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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    When I drilled the required holes for my rear set, I don't recall going through anything metal...believe it was some sort of hard plastic. Simply follow the instructions that came with the set and install them as called need to remove the rear tire(s) to properly install them....VERY easy.
  • stlmostlmo Posts: 40
    Keith, the back wheelwell lips you have to drill through aren't metal so no rust problem. The 2 holes per side be drilled back there are the top two of the 3 total screw holes used to install each guard. The bottom hole already exists; it is a square hole at the bottom of the fender where a clip is installed & the screw goes thru the clip. You are right, I did't drill the center hole for each rear one yet as without removing the tire/wheel the angle for the drill seemed to great. It seemed like it could be done at an angle & likely work but they were plenty tight (with no gaps) using only the top & bottom attaching points so I will wait for my first tire rotation & shoot the holes in about 2 seconds while they have the rear tires off. These were Toyota guards obtained through a dealer and they fit great. I did clean/seal/wax the areas prior to install since car is new.
  • stlmostlmo Posts: 40
    Charlie, I tried the LCC today & it worked great (of course it still accelerates to catch back up to speed faster than I would like). Didn't mention previously I actually used 3 smaller pieces of the 3M protective on the unit; one for each of the sections as it looked like a one piece install would result in gaps or air bubbles as the unit is sort of sectioned & not totally flat.
  • scs111scs111 Posts: 22
    Does the 2006 come with a cassette player like the 2005? I can't understand why Toyota would waste space putting in an outdated piece of equipment in a car like the Avalon. I don't think you could buy a cassette tape if you wanted to. :confuse:
  • jim250jim250 Posts: 23
    My new Limited doesn't yet need an oil change, but sometimes I like to change the oil myself so I want to be prepared for when that time comes. From the top of the engine I haven't yet been able to find the oil filter. I haven't yet put the car up on ramps but wonder whether anyone can describe the filter's location. Are there any special considerations for removing the filter and changing the oil? I did read something about it not being a traditional type filter. Do I need to buy anything special to use to remove the filter? I have looked through the various manuals but have found no reference to any of this. Thank you.

    Jim in WI.
  • koondogkoondog Posts: 15
    My Av has Navigation, and the NAV Control panel takes the place of the cassette. I will say that the stereo is one of the best car stereos that I have ever heard. After 3 days, I'm still tickled to death with the car.
  • wynwyn Posts: 32
    Filter system is totally different, uses an internal cartridge for which dealers are supposed to have special tools. Capacity is 6.4 quarts. Check post #8284 and possibly #8277 and related posts for more details. Sorry, not sure about location
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    The filter element housing is located facing down on the passenger side. Look with a hand mirror and a flashlight. The part that is removed to access the filter is about 2.5" in diameter and resembles a spline. There is a plug on the bottom that takes a standard square socket drive.
  • doobredoobre Posts: 42
    Hi jicka

    I am not selecting 5th the gear shift is in "D".. it is selecting that gear itself.. I would expect the auto gearbox to work out that it has to change to 4th but it does not.. so the vibration/shudder happens...

    note: I am talking in metric, kmph not mph, so 70 kmph is about 40mph
  • 5539655396 Posts: 530
    "$66.00 5W synthetic with me providing the filter!"

    WHAT? $66 for an oil change with you providing the filter? I hope you had lots of other stuff done for that price.
  • 5539655396 Posts: 530
    Is it possible that the computer is at a borderline point and tries to rapidly and repeatedly shift the transmission up and down between 2 gears causing a shudder?
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    No cheers for you unfortunately. If you have tried everything that I said, on the last post in reference to the vibration problem at high speeds (lets make sure we are still talking about the same problem), and you have excluded tires, wheels, balancing, rotors, and alignment then what you have is.... An AXLE, or INNER CV joint that is BAD or the runout in the axle is not true. How do I know. Had the same problem, and no one at Toyota Corporate or dealership, nor local dealerships could fix it. It felt like the car was vibrating and actually fighting itself going down the road at high speeds. No matter what tires or balancing was done, it would still fight itself.

    Take it to someone who cares and will spend the time taking down the parts and looking at the axles turn separately. It is a big job to fix it, but what a difference it will make. I am pretty sure this is what you have but you have to take it to someone who just doesn't want to make another buck off another realignment and balancing. Toyota would not have done it. Too much time. They lost a customer after this car. Too bad on them but I like the car and plan on running it to 300K or so.

    Let me know what happens. The part is even hard to get but it can be got/ordered.

  • gar333gar333 Posts: 12
    Anyone have some good pictures of the cassis pearl avalon. And if you have bought one, which color interior did you go with ? I'm thinking of ordering one real soon !
  • currycurry Posts: 22
    I took a quick unsuccessful look the other day to see if I could locate the cabin air filter. Has anyone taken their filter out to clean it? If so, where is it?
  • maddokemaddoke Posts: 12
    Thanks for the clarification. I'll do it like you did. I'm in St. Louis like you and couldn't find them here so I ordered them through a Toyota dealer in Texas. I just hope Firestone will let me in the shop to quickly drill the 2 holes when I take it in this fall to rotate. thanks
  • stlmostlmo Posts: 40
    My 05 Avalon owners manual has pretty good directions & illustrations of the changing of the cabin air filter. As I recall it is behind the glove box.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    Great Pics, Bahraini. Keep this forum informed about your ownership experience. A lot of people read this forum before actually buying this car.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Does anyone know if the start button is manufactured by the automakers themselves or is it a generic button one vendor sells around?
    I noticed the button seems identical among different brand autos just like HomeLink buttons seem to all be the same even in different brand cars.
  • riley3riley3 Twin Cities MNPosts: 27
    There is a good picture of Cassis Pearl Avy on post #5689. It has just a wee bit of purple tint to it which makes it unique. We got our Ltd on June 14 after 12 weeks of waiting. We have the light grey interior with light wood trim. Love the color, love the car. I saw in a recent post that Cassis Pearl is only 4% of the Avalon colors sold so you won't see many like it in the parking lot. This particular color is unique to the Avalons. Believe they used it in '03 & '04 also. Starting to see a few Avalons here in Minneapolis but they have been few and far between.
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