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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • You are so correct in pointing out it is tough for a tall person to find a comfortable sedan on the market today.

    I don't want to start a lengthy comparison of features, quality, etc, but if you're interested in a roomy sedan for both driver and passengers, you ought to look at the Ford 500/Mercury Montego.
  • Yesterday I took my 99 Corolla to the dealer to have it's oil changed and tire rotated and balanced. I saw four 05 Avalons on the lot. Two Limited and two XLS. I dropped off my Corolla at 7:45 am and when I went to pick up my car at 10:00 am all four Avalons were gone !!! I asked one of the salesman what happened to the cars. He told me all four of them were sold within two hours after the dealership opened. Wow !!! seems like this car is in very high demand. He also told me people have been asking him about the new Avy since October and when they will be available.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I believe it, if the interest on this thread is indicative of anything. I certainly dont recall the FiveHundred/Montego generating this type of buzz. Or accolades for that matter, even though they are very good cars-with AWD (Toyota missed the boat on that one)- and HUGE trunks.

  • Barrygel,

    How much below MSRP did you pay for your Avalon Limited? What color exterior/interior and options did you get for your new Avalon? Thanks
  • The tranny was jerking? Does that mean that you press the pedal and it suddenly goes into gear and sends you flying? Some people might think that as hesitation...

    When you initially pressed the pedal, was there a very short moment where nothing happens but then the gear engages and off you go? I categorize it hesitation. I can even make my Sienna hesitate by really gunning it.

    Please tell me you didn't feel what I just described to you.
  • Mackabee: thanks for the clarification. About the 2 dealers splitting the profit, when I bought my 01 Camry I was told by the dealer that if he had to get me a car from another dealer he wouldn't be able to give me the same discount because he had to pay the other dealer an "allowance" as part of the sale. The car I wanted was on his lot so we didn't need to do that; so I guess that piece of information was kind of a manuever by that dealer.
  • fd1000fd1000 Posts: 47
    Folks who have been talking about hesitation in the Avalon transmission, are you talking about throttle response?

    The sportier the car, the quicker the response to you pressing the gas peddle.

    You step on it in a Porche, and in .1 seconds you feel the push of the car taking off.

    You step on it in an Avalon, or any other more normal type car, and you will experience maybe a .5 seconds wait before you hear the engine roar.

    I don't really think this is what you folks are talking about, but if it is, I think it is normal.

    Not to mention it seems that this subject has been TALKED TO DEATH.

    After all, if so many people are trying to figure out if there is hesitation, or there isn't, do you really think it would be an issue that would actually stop you from buying the car? :)
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 335
    Like I've said a few times before, I'm 6'5" and have no problems with height in my 05 Limited with moonroof.

    I've driven mine for 2 weeks now and have tried several times to induce hesitation. I've felt none what so ever. You hit the gas and this car GOES! Very mild acceleration, no problems, moderate accel, no problems, hard accel, again no problems.

    The spacing and the amount of power ports could be a problem. There is none in the back seats and none on the dash. There are 2, both in the center console. Not very friendly for the radar detector or the kid's dvd player.

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 335
    I'm looking at adding 2 things to my Limited. The first is XM satellite radio. This is an option but I don't know if it is a dealer/port add-on or if it comes from the factory. The JBL stereo comes with a button marked SAT so I gotta figure that it is capable of of receiving the satellite signal. Is this something the stealer is gonna have to do or can a car audio places make this hook-up for me? At what should be a lower cost.

    2nd thing is a DVD player, I've seen some systems that are made to replace the factory headrest with a custom unit that has an LCD screen and a player either integrated or attached. None for either the 04 or the 05 Avalons though.

    Have any of you added something like this in other cars? How has it worked out?

    Any idea if a headrest from a Camry would fit the Avalon?

    Any suggestions here folks?


  • "Is this something the stealer is gonna have to do or can a car audio places make this hook-up for me? At what should be a lower cost."


