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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • I'm sure you did a nice job, anytime you don't use the factory wire harness it gets involved, fuses/relays/switches/mounting and wire through the firewall involves labor but as you know I was responding to littlejohn600 question about a dealer installation using OEM Toyota parts. I have personal experience with using all the required OEM parts necessary for a factory like installation on my wifes 04 Corolla LE that already had the appropriate wire harness it made the job a lot simpler..
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    GEORGEVETTE,if you would answer my post to you regarding driver leg room I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.

    Just Me
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    SHODDY WORKMANSHIP!!!!!! Please have those incompetent read the directions for installation and install it properly. The pics are great. The installation makes me ill. Have them put it where it is suppose to be, on the roof, centerline, just off the glass. They can run the wire down the rain channel, and use automotive chaulking to secure it.


  • Thompson Toyota of Doylestown PA. gave me a price for a Limited of $33,206 with the MSRP of $34,929. They did this on their 1st e-mail response to my request for a price. I haven't negotiated further yet. Am I the only one that doesn't like all the wood?
  • Regarding front leg room.. I am 6' 2" and find leg room totally adequate.. I have not been in the car since Sunday night as I have been relegated back to my Sequoia; Avalon is wife's car..... Certainly as roomy as my Sequoia/Corvette.. My son is 6' 4" and again, no problem either front or back seat for him. (actually, he loves the back seat as it is the first time he can stretch his legs; we had a Cadillac Seville before and he could not even get in the back seat, much less sit in it..)

  • Off topic, but I think this message board has the tallest group of posters in the Edmunds arena. I'm a shade under 6'5", and have seen multiple people mentioning that they're somewhere north of 6'1".


    Obviously, the size of the vehicle has something to do with that, but I keep thinking of that VW commercial, and the salesman that steers people to the right car on sight. Wonder if I'll hear "Hey stretch, check out the Avalon." when I show up at the dealership. :)
  • Using the age demographics that future1 has posted for the Avalon, tall owner/operators should be on the height diminishing scale and those who find it tight right now might be a perfect fit in less than a year. :-)
  • wesgwesg Posts: 24
    1. Does Toyota have a factory order system?

    2. Do California cars have different systems, such as "clean air" attachments like they have had in the past?

    3. Does Toyota have a demonstration package that shows off/explains the Navigation system?


    Thanks in advance...Wes

    P.S. Best wishes to Mackabee...
  • fd1000fd1000 Posts: 47
    Thank you so much for the reply. That makes the XM radio much more attractive. I will now be checking into having it installed on my upcoming Avalon.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Just finished reading the past three days of posts. I stayed off the computer on Sunday and rested. Yesterday was a very busy day at work with all the e-mail leads that came in Saturday night and Sunday so I spent the entire day replying to those and entering them on my lead tracker. Today I went to a half day training session on Avalon and the competition. I wish all of you here could attend those sessions. I came back with tons of information which I will share with you as time permits. Today is my mid-point treatment with my chemotherapy and I'm feeling a bit winded. (Maybe cause I'm typing too fast!) : ) I'll also try to answer some of the questions and the first one will be the legroom question by Justme. Although the brochure states the legroom is less in the 05 than previous generation, it is not. Reason that Toyota had to print it this way is because the way legroom is measured. That was explained to us today. The 05 has a longer seat track and legroom is measured from the center of the track. The reason the track was elongated (both front and back) was to accomodate shorter driver's especially women. In regards to the available leather interior(s) our region will not be ordering the light gray shown on the brochure. We were shown the Ivory, Graphite, and Light Gray and the Light gray did not look right. They also showed it to a focus group and they did not like it. So don't expect any light gray interior(s) in the Central Atlantic region (VA,PA,MD,WV,DE,NJ)as the distributor will not order. I got a few pages of materials to go over plus a DVD so I will share more info with you. One thing before I say goodnight; we did not get to drive the car as I believe a "ride and drive" is scheduled for next month. This was mostly "classroom" learning although we did have a Blue Mirage Limited with the Ivory leather to play in for a bit plus a Chrysler 300 and a Nissan Maxima to compare. The Chrysler looks like a "macho" vehicle to me. The exterior size of the vehicle betrays the interior. When I got in the vehicle I felt a bit claustrophobic. "Where's all the room?" I thought. The dash layout and materials were very nice. One thing that puzzled me in a $33,560.00 car was the passenger seat. The seatback had a manual lever and the seat cushion was power. Who thought of that design? The Maxima's interior was very nice also. Fit and finish were excellent and I still don't understand why the cloth interior on the Maxima is not as nice as their leather interior. I have driven the Maxima and there is a lot of torque steer which is basically non-existant on the 05 Avalon (have not driven it yet!) Just going by the videos I saw today comparing the vehicles. More tomorrow!

