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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • avalonbobavalonbob Posts: 35
    Has anyone installed this paint protection film on a black car? I was wondering if it would be more visible or if the edges would be more apparent.

    If so, let me know how it looks.

  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    "Just had 3M Paint Protection Film installed on my 05 Blizzard Pearl - it really looks good and is hard to see - is not cheesy looking at all. "

    Zekemeister: Having been reared in a traditional Polish family, you don't have to justify clear plastic coverings as "not cheesy looking" to me. I grew up with clear plastic coverings over sofas, tabletops, arm chairs, whatever. To me it's haute couture. I was thinking, if it could be applied to the Av interior - what do you think - can the 3M Film can be wrapped over seats, steering wheel, console?

  • koketokoketo Posts: 8
    thanks for you post and pictures ,your car looks great ,though i have to say, i`m not too sporty like you but the same look very nice, i know you should be very happy with the power we have in the car,right?i`m scare sometimes with to many horses,jejeje, and thanks Azhuyck for replay, i have 500 miles no problem ,zero, i guess i`m lukie too. well all my friends and family are crazy about the car ,really ,Let me tell you ,the other day a i let my friend drive my car because his cousin have a CLS 500 mercedes and his drive it all the time you know,the new one,and he toldme that mine feel heviest than the mercedes and better look inside ,that he felt de mercedes like a chieper car than the avalon and this guy don`t like to talk bull... he really got impresive whith the car,image i`m very happy whith the car i told you my other car is bmw x5..... so i know a litlle bit what i`m talking about....
  • canefirecanefire Posts: 12
    hey benkay!

    We installed Clear Shield 4ml thick clear urethane film at a reputable tint firm for $350 discounted for fire fighters. It is invisible but you can see the line rumning on top of the hood when viewing from close quarters. We had it installed over the entire front end, 2/3rds up the front hood, on both sides of the front side panels (1/2 of panel) and on both side view mirrors. It is invisible on all body parts except as noted above.
    After suffering multiple front end and mirror dings on our pearl white 95 XLS and 95 SC400, we decided to invest in this protection. The touchup paint we were using was inadequate in our opinion. Our warranty is lifetime - a good bargain.

    Have fun with your Avalon!
    canefire :D
  • vicmvicm Posts: 18
    Have a Avy Ltd, no key start, when I push the start button there is a buzz then the engine kicks over. Is that sound normal? It also does it when I shut down except if my foot is off the brake. Other than loose fog lights it been a gem. Over 500 miles and no problems, 26 mpg around town, as high as 32 on the highway doing 65-70 mph. Great vehicle..
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    avalonturing05, I would not lie about such a thing. That's why I said it's even hard for me to believe and in fact I told my wife to remember this so if any of my friends don't believe me I have a witness. I have no reason to lie about such a thing. Anyway, I did forget to post the speed I was traveling at. The average for when I was in a 55 mile speed zone was 63 and when in a 70 mile zone I was at 68, so if we want to average between the two we can use 66 MPH, although most of the second part of the fill up was done from MD to NJ, so closer to 63 would be more accurate. I kept my A/C on the lowest blower set at 72. I slowly accelerated and no fast stops, I let the cars fly by me like never before. The 34.3 MPG was reached going downhill in MD, it happened about 3 times than would fall back to 34.2 and eventually settle anywhere between 33.6 to 33.9, but it seemed like for long periods it was at 33.8. WHAT BLOWS ME AWAY IS THAT THIS MPG IS BASED ON THE SECOND FILL UP OF 89 OCTANE FROM BP, NOT THE 93 OCTANE. Also I forgot to mention, usually when I fill up the blue screen shows something like 355 miles, but this time I noticed on the second refill the blue screen showed 375 miles, the first time I noticed that 20 mile difference. Like Deann, when checking the miles to gas the computer does seem accurate. Anyway, believe what you want, I just stated the facts as I saw them on the blue screen.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    dcallies, see my post 6467
  • jordan7jordan7 Posts: 77
    my Limited makes the same noise just before you start it and stop it after pushing the button. when i had it in for service, it did not do it (just like when you go to the doctor the pain has gone away). has any other Limited owners experienced this buzz and what could it be. I have been told it is the anti-lock brakes adjusting, the fuel pump????????or computer, but still do not have a good answer. Any thoughts out there?
  • rewoprewop Posts: 35
    vicm writes: Have a Avy Ltd, no key start, when I push the start button there is a buzz then the engine kicks over. Is that sound normal? It also does it when I shut down except if my foot is off the brake.

    It's the steering wheel lock being turned off and then set upon start-up and shut-down. This is covered in the manual.

  • Anybody out there heard of a fix on the new Avalons concerning the problem of not being able to read the odometer during normal daylight because of dim lighting?? This happens even with the lighting control fully clockwise.
    If you have this problem, please E-Mail Toyota.
  • Listen don't take it too hard I,m not saying you are lying but you did say its unbelievable-----anyway about your fantasies about 33 34 35 36 just kidding.

