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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • jlsextonjlsexton Posts: 301
    I meant the revolver thing as a joke when talking to the local rep, she laughed so apparently she realized it for what is was. I really do not carry my Ruger, as it is too heavy, a much smaller Rohrbaugh 9mm is more suited for that. I keep forgetting that there is a large percentage of the earths population who chose to be a victim rather than to protect family,friends and property. That is everyones right, that is to expect someone such as a police officer to protect their butts. I'd rather accept my responsibility. Get back to you when I have more time to waste.
  • gartmacdgartmacd Posts: 27
    I returned only to correct a mistake. I referred to 'New Hampshire' in my post instead of 'Upstate New York'. Sorry for the unintended slight to NH.
    Have to say this though:
    Carrying a weapon with stated intent to use it for any such purpose is no joke. Claiming it as a 'responsibility to protect one's butt' is.
    Don't bother getting back, thanks. Not interested, and besides, we're on the road again soon and may not have further internet availability.
  • I have been monitoring this forum ever since we purchased our 2005 Avalon (Limited)in February 2005. We had previously owned a Lincoln LS which was a complete and total disaster. I am happy to say that we have 14K miles on the Avalon and have been very pleased with the car thus far. Unlike some of the people who have posted, our experience with the laser guided cruise has been good and I use it often, however, there is very little traffic on my work commute.

    I do agree with many posters that the navigation system is difficult to use. Our other car is an Acura TL (2004) and the navigation system is superior by a very very very large margin. I have not experienced any of the transmission issues documented in this forum.

    I did have a squeak in the rear seats which the dealer could not fix. I figured it out myself and fixed it with a quick adjustment of a single bolt. Overall this car has been great. It is my sixth toyota and is performing to the top quality standards that I have come to expect.

    Have a great trip and do not hesitate to point out the good as well as the trouble spots.
  • doobredoobre Posts: 42
    Hi hsakuragi, can you provide more details on the aftermarket remote start and the iPod interface you have used with your avalon.. supplier and price etc...
  • for remote start, refere message #12923 of 12935

    for ipod, you have to contact SE region toyota dealers and see if they can sell them to you as accessiores and ship it to you if you are not in the SE region, I'm not allow to give you the information where I got it from, but the price is 180 for the adapter, and yes, it's OEM and works with the steering wheel control.
  • retired7retired7 Posts: 133
    I once heard this one and thought I'd pass it on for what it's worth; " It's better to be tried by twelve than carried by six!"
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's get back to the Avalon, folks.
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    Thanks Pat: Too bad folks can't use the Forum as intended--pass on the goodd,bads and experiences regarding the specific car. Can you pre=screen replies and remove the "venomous" ones? Grat network the Forum!!
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    I just stumbled upon a review on on the 2006 Avalon. Here's an interesting exerpt:

    "Avalon's engine and transmission deliver unobtrusive performance. Fifth gear is a relaxed overdrive, allowing the engine to loaf on the highway. Driving over steep mountain passes with some determination rewarded us with 268 horsepower backed by an automatic that knows when to shift. In tighter sections, where our speeds were in the 30 to 50 mph range, we decided to operate the transmission in manual mode, tap-shifting from second to third gear and revving up and down through the corners."
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    after 36k on my Touring will likely be looking to replace my Michelins with a set of somethings soon. Have found the Michelins to be quite satisfactory but have always felt that tires in the last 25% of treadlife need to be replaced. Don't need anything for snow/ice just lots of rain.
    In any case, anybody out there with some specific recommendations given that I'm not about to screw up my car with some outrageous tire/wheel size combination. Think the same 215/55 or 225/55 on my stock 17" wheels - any thoughts or experiences would be helpful.
  • bluesman3bluesman3 Posts: 202
    I've heard the Bridgestone Turanza series are a very nice tire. I've never owned a set so I can't speak from experience. S-Z
  • What is it with Toyota?? If the navigation system really IS an embarrassing piece of trash, non user-friendly, etc., etc., ad nauseam, why is the same cheap stuff STILL showing up, even in the 2007 models? Did Toyota's bean-counters find this thing at a fire sale, foisted on them by a manufacturer who was unable to move it to a more respectable, responsible auto producer who actually CARES about its reputation AND its customers? Is it rocket science to look at the competition that has a superior system, approach its supplier, and say , "Build some of those things for us, too" ? The arrogance with which this corporation treats us is appalling, and the quirky transmission is the prime example of that!
  • angeange Posts: 158
    I don't have remote start but have the other items. I agree they are not worth the big bucks. When I bought the limited I though the amount extra was a bargin, but not anymore. The navigation system is a totally inexcuseable, expensive, device: it is unreliable, and outdated when installed, user unfriendly, voice commands are a joke, provides much out of the way directions, wasting time and miles, unable to type in major cities and addresses. In the end we need to have the map to fill in the empty spots.

