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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • If all things were equal, there was a mounting position for the fog lights, you would still incurr considerable expense if you wanted OEM equipment which would require;


    (1) the wiring harness to be the same as in the

        other models to accomodate the lights.


    (2) headlight stalk switch which has a fog light

        switch built in.


    (3) you would need the required relay.


    (4) and of course the fog lights themselves.


    I can comfortably say you are looking at over $650 msrp in parts. In this situation installation labor would not be terrible as conditions are ideal but if you use any other method it then becomes labor intensive $$$..
  • larryt22larryt22 Posts: 125
    Stopped by my local dealer and picked up free tickets to the Chicago Auto Show. They still had their 2 Avalons (an XLS and a Limited) that they have had for more than a week now. They said iterest really has not been very high. They are giving rides in the XLS but are keeping the Limited with no mileage.


    Went to the Chicago Auto Show and there just weren't large crowds around the Avalon at all. They had a Blizzard Pearl Limited on the turntable and several other Avalon's on the floor to climb in and out of and kick the tires.


    I finally got an actual brochure as well. The brochure sure does not do anything to sell this car. I think Toyota had better look at some other company to design their brochures.


    I'll stick with my comments of last week. This vehicle just isn't a "got to have" vehicle. Hopefully by 2006 or 2007 they will have corrected a few of the faults (no side molding, not VSC on the XL & Touring) and it will be more appealing to me. Until then, I am certainly happy with my 2004 Camry.
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    I just inked a deal on a Phantom Gray with Graphite interior, traction control, remote start and carpeted floor mats. MSRP was $35,428. I got $600 off MSRP and they gave me about $900 over book on my 01 Avalon. Not the best deal but considering it's a new model and all I'm satisfied. It's already in transit and scheduled to arrive this week.
  • If they were prepared to give you more off of the MSRP do you think you would have still gotten $900 over book on your trade-in? What did you contemplate the dealer giving you on your trade-in before you walked through the door? In answering these questions maybe your deal looks better. Good luck!
  • a little trivia regarding the actual brochure, if it is the same one I received (White Avalon on cover) it appears to me the car is not the production model as the grille (lower portion) does not match any of the production models.
  • tassotasso Posts: 33
    Well. Two members of church came out and uninvited commented on how much they liked it and noticed it when they pulled up. The dealer here has had 6-7 people stop in looking to see one, but I own the only one in town so far.


    Overall, still amazed with this thing. In black with ivory and birch it is lexus like. But more importantly very very nice inside.


    The smart key works without touching the buttons 99% of the time. BUT the peripheral lights do not always, actually rarely, turn on when you approach the car. Even when they do, even though the look xenon blue, the do not light up until you are standing next to the car, a little to late to look for a puddle, but at least you can check the interior.


    Getting 18 mpg in town, love that. NO hesitation NO torque steer.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 356
    I went back again to se the 2005 XLS, like a shark circling in on it's prey... I have a 2002 and the lease is almost up, so I'm planning my next lease/purchase. I noticed that there are a few areas that Toyota have skimped on, in comparison with my 2002. The previously mentioned sunvisor omissions, hard plastic on the rear parcel shelf instead of carpet, no enclosed cup holders or storage container in the rear seat armrest (except in the Limited), however all in all I am absolutely amazed that Toyota can offer so much car with so much engine and so many quality features for the price. It really makes you wonder about their marketing strategy though. The XL kills the Camry XLE V6, the XLS and Limited kill the ES330, and the Avalon has a larger engine than the new GS300 for less money. In addition, it is a 99% LS430 for 20K less. Anyway, I offered the dealer invoice and of course he just laughed, but he did ask to take take down my name and number and said that he would call me in 3 or 4 months when plenty inventory is available. They expect to discount the Avalon once the initial rush is over.

    Other than that, WOW! What a car, but I'll wait a few months and save a few thousand.
  • Thanks to all of you that have posted your hands on comments. I drove my 96 Avalon yesterday and was still impressed the with room, ride, and quiet (my daughter drives the car normally). Today I test drove a new Limited.


    It felt like I was driving my old Avalon (good). Nothing exciting, not much 'feel,' but a lot more go when needed. I checked head room front and back. Less than my 96 XLS. Front seat all the way down gave plenty of head room in front, but my head just brushed the roof in back - unless the rear seat was reclined (not comfortable for me). I'm 5'10", long torso, short legs. My 96 has lots of head room in the back.


    No backup camera or sensors. it took four sales people to figure out how to open the trunk. The remote didn't work, nor did the button on the dash. The trunk is a little smaller than the one on my 96.


    The nav unit is not intuitive, but does work. The voice activation was not working on the car I drove. Honda/Acura (Alpine) nav systems are much better. Even the old one in my MDX is better and and easier to use.


