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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • Checked with my father in law, he has been in the auto paint business for forty years. He said it is a teflon based product that is made by Dupont. Its been around for many years. He suggest to stay away from it. It does put a teflon coating over the service and has some advantages but not enough to get it done.

    He said that it blends into the paint finsh in a way that causes nightmare for a bodyshop man who may have to touch up an area that was damaged. Apparently the paint being applied after will just not bond properly causing it to spider web, crack and even peel.

    Stick with a water based car wax that has UV additives and apply monthly and the finish will last the life of the car. Paint has come along way in 20 years. His words...
  • I'm getting ready to order my Avalon. I've seen the light gray interior, but haven't been able to see one with ivory.

    For those who have it or have seen it, could you describe it? How light is it?

    BTW, the exterior will be Blizzard Pearl.

    Thanks for the input.
  • I have an 05 Blizzard Pearl XLS with tinted windows. The person who applied my tint said that she wouldn't recommended the bronze tint because the metallic particles could interfere with the navigation system. I wanted the black tint any way but I asked because of the navigation system. I haven't had any problems with the nav or my XM mini antenna which I have mounted inside the front windshield. The black tint on the Blizzard Pearl is very sharp.
  • Hope this link works:

    viking644, "Toyota Avalon 2005+" #6786, 18 Jun 2005 12:59 pm

    Just an fyi - I ordered mine in this color combination and waited nearly two months for it --- I AM VERY PLEASED with my choice. The lighter woodgrain on the interior is very attractive in my opinion.

    Enjoy !

  • Thanks dc -- it is indeed attractive.
  • thanks aloot for the pics :D

    we need more BLIZZARDS PICS :D
  • Again Thank You, but although the (TSB) ST002-04 includes the 05 avalon, it only includes those 05s that where built before vin# 4T1BF28B#4U385890. They changed the Front Strut Assembly in the 05s midstream. The first 05s have the same assembly as the 04s. Although they may revise the (TSB), at this time there is no report on the later 05s One good thing is the cramping in my steering hand seems to be not as bad..
  • Alan --

    Point well taken on ride and noise. I believe that the fit would not be a problem though. See message 4591 for reference to 235/45 tires mounted. My first demo ride at dealer was in Ltd with 245/40 tires mounted. I personally liked the ride and especially the handling.

  • regisregis Posts: 94
    When we park our new 06 Avalon on a shopping trip, my wife shops and I stay to guard the car (from dings). Wonder how long that will last?
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 356
    Relax, you can get side moldings here:

    Enjoy the mall. Personally, I'd rather stay and guard the car... ;)
  • The silver door over the radio has been difficult to open and close since the car was purchased last April. Sometimes it'd be fine for several days in a row and then regress into its usual stubborn behavior. (It was always perfect at the dealer, naturally.) Finally, it wouldn't open at all. And two days ago (ta daaa!) it wouldn't open at the dealer's, either. That's when I was told, "We've been replacing an awful lot of these. And we just got some of the new doors in with a redesigned latch." The new door has a whole different feel and latches and unlatches perfectly with a satisfying snap. So there's no need to settle for frustration if you've got a radio-door problem.
  • Wow I thought I was the only one... Thank You for being brave enough to admit it.
  • Picked up my XLS Blizzard Pearl Sunday and so far have two complaints. There are an awfull lot of buttons and knobs to learn about and the cup holder lid favors my wife. Why? Otherwise I find it to be flawless and wonderful. Very comfortable too.

    How can I remember what C D's are in the changer?
  • I also found another place that has the painted side moldings that can keep your car from getting those dings. They provide instructions on how to install them with a picture and it seems quite easy. The name of the company is Dawn Enterprises and they can be reached @ (800) 548-4867. Their site address is:

  • I have determined that the square window on the back side of the rear view mirror has nothing to do with the rain-sensing wipers. I put a piece of black tape over it and the wipers still come on in the rain. The problem is they come on at the slightest mist and stay on regardless of the intermittent setting.

    Dealer doesn't know anything about the wipers other than that they come on when it rains and says there is no adjustment for the. Emailed Toyota and they suggested changing the automatic transmission fluid( go figure that out). Called Toyota and they could only tell me to talk to the dealer. Under current conditions, live in Seattle, they are currently useless in auto function. So my only alternative is to turn them on and off manually - this in a $35,000 car.

    Maybe I should try the state Lemon Law and make them buy it back. Am getting frustrated.
  • Has anyone tried to order an extra smart key for the LTD. I would like to get any extra one just in case I misplace or lose the one I or my husband has. I heard they are $100. Please tell me this is not the case. :confuse:
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    I took delivery last Saturday of a '06 Avalon Limited, Silver Pine Mica with Ivory interior. I had kind of agonized over both the exterior and interior color choices myself. After hearing some postive reviews of the S-P-M color, I went with it. I WAS going to order the light gray interior but my bride reminded me our other car is a Phantom Gray 4-Runner with the gray leather, and my vehicle before that also had gray leather. So I opted for the Ivory interior... Bearing in mind I have only had the vehicle six days (!) I have to admit I don't regret either choice. And while I like the light green exterior, I REALLY REALLY like the Ivory interior... Go for it! Mike
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    When I enquired some time back about getting three smart keys with the vehicle when it was delivered, they indicated that the extra key would cost ~ $200.
  • For those of you who own Avalon with navigation, is there a downside in having the system? Is't worth it? would you purchase it again? Thanks
  • I agree the tint on these cars look very good. This link on Toyota's website will show what all colors look like with tint:
    I have the Black LTD with 20% tint on the windows. My 20 something children LOVE the car (Of course, I do too)!
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