    The laser cruse control has so many exceptions, there should be a list of when it works properly. The sun at the right angle and rain shut it off. The dangerous acceleration going up a long hill is way out of line with the manual. Do the brake lights come on when the control slows the car down as it approaches another car in front?
  • jlsextonjlsexton Posts: 301
    I was advised by Consumer Reports to notify my state Attorney General and the BBB. They also said they would give the problem to their research dept and look at it when they had the chance. Good luck, sorry these things are junk also.
  • jlsextonjlsexton Posts: 301
    Tried to help out as did Bob wiley but the venom kept coming, it's amazing how people react to humor and you are of course right, this IS about autos.
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    I recently took my first road trip with my 2005 Avalon Limited and experienced the following and wanted to know if this is normal.

    Cruising on Interstate 5 at 70-75MPH in Drive. Cresting a hill as I started on the decline I let off the gas and the tachometer dropped down to around idle speed indicating that the transmission was free wheeling. When I gently touched the brake to slow down the tachometer jump back up showing the car had shifted back into 5th gear. Letting off the break and the transmission stayed in 5th gear and did no return to free wheeling mode. After this happened several times I tried shifting the transmission into S-5. As I crested the next hill and started on the decline the tachometer dropped down to around idle speed indicating that the transmission was free wheeling. When I gently touched the break to slow down the tachometer did not move indicating that the transmission stayed in free wheeling mode until I stepped on the gas again and then it shifted back into 5th gear.

    Is this normal and how the transmission is supposed to operate? Shifting from free wheeling into 5th gear when touching the break with the transmission in D but remaining in free wheeling mode when touching the break in S-5?

    Thank you,
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "....The SHADOW Knows..."

    But likely no one else outside of NipponDenso software development.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    Have been following the Camry sites for continuing updates on the 5 and 6 speed trannies. Complaints, much like what have been appearing here, on both.
    There is now a TSB on the 6 speed regarding an upshift RPM spike. Involves an internal valve replacement. What is somewhat interesting reading is the reprogramming/relearning steps required as part of the repair procedures - TSB #TC008-06 dated August 2. This in addition to some snap ring problems on earlier Camry 6 speeds.
    The '07 is still with the 'old' 5 speed (apparently) - which may be fortunate for those of you that have one coming in.
  • ctlctl Posts: 123
    well, have to disagree a bit. If there is bug need to be worked out (apparently), I will wait, but no way am I taking the old 5 speed knowing a better and newer design is out there.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    so, I guess, it must be better because it's newer? Tell that to Bill Gates who took several years and versions to come up with something better than Win98.
    Detroit has a bunch of engines that are, by almost any definition, technologically inferior and inefficient - relative to HP,(3.8 GM, DT Ford, for example) yet they are about as reliable as anything out there. In these cases, old must be better?
    IMO, the assumption that new=good is wrong more often than it is right.
    The point of the post, though, is to get those who has some transmission issues to read those procedures outlined in the TSB - it may help in some way with reprogramming/reteaching these imperfect control systems. Another case where new does not equal better - don't ever remember anybody complaining about the 'old' 4 speeds.
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