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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • dandydon2dandydon2 Posts: 77
    Well, I can tell you how that competition worked out for me. I sold my 2004 ES 330 at 20K miles and two of the replacements I was considering were the ES 350 and the Av Limited. I was fully prepared to buy the 350 until I drove the Avalon. The choice was obvious for me - Avalon gives me what I want in a car for a lot less money.

    Sure, with the Av you have to adjust the steering column position by hand rather than by push button, the tranny is 5 speed vs. 6, and the Lexus nav includes a backup camera. Oh, you also get a smaller car with much less leg room with Lexus. That decision took me about 2 minutes and like they say at McDonalds - I'm lovin' it!
  • lwardlward Posts: 5
    Thanks to everyone for the advice on the side moldings and the Laser Cruise. Your comments were very helpful!
  • lwardlward Posts: 5
    I have also been trying to compare the 2006 Lexus ES 300 with the 2006 Avalon Limited. So far, the comments on this new forum topic seem to be leaning toward the Avalon. Any other advice out there from Avalon or Lexus owners?
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    the engine would be the best reason to lean towards the Av - much better power AND a coupla extra mpgs. Size as well, of course. ES300 likely very limited availability by now and some discounting. ES350 a better comparison, at some additonal cost (that label does cost something)
  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Posts: 76
    Did you mean the 2006 ES 330? (There hasn't been an ES 300 for several years). Or did you mean the 2007 ES 350 (which I suggested as a good head-to-head comparison with the Av Ltd, since it is the current/new Lexus model)?

    I looked at and ruled out both the 2006 ES 330 and the 2007 ES 350 for different reasons. The 06 330 has a much smaller, less fuel efficient 6 cyl. engine than the Av, while the 07 350 has pretty much the same engine as the Av. Both Lexus models (330 & 350) are smaller than the Av, inside and out. The Av compares in size to the LS 430, the Lexus flagship. And in fact, more than a few car magazine reviews have described the Av Ltd. as a "poor man's LS 430", and a car that offers 85% of what the LS 430 offers. (If you can overlook the absence, on the Av, of the Lexus badge and the V8 engine of the LS 430, you can seriously argue that the Av rivals the $60,000 LS 430 for a whopping 45% less, approximately, in MSRP). As for the comparison of the Av Ltd. to the ES 350, you'd have to order the ES 350 with a $2500 "Premium Plus" package (boosting its total MSRP over $36,300) to get that car with heated/ventilated leather seats, driver's seat cushion extender, and rain-sensing wipers, all of which are standard on the Av. Ltd. Even then, your ES 350 still wouldn't have the power rear sunshade, wood-trim steering wheel, HID headlights, and a 12 speaker premium sound system that are all standard equip. on the Av Ltd. At Lexus, those items are either add'l cost options or only available as part of a much more expensive option package on the ES 350. In fairness to the ES 350, it does come standard with electronic stability control (optional on the Av); a power tilt/telescope steering column (these are manually adjustable on the Av); and knee airbags for driver and front seat passenger (only a driver knee airbag on the Av.) You will likely find that Toyota dealers will be willing to offer you a MUCH MORE SUBSTANTIAL discount on the Av Ltd. than you will get on the ES 350. In May 2006, I was offered 11% off list on a 2006 Av Ltd. and 19% off list on a brand new 2005 Av Ltd. Try asking for discounts like that at your Lexus dealer! (My local Lexus dealer offered me only 4% off a 2006 ES 330, which they had to unload to make room for the new ES 350 models arriving - that discount was almost insulting!) With discounts over 10% at Toyota, you could buy yourself the stability control and laser cruise control options (together they add about $1250), and you'd still come out thousands below a comparably equipped ES 350. That's my take on the value proposition represented by the Avalon Limited - and, more importantly, I'm really enjoying the car, too!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi gohawaiian - you can go to this link and fire up that comparo if you'd like: Toyota Avalon. After it's started, I'll link it over to the ES 350 board so we'll get some participation from those folks as well.
  • jhavignjhavign Posts: 20
    Does anyone know when the 07 Avalon will be out?
  • beeman4ubeeman4u Posts: 34
    Hi gladiator99,

    Word to the wise. I decided to go with the whitest and purchased the 9006ST bulbs. During installation, I realized I was having tremedious problems. They would not fit! I was led to believe Sylvania had manufactured the wrong bulbs. My Toyota manual clearly stated I needed 9006 bulbs. After total frustration, I returned to the store. The manager kindly pointed out the bulbs in my car (which specifies on the actual bulb)are 9005. He allowed me to exchange my 900ST for the 9005ST. I have yet to install them however they look correct when compared side by side. Can you believe Toyota? The actual bulb type in the car is a 9005 in my 2006 vehicle but the manual doesn't clearly point that out. Once installed, I will write again.

  • dandydon2dandydon2 Posts: 77
    gohawaiian: Outstanding analysis. I'm convinced that, if prospective ES 350 buyers drove an Av Limited first, like I did, they would see the light and go with Avalon. I have a friend with an LS 430 who is also planning on making that switch before long.

    As a side note, anyone have a clue as to when Toyota plans a complete redesign or major revision of the Avalon?

  • jickajicka Posts: 38
    Looking back to 1995 when the Avalon first appeared, there have been a redesign every five (5) years.
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    jlsexton: Dealer installed my moldings--$150 and they look great--better yet--they work!!
  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Posts: 76
    Pat (our Host) - I set up a new comparison topic per your suggestion. If you will now link it to the ES 350 board, let's watch the "fireworks" begin! ;) Thanks.
  • tmeframetmeframe Posts: 80
    9005's are for the high-beam. 9006's are for the low-beam.

  • retired7retired7 Posts: 133
    I have Laser Cruise on my LTD and overall like it. The wife and I are retired and take long road trips. The LCC helps us stay alert if we are distracted for any reason especially during a long day of driving on new freeways. Also helps to stay dialed in with busy traffic and keep good seperation.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I did the linking - but let's go into this looking to learn and provide information for others, rather than looking for a turf war, why don't we ... ;)
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    With the advent of 100+ temperatures, I'm considering having the windows of my '06 Limited tinted. I think I'll opt for the non-metallic type, however, I want to be sure that the tinting doesn't cause any problems. Does a tinted back window (at the 35% legal in WA) cause problems for the auto-dimming mirror?

    Are there any other issues to consider regarding tinting?

    Thanks for your opinions.
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    nimimi: Had mine done by the dealer in Missouri--not sure of the (%)--they look great and no problems with radio or auto-dimming mirror. Cost at the dealer was $140---I know, probably chaeaper places---but--I figured "best" to have it done by the dealer--then if any problems arise--the problems belong to the dealer! Our dealer also undercoats all their cars---living in the Midwest it not only helps with corrosion, its also great for sound deadening.
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    That's great! When I bought the car, the dealer said nothing about window tinting.

    I was quoted $265 for all windows but the windshield.
  • 44394439 Posts: 21
    My advice is to use a metallic tint on the side windows and a non-metallic on the rear window. The metallic will hold up and reflect the sunlight better. Because the radio antenna is located in the rear window, Toyota and window tinting companies recommend a non-metallic tint. I tinted my windows using the above method for about $250.00. Make sure you check out the window tinting company by looking at other cars they have done work on. Also ask if the rear window tint will be one piece or two. Two piece tint may show a seam when the tint dries.
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    How does the metallic on the side windows look? Is it quite reflective?
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