    Now the milage you gave me and the speeds you mention are more realistic
    now then before especially down hill---was your air-cond on ?that makes a big difference.

    be carefull about putting low octain then what is recommended which i think
    is 91 because the computer is adjusted for that type of octain and timing.
    It can damage your car due to out of syn and cause knocking

    remeber you want a higher explosion in the gas not low for computer mixture

    anyway when you have long trips bring the camera--i sure like to see that 34.2 ;)
  • hank3hank3 Posts: 26
    I wish my avalon had some of the high numbers you guys have been talking about. I drive mine back and forth to work each day in the city. The trip is app. 10 miles and I probably dont average over 30 mph because of the stop and go. I use 91 octane gas and I try to keep my foot off the gas. According to the stats on my screen, I have been averaging anywhere from 17-18 mpg. Any tricks to getting the 21 mentioned? I am assuming the computer automatically resets the trip and mpg each time? Is this correct?
  • azhuyckazhuyck Posts: 25
    Soulmaster: Koketo With great difficulty i managed to post some picture. I also installed gold emblems. Here is the URL Address.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    avalonturing05 Yes, I had the A/C on as I said and set at the lowest blower level possible and at 72.
    hank3, Once you start driving and put on more miles you will see the miles begin to improve on the blue screen. The more miles you go the better MPG average. But if as you say you only go ten miles stop and go, then yes you won't be getting good MPG.
  • The lighting is a little dim, but I'm used to it and don't care. If you put your nose closer to the dash you can read it.
  • azhuyckazhuyck Posts: 25
    zekeman: I just moved my xm-antenna to the center of the trunk. There are two strip of 3m tape on each side of the antenna about 1/4 wide and 1/2 long. the antenna is also magnetic. I think toyota put them on to keep people from just lifting up the antenna. I just used a hair dryer to heat up strips and used my hands to pull off. There is enough wire to move, but you must loosen the tape that is apply under trunk lid as well the hinge on the trunk.
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Hi Havalongavalon:
    I'm sure you did get 36.1 mpg, but as you said it was just for a few kilometers at 50 mph on a flat hwy, and in the real world, you cant travel at that speed for long on modern roads or hwys without causing serious traffic problems.

    I'm guessing the only way you could have determined that fuel usage was during the few miles immediately following a gas fill-up because the mpg calculator only displays the average mpg for the entire tank used, not a real-time at the moment reading of what your mpg is right now (Toyota should redo the system to let us do this - it's just common sense Toyota!). personally, my mpg meter reads 31-33 mpg for a few miles on local heavily trafficked raods after filling up at my favorite station as long as I catch all green lights, so it can obviously be done - just not for very long. I once averaged over 30 mpg for over 100 miles but my speed was much lower than I thought as my wife told me after the trip (she was monitoring my speed the whole way), and while there was traffic, it wasn't heavy enough to prevent me from slaloming around traffic and chosing lanes to effectively drive as if without traffic (I usually just watch my rpms, not vehicle speed).

    Avalon is so smooth and quiet below 70 mph that I can no longer stand such low speeds on the hwy for long due to the boredom, and a lack of patience because it seems as if I'm not moving at all and it'll take forever to get where I'm going.
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    That hwy fuel economy over 30 mpg is truly impressive, but were you using the AC or not? If you were, I don't know how you did it.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Thanks for believing me. There would be no point in stating what I said if it weren't true. My trip to NJ was very smooth. I just basically coasted all the way even through Washington, no stops and goes. What I don't understand is why I got better mileage after filling up with the 89 Octane? That's when I went as high as the 34.3 MPG, and averaged out at probably around 33.8 MPG. The BP 89 I would imagine would have given less MPG then the Enmark 93 that was my first fill up. Of course a good part of going through MD and NJ was at the 63 MPH, so maybe that's it. The earlier trip was closer to averaging 68 MPH, could that have made such a difference? Well either way, I was excited and had to post it. My son-in-law understood my excitement as I showed him I had three quarters of a tank left that really surprised him. On my 04 I had a little more than a quarter left. I guess the roads and weather have a large affect as well as how one drives. I would think that when Toyota lists 31 MPG for highway it's based on the legal speed, I would assume they use 55 MPH, or is it 65 MPH? So for my car the way I'm driving it, I'm getting better highway mileage, and that was a huge part of my excitement. It made me realize I don't need a Hybrid. Anyway, thanks for trusting my word havalongavalons . Have a good evening.
  • ronharvronharv Posts: 51
    My '03 Avalon shifts with consistently greater smoothness than the '05. The new car, especially on hills or even mild inclines, often vacillates between 2nd and 3rd as if it can't make up its mind which gear to use. Nothing of the sort occurs with the '03. I figure it's pointless to bring this up with the dealer. But I have come up with a solution. Unless a long highway or freeway drive is in the offing, I'll drive the '03 and my wife'll use the new one. While she's aware of the shifting oddity (flaw?), it doesn't make her mumble in annoyance.
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