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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • According to Edmunds and Toyota this is an option..

    But on the Toyota Site is is not an available option in "Configure my toyota"

    Has anyone seen this option on an XL? How about without a Moonroof and this option? Where?
  • Thanks, nOv8or, if you catch my drift...
  • lntlnt Posts: 188
    I have a question. Is the Awell backup sensor the same thing as the Park Pilot that comes as an option on the Avalons? If not, then what exactly is the Park Pilot? That was on one of the cars I test drove and the salesman backed the car up REALLY close to another car to show me how it worked, but nothing happened, no beeps or anything. So what does the Park Pilot do? I would like to have something that beeps when I back up close to something, but I sure can't install the Awell system and am wondering if the dealer would charge me an arm and a leg to do it or even if they WOULD do it.
  • Can anyone enlighten me as to what makes it an "acoustic noise-reducing" front windshield? Is this a material difference, or a design detail? :confuse:

    My acoustic noise reducing windshield got a chip on my first significant road trip, and I only remember one minor tick from something off of the road.


  • lnt,

    I just Googled "park pilot" and from the description in

    link title

    it appears to be a basically similar system to Awell's, although clunkier looking. Same principle.

    Dealers install comparable ultrasonic sensor systems, if this route is your best option. Before I installed the Awell system I had a quote from my Toyota dealer to install the system that they install in Siennas. I don't recall being told a brand name but the functionality was similar. It would have cost me about 5 times what the Awell sold for.

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 586
    This subject has been discussed many times in this forum. Please enlighten all of us, if you know, as to the published solution from Toyota. Many are curious about the presumed cause and would like to know what the TSB says. Thanks. :)
  • lntlnt Posts: 188
    Thanks! I'll talk to my service manager about it. He has been very open and honest with me on other things - I think.
  • $499 Sirius plan.. Don't forget that in 4 years, your $499 invested at 5% would be worth over $600 with compounding. And you better hope Sirius doesn't go out of business within those 4 years.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Not all options are available in all regions. See your local dealer so they can "preference" a vehicle for you.
    Mackabee :)
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    This subject has been discussed many times in this forum. Please enlighten all of us, if you know, as to the published solution from Toyota. Many are curious about the presumed cause and would like to know what the TSB says. Thanks

    The TSB is in the form of “action-result-consequential action” flowcharts, and several pages in length, so I will attempt to simplify/paraphrase here:

    The first step is to check tire pressures, alignment, left/right vehicle height, and test for brake drag. Remedy any problems found. Assuming all these are OK, and pull/drift still exists, go to (2).

    (2) Switch the left and front wheel/tires to see if the pull gets better, worse, or changes from right to left (or vice-versa). If the pull becomes stronger, remove one front tire from its wheel, reverse it and remount, otherwise go to (3). If pull/drift still exists after reversing a tire per the flowchart, go to (3).

    (3) Adjust the suspension to introduce differential camber (1 degree maximum) between the two sides. Do not exceed the allowed camber adjustment range. If pull/drift is not corrected, go to (4).

    (4) Remove and disassemble the front strut assemblies and rotate the left and right springs and spring seats in the same direction (depends on if the pull is left or right), then assemble and re-install. There are marks on the seats for guidance. The TSB has 2 pages that show how to perform this step. Replace the springs if the pull/drift still exists.
  • Where would I find the Toyota tech training web site as it referes to the avalon being included in the solving of the drifting problem in the travel of the car.
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    Where would I find the Toyota tech training web site as it referes to the avalon being included in the solving of the drifting problem in the travel of the car?

    See previous messages #8626, #8648, and #8655 for a description.
    When searching the TSB section on this site, select 2005 Avalon first, otherwise the returned list will be long and include TSBs unrelated to this model.
    The last time I ran this search, 22 TSBs were listed.

    The content of this TSB is essentially identical to similar pulll/drift troubleshooting procedures described in the Suspension chapter of the 05 Avalon repair manual. Only step (4) is new.
  • I read your comments with interest. I just bought a XLS and it has the park assist and I can't hear it even with the radio off .What other comments did you receive about this problem. So far the dealer just saying thats too bad and sorry that spent the money on the option. There is nothing they can do .
  • mikeor,

    This dealer response doesn't make any sense and I would not accept it. When a dealer installs an accessory for a high price, they generally provide a certain guarantee on the device, their installation and its long-term functionality.

    Can you hear the buzzer when you stand behind the car with the trunk open? If not, the system is not working. If you can hear it, but not from inside the cabin, then they installed the buzzer in a poor location.

    I suggest that you ask the dealer where exactly did they place the buzzer. There are some good and some not so good places. Search this discussion for early posts by johni and havalongavalon discussing two alternative buzzer locations inside the trunk under the rear shelf. I posted photos at the time showing a good location near a rectangular hole, from which sounds carries well into the cabin. More recently n0v8or installed his buzzer on the door pillar as I recall, close to his left ear. For the price you paid, your dealer should be willing to move the buzzer to a better location so that the sound can be easily heard.

    Good luck!

  • Havalongavalon..My unit came with the car . I believe it was put on by Gulf States the local distributor in our area. I am not real sure of who supplied the parts to them. Any idea who supplies Toyota? Thanks for your comments.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 586
    Thank you, *n0v8or*, for the summary in post #8684 of the TSB about the drifting problem in some cars. It appears that Toyota deals with it in a very logical manner. Forum members who have new Avalons that drift for no obvious reason are now able to stand toe-to-toe with the service dept. people who love to say, "it must be a road crown, or, gravity..or...look, they ALL do it". Nonsense. Fix the problem. Thanks again.
  • lntlnt Posts: 188
    We really didn't discuss it further. He was driving and I was outside motioning him to come on back and he chickened out - guess he didn't trust me. Anyway, I directed him to within about a foot of the other car and we didn't hear anything. I wasn't going to buy that particular car anyway, so it didn't concern me at that time. He was a new young salesman and didn't know too much about the car. I knew more about it than he did from what I had read on here. I didn't think I needed it, but this car is so much longer than my 2000 that I regret not getting some type of back up sensor. Would like to have the camera.
  • Just a heads up. Awell will not send me a power cord with fuse until I return the one without the fuse and I'm responsible for the return shipping . This is their mistake but at this point I have little choice. Not exactly what I would call good customer service.


  • Tony,

    Sorry to hear. I agree that since it was Awell's omission, they should pay for return shipping of the faulty unit. I didn't have any issues with Awell, on the contrary I was impressed by their effort at scheduling a reasonably priced international shipper. Cwell Leung provided helpful support by email, perhaps you could contact him at

    Best wishes,

  • I don't know, sorry. When I bought my car the Toyota sales manager showed me a brochure on the aftermarket parking sensors that they installed in Siennas, but the cost was high so I passed on it. Toyota may use more than one aftermarket supplier, as well.

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