the harness adapter installation. You do not need to remove the head unit--you just reach behind it from below.

    sward ;)
  • rlejr66rlejr66 Posts: 44
    ron6 . . . . . .Thanks for the reply. I helped my parents purchase this car in Newport News, VA from a dealer in NC, where NC doesn't require the front plate. My fathers first questions when the car was delivered (yes delivered from Toyota of Elizabeth City) yesterday were where are the wheel locks and where is the license plate holder? One down and one to go Pops! Thanks again ron6.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    "The all-new 2005 Avalon full-size sedan enjoyed sales of 9,165, up 166.8 percent".

    These May sales added to the other figures bring the total to over 32,000, 2005 Avalons, almost all of what they sold last year (35,000 plus). Once again this just includes Feb, Mar, Apr and May. Normally Sales begin end of Sept or Oct, so you can see this will be a great year for the Avalon even without those months.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Great pictures, and you can really see the shine, I'm convinced, like a mirror. Thanks.
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Hi Havalong:
    My XLS had the same problem. Solution: clean the windshield of the thin film of wiper rubber that has accumulated on each part the windshield at the extreme end ranges of the wiper travel (with windex or whatever and a paper towel - you may have to scratch it off with a fingernail depending upon how much rubber has accumulated). Then get Rain-x from your local auto store and apply as instructed. Reapply every 2-3 months or so. Problem solved.
  • mmg1mmg1 Posts: 29
    Thanks for the info . Will go to discussions and get to work on polishing my auto!
  • lakedoglakedog Posts: 15
    Beautiful color mikes, that would have been my second choice (got the phantom grey). I'll be interested to see how clean that interior will be a year from now :shades: .
  • mmg1mmg1 Posts: 29
    Your Avy is beautiful ! Your cooker is also blue but not as pretty as your Avy. Your "bird" looks burned! ( I'm sure it tasted good though.)
  • How does the smartkey remote work for the LIMITED if u run out of battery ? Do u get stranded and call 911?
  • mmg1mmg1 Posts: 29
    Blue streak looks great! What color is the interior? Looks like light grey with the darker "wood" trim. Thought that was not an option. I had to go graphite leather to get the darker wood.
  • wiktor256wiktor256 Posts: 12
    Check out the post 5279 and others. This has been discussed before.
    The antenna is Terk XM(TM) Radio Micro Antenna (XMICRO)

    You will also need the Terk Dual XMSP Splitter and Adapter
  • I agree the fit-and-finish and assembly quality of the 2005 Avalon is not quite up to the standards you would expect from a Toyota product, let alone a Lexus. I have a 2001 4Runner (built in the Tahara factory in Japan) with 55k miles on it - never a squeak or rattle, everything is perfectly aligned, and only top grade material is used. In comparison, the interior material in my 2005 Avalon Touring is average at best and it already developed the following problems in my first months of ownership:

    1) steering problem (pulling to the right) - dealer could not fix after 3 attempts. Will meet with Toyota's regional service director this Friday to determine the course of action.

    2) Sunroof stuck open (fixed by dealer)

    3) Stereo cover stuck closed (yet to be fixed)

    4) Excess interior form trim (fixed by dealer)

    5) Loose fitting fog light (yet to be fixed)

    6) Driver side seatbelt buckle rattles (yet to be fixed)

    7) Poor paint job underneath the trunk (not a big deal because you don't see it unless you open the trunk, but it just doesn't give you a warm and fuzzy feeling about the quality of this vehicle).

  • swardsward Posts: 20
    RE: "How does the smartkey remote work for the LIMITED if u run out of battery ? Do u get stranded and call 911?"

    Hey jackstacker,

    The key contains a small mechanical key that flips out and can be used to open the driver's door. The SmartKey is then held next to the dash, near the start button, and the car will start, even if there is not a battery in the SmartKey device! This happens because the start switch senses a chip in the SmartKey device, and no battery is required for this operation. Toyota has thought of everything here!

    sward ;)
  • gbinplanogbinplano Posts: 65
    The interior is graphite. It is actually a medium gray.

  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    What is that opening on the lower passenger side front fascia there for? Is that where the laser device for the cruise control is mounted? Is that opening there on all Avalons? I have seen car show pics that don't have that opening. Looks much better without it.
  • gbinplanogbinplano Posts: 65
    That is the laser cruise control device. It is only on Avalons with laser.

  • dmorcosdmorcos Posts: 22

    I have tried to duplicate what has happened once and can't. Same road same speed, just will not do it again. :)
    Also tried on much steeper hills and I still can't duplicate. Hopefully the transmission has learned my driving style.
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