    Front seat area did not feel as roomy as the old car. Probably because of the wider arm rest (moves back and forth - nice feature) and more massive door arm rests. I found the front door pockets to be hard to use with the door closed.


    Rear seat area felt less open than the old car, but there is lots of knee room in the new one too. The rear seat reclines about three inches or so at the top. Sounds like a cheap window shade when the seat back moves, but it works fine.


    The front cup holders are on the wrong side of the cup holder door. Have to lift high to clear the door.


    Ride was firmer than expected. Felt more freeway irregularities than in my old car or my MDX. Not bad at all. Ride was very comfortable. Seat better than my old Avalon. Very quiet around town, with some road noise on the freeway - still very good though.


    To me, the car looks much better in person than in pictures. I don't care for the light wood color and the door that cover the radio and nav controls, to me, shouldn't be there.


    I notice no torque pull even with rapid starts. Low end torque is not huge - you feel the power 'kick in' as rpm increases.


    Fit and finish was outstanding, though the quality of materials (feel) was less than expected.


    I want one
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 335
    Anyone here have info on where to buy a headrest DVD system?


    The stealer wants $2,200 for 2 headrest and a dual player.


    For right now I have bought a $350 single unit from Costco that is hanging from a velcro strap that the wife cooked up.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    If you pull down the armrest in the XLS you will see the cup holders for two. In terms of skimping, look what they added. Powerful new engine, two exhausts, moving arm rest in front, 8 power drivers seat instead of 6, 9 speakers instead of 7, covers over radio and nav or CD player. More storage in two compartments in front between driver and passenger, one of them under armrest and the other concealed till you click on button, automatice windshield wipers, hump in rear mostly gone. Larger sun visor if you look closely even though the extender is gone. So more given in comparison to few things taken. Good Luck.
  • "Getting 18 mpg in town, love that. NO hesitation NO torque steer."


    I'm curious as to what octane gas you are using in your new Avalon, 87/89/91?? The Avg Fuel Economy on mine says only 16 MPG since I took delivery, and I now have a little over 100 miles on the odo. My lower amount is probably from running the car, without moving at the dealership, prior to taking it home. I asked my dealer when they filled up the tank, what octane they used. He asked their shop personnel that did the prep and they said 89. They did not know that 91 octane was recommended. I plan on switching to 91 on my first fill up.


    Thanks for your reply.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 335
    My octane choices around here are 87, 89 & 93. I filled up for the 1st time Sunday night and used 89. I'm not gonna be concerned about full performance.


  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,160
    In what seems to be an about face the Boston Globe has written an early Avalon review. Shortly after the release of the second generation I had asked Royal Ford why hadn't he written a review. He said in his email, that Globe readers were not interested in the Avalon but rather more interested in BMW and such products.


    Nevertheless, yesterday's review was lack luster. This is what he said, in part. "Why look higher when there's Avalon?

    Toyota executive Ernest Bastien calls the Avalon ‘a move-up vehicle’ for Camry owners who don’t need a luxury brand.


    This car, at these prices, could be a tough competitor for Buick, Mercury, Ford, and Lincoln, which once dominated this niche." - en_theres_avalon/
  • BUCKWHEAT: Many thanks for your information on the XL Fog Lights. I would to purchase a car with leather Touring Model) just to get the lights.
  • I sell toyota's here in OH, and hope that someone within Toyota Corp in CA or at TMMNA in N. KY reads this. The care is truely awesome and a *major* improvement over the previous dated Avalon. Some suggestions that I am surprised the new generation does not have. Where is the low tire pressure warning system? We have this even in our economy Corolla's! No maintenance reminder indicator also that we have in many lower models now.. odd. No sonar park assist in the Limited either... big omission!! I am most disappointed in the stereo though. The top line JBL does not support the new super audio or DVD audio format! MP3 feature would be good.. but mainly the new audiophile format is NEEDED! Also the Nav system does not support Bluetooth and no back up camera either!! As a 13 year vet with Toyota.. I am always impressed by the depth and quality of engineering and assembly.. but ya missed some cogent features on this car!!!
  • The wife and I looked at the new Avalon this past week. Generally very impressed. Our dealer had just the right combination that we want...Limited, titanium, everything but nav. However, there was a major defect in the rear wheelwells, especially on the left. A second edge could be see following the inner arc of the well. This was not found on a second '05 Avalon on the dealer's lot. Has anyone else noticed this defect? Very surprised that it passed quality control. We passed and are waiting to take a look at another Avalon that's due-in shortly.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    Imagine that.


  • I second those comments. What I didn't know was that the corolla now has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, thanks for that info. I have said in pass posts, that I was disappointed with the 2005 Avalon, when it didn't have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System and Bluetooth communication capabilities, those two features is keeping me from purchasing the 2005 Avalon, hopefully those are corrected in the 2006 version, if not, I would really have to start considering some other brand and model (Acura TL and Infiniti M35).


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