                        : )

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    P.S. the XM installation is being done at the port the same way as the pictures that were posted here. We got a Limited in today with that option and I agree with everyone here. It does not look good where they placed it. I'm thinking that maybe the wires would interfere with the power rear shade? But what about the cars without the power rear shade? I will talk to my master mechanic and see what he thinks.

                     : )

  • Great work, Mackabee. One question: will Mid-Atlantic be ordering the darker wood with the Indigo Pearl exterior sometimes?


    Now go take a nap! You earned it.
  • Took a look at the head room, poor turning radius, and didn't like the exterior and interior design. However, I do wish that the Avalon did have Maxima's power and memory telescoping steering wheel.
  • strange that you say light gray will not be available in Md. since i have seen that on most of the cars in the rockville, silver spring area. can you order from the factory (i know it takes 45 days or so)Ltd, titanium, dark wood, light gray leather, skid control and that's all. one dealer stated avalons can not be built to order under the toyota plan. i thought any toyota could be specially orderd but it just takes time.
  • I can't find what fuel the 05 Avalons use - regular or premium?
  • future1future1 Posts: 103 iness/1107426883235690.xml


    There is a healthy dose of critisism there, although nothing new for those who read this forum. I did find this part of the article amusing:


    "'Older people need cars, too', said Don Esmond, general manager of the Toyota division and an Akron native."


    Reminded me of "Women are people, too". :-)
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Mackabee, first of all speaking for myself and I'm sure many posters here, thank you for take time out to speak with us and answer some questions, when we know how tired you must be from your treatments. It speaks so well of you and again I wish you only the best. Regarding the leg room up front, I am so excited by your answer because I knew I had much more leg room and now understand why the brochure printed it that way. They should have had a star by the printed leg room, then showing the measurement with the seat all the way back on the track which would have shown long legged people that there was plenty of room there so they would visit the showroom and see for themselves. Anyhow what a blast Macabee, because my 04 felt like it was shrinking leg room in the drivers seat or I was getting bigger : ) The steering wheel seemed like it got closer to me, and now it seems so far away when I'm all the way back even if I telescope the wheel towards me that I have to move the seat in and I will have the perfect set up. It is great. Thank you for educating me that it wasn't a figment of my imagination. The link Future just posted is mostly good reporting for the Avalon. Almost "quiet like the Lexus", and the 04 was very quiet so another plus I can attest to driving my 05. My neighbors are asking me I bought it.Thanks again for sharing with us. You and Toyota have a winner.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    One other thing Macabee. Is there any truth if you know, that the engine for this 05 Avalon was made in Japan, and that the 06 next year will be made here, I'm just curious, since I heard that in spite of reading it's an all American car? If the engine was made in Japan, great, if here also great. Thanks again.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    "The Chrysler looks like a "macho" vehicle to me" Macabee, that was exactly my feeling about the 300, it reeks of Macho, Macho, no doubt a seller to people thumping their chest, just the opposite of my core values, but again different strokes for different folks. Also why people would pay thousands more for a name plate (I don't mean the 300)and sometimes not really get a better car, and sometimes sacrifice comfort regarding their passengers in rear because the name plate is more important. That is capitalism and what makes the economy work.
  • The 300 is a car on will fade as quickly as a juiced-up athlete. At first, I was intrigued, but after a more sober consideration, it looks ridiculous. I want my sedans to be elegant and svelte; Avalon fits the bill.
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