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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • jose7jose7 Posts: 11
    I've had my car Touring for a week and love it. Got the windows tinted and had Colormatch paint the XM antenna (looks great) and will have it centered on trunk by back window. Now on to the problem. Has anyone else had a problem with the back doors not unlocking? I've tried all the automatic setups for locking/unlocking the doors, both the driver and passenger door releases, the key directly in the door, manually trying the locks from the back seat. None of them will work! Basically I can't open the back doors! Any similar experiences? Other thoughts or suggestions? I called the dealer and a neither the salesman or the service tech has never heard of this problem. So I have an appt on Tuesday. Thanks for the help and a great forum...
  • buck11buck11 Posts: 30
    When the doors are unlocked can you open the rear doors from the outside? If so it's probably the child safety locks that manufacturers are putting on all vehicles now. That's the only thing I can think it would be. Good luck.
  • jose7jose7 Posts: 11
    The rear doors don't unlock at all. I can't open them from the inside or outside.
  • sobsob Posts: 15
    Please comment further on your statement that 06 lease rates are up. What were the old rates for the '05's.......specifically the XLS. Thanks
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Haggis, it was so nice to read your post. You share my sentiments about the Avalon. I have over 7,000 miles now and no problems.
  • fragmirefragmire Posts: 97
    Regarding your comment about joystick vs. touch-screen ... Don't forget that the $22k Prius has a touch screen Nav. The placement of the Nav on the Avalon, however, sort of make touch-screen Nav not very ergonomics though since the driver (or even the passenger) would have to reach out quit a bit to even touch the screen.
  • angeange Posts: 158
    One suggestion is to have your deposit refunded and check out other dealers. Today in the Phila area a dealer advertised $3500 off MSRP and had 26 Avalons on their lot. E-Mail ange1
  • dcboaterdcboater Posts: 16
    Firstly, thanks all for your valuable insight and advice. Secondly, the dealer here in NOVA (Koons - Arlington) has given me an offer I seemingly can't refuse, that is, the same deal that we negotiated on a 2005, he will honor on a 2006 and has promised my exact Blizzard White with Ivory interior (and my specified options : Option package B (VSC, CL, NAV), CF, WL & V2)) delivery in late August or first week of September.

    I don't think I can go wrong getting a 2006 for the same price as a 2005 ? btw, my negotiated deal is $1800 off MSRP and a good trade for my 97 Q45 (6,000).

    Also, if you get a chance to view this week's PBS "MOTORWEEK", there is a splendid review/test of the 2005 Avalon.

    Thanks for all the feedback - great board !
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    Thanks "DCBoater" for mention of the test in PSB MotorWeek. While I wait for my new Avalon I am trying to read up as much as possible. Here is the link:

    link title

  • rwb2rwb2 Posts: 85
    Is "firstly" a word? :D
  • roskiroski Posts: 15
    Press the Map button again. It will take you back to your current position.
  • dcboaterdcboater Posts: 16
    cute !!! :D

    According to Merriam - Webster :

    Main Entry: first·ly
    Pronunciation: -lE
    Function: adverb
    : in the first place : FIRST

  • Me too! Pulls slightly to the right. Everything else seems fine but,even though I have the Touring model, I would like more firmness on corners-maybe a bigger sway bar. Any suggestions?

    I get many comments about what a beautiful car it is(black on black with dark anodized wheels) and,so far,I love it.

    Will be installing Alpine component speakers front and rear with Alpine digital amp next week. I will post results at that time. :)
  • paulexpaulex Posts: 16
    I just finished the paperwork wor my new XLS - Blizzard Pearl with Ivory interior. Options included are: Nav, VSC, SPoiler, and Remote Starter. We negotiated $3000 of sticker....MSRP is $36,237 - we negotiated $33,210. Good deal?

  • As long as it's an 06.

    05 should be at or under invoice by now.
  • lazarouslazarous Posts: 28
    I'm planning on buying a 2006 Avalon. I have noticed that all Avalons are recommending to use premium unleaded fuel. Would using regular unleaded cause any kind of problems on the future? Thanks
  • paulexpaulex Posts: 16
    greenbelt -
    "under invoice by now"?

    Not here in Las Vegas. Especially the Blizzard Pearl with Ivory. That car is scarce in this region for some reason. I have called dealers in UT, AZ, and COL - all to no avail.

  • buck11buck11 Posts: 30
    You got a decent deal. Not the best, but still a good deal. I haven't heard of anyone negotiating an under invoice deal on one yet. I don't think you will in the near future either. Besides, as long as your happy, what does it really matter?
  • jickajicka Posts: 38
    All Avalons do NOT require premium gasoline. My owner's manual indicates that 87 octane is fine for ordinary, everyday use. More expensive, higher octane fuels might have some use if you have money riding on your car at the local drag strip.
  • lntlnt Posts: 188
    Two times in one night my car alarm went off while it was sitting in my garage. There were no loud noises or vibrations - all was as quiet as a mouse around here - late at night and it suddenly started honking. About 30 minutes later it did it again. That has happened one time before - quite awhile back. I don't even lock it and set the alarm when it is parked in my garage because the garage door is locked. Has this happened to anyone else?
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