    The XM Radio can be installed by the dealer and hooked into the existing JBL Synthesis Audio System already on your Limited. The receiver unit is placed in the trunk behind the lining on the passenger side, so there is nothing that is visible, except for a small black antenna, which goes on the outside of the trunk. If you buy it from the dealer the cost would be $449. I did not explore getting an aftermarket installation done, but you could probably get it done by one of your local stereo installers at a lower cost.

    The JBL Synthesis system is designed to accept a seamless XM Radio add-on from the factory or from your local dealer. There are no additional controls that have to be added inside the car for the XM to work. Just push the AM/SAT button on the audio controls, or the mode button on your steering wheel controls to cycle to the XM. Similar to there being an FM1 and FM2 for presets, there is SAT1, SAT2, AND SAT3, so you can store a total 18 preset favorite XM stations.
    When the dealer initially did the install, before I took delivery, they placed the small black antenna on the passenger side of the trunk. They said that was the recommended placement by Toyota. I hated the non-symmetrical look and had them move it to the center rear of the trunk. Here are the before and after pictures:

    Initial XM Antenna Dealer Install Location:

    XM Antenna Location after Relocation:

    I love the XM Radio and have it on almost all the time that I am in the car. The relocated antenna works just fine. So if you get it done by your dealer, or an aftermarket installer, make sure they place the antenna in the center of your trunk to provide symmetry to the look.

    I don't have any experience with DVD. Hopefully, someone else can provide some info on that.
  • That looks much better. But I wonder if they can colorize the XM antenna so it will blend in with the car's color. That way it won't stick out as much.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You're welcome. Next time you go car shopping carry a BS penalty flag with you and as soon as they start spewing half-truths at you throw it at them.
    : )
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I tried the Ford 500 at the LA Auto Show. With the seat set back all the way it was a definite no go. Startingly, and absolutely insufficient. Having once owned a big Ford back in the '70s I was stunned how cramped I was. Although I am at the high end of the height curve I thought people are getting taller and the car manufacturers still crank 'em out for the average height folks. I do not understand the big deal if the seat tracks had another 2" of play in them. If the entire track was not required for the average or shorter than average person the worst you would have is a little extra track. Look around most cars, most of the time do not have folks in the back seat. I am not saying make it uncomfortable for the people in the back, just make it comfortable for the driver. Thank you for letting me rant! :)
  • Mike,

    Does the back of the console still have the 115V outlet? Also did Toyota ever bother to night light all the armrest switches? My 2001 XLS only one switch lights at all so I always fumble around. I had a low model end '97 Taurus that had everything lit, very unobtrusive, but very useful. Thanks
  • Just found out my car arrives March that St. Patricks Day? The MSRP came out to just under $38,000 with options, paid $34,900. If I waited until late summer, I might have done better but I really want this car! Has anyone seen the gold package installed yet? Thanks
  • wuzfuzwuzfuz Posts: 12
    Are there any cautions regarding running your new Avalon with the truck-mounted "XM" antenna through an automatic car wash (if you dare)? Will the antenna survive the "trip"?
  • rewoprewop Posts: 35
    Thanks to 1violinist and mackabee for answering the question on the above title line. I just hope I get the car I ordered. Can't wait!
  • "Are there any cautions regarding running your new Avalon with the truck-mounted "XM" antenna through an automatic car wash (if you dare)? Will the antenna survive the "trip"?"


    I haven't run my new Avalon through the automatic car wash yet. I use a local outfit that has the long noodles that hang down and rub the car. I don't think they will move the antenna in any way, as it is attached with a very strong magnet and double sided tape. I have tried to pick it up from the trunk and was not able to do so. I will let everyone know once I run it through for the first time.
  • One other thing to check. It appears the cable is going between the rubber seals of the trunk lid. While the cable may do ok, I wonder if any water will break through the seal it attempts to make around the cable into the trunk lip or trunk itself. Also, what would the longterm deterioration be to the seals? May be no problem at all. Of course what is the alternative drilling a hole through the trunk? :)
  • I think the best solution would be a dispersity antenna that blends in with the windsheild. If it works for regular radio why wouldn't it work with XM ?
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