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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • jlsextonjlsexton Posts: 301
    I purchased NEW ones also, they sucked as they were made in CHINA. I went to Advance Auto Parts, better wipers for about $20, NO wiper will last in constant Sunlight, simple fact. What do you think of the NEW (?) Avalon, I waited 7 years for a change and it is bitterly disappointing to me, as is the NEW Lexus. Looking at Audi's & Infinity's & whatever looks like a car with some front end protection, even the Passat is better for a lot less.
  • Thanks for the reply. I agree that the new Avalon styling is terrible. From the front, it is the ugliest car on the road. The new Camry has the same basic styling (whalemouth), but it is much more pleasing to the eye. I love my 2007, but the new Avalon is a totally different car for a different (?) market.
  • jlsextonjlsexton Posts: 301
    Good luck with the wipers, 2 years, mine work fine, the Chinese junk I bought at the dealer are in my garage, just in case.

    They claim the NEW Avalon was aimed at a YOUNGER crowd, YEA, that worked out so well with their Scion brand, I hear they're considering dropping it.
  • doobredoobre Posts: 42

    After many years of this annoying behavour, I have finally been able to capture on video the wipers cancelling the cruise control. It shows the speedo jumping to ZERO that's 0 kmph very briefly, the ABS light coming ON, and the cruise light flashing at the moment I use the wash/wipe. and of course the car slowing down since the speed set by the cruise control has been cancelled. I wonder what B.S. the local "exclusive" dealer here in Dubai and Toyota will come up with now, in an attempt to downplay that this car is a lemon and always has been. Won't hold my breath for some common sense, customer respect and service. cheers CD

  • doobredoobre Posts: 42

    another TOYOTA software bug.?... never

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