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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    I totally agree with tallguy's rant on the Ford 500. It is NOT comfortable for a really tall driver (I'm 6'5") due to restricted rearward seat travel. It's insane to make a big car with enormous rear seat legroom and not allow the driver to take advantage of that room if he wants to. I also found the driver's footwell in the 500 to be very cramped.
  • tbirdtbird Posts: 16
    First post but I have read all posts in this forum and found them to be very informative. On to my impressions, first was really impressed with the overall quickness with the auto. Drove an XLS with everything but nav. As a "manual only" driver on all my vehicles, and I just turned 50 (hold the applause please) I was surprised how much I enjoyed the ability to shift up and down with the transmission. None of the hesitation that everyone has been discussing when in auto mode. If there was any concerns I would have looked at something in the manual realm. This would have eliminated the Avalon from contention. The black was real classy looking and roomy. Big change from my 5 speed 4 cyl Camry. Design was something I had nothing but positives for, conservative yes ugly not at all. Looking to pick up a XL for the wife for our 25th anniversary on Memorial Day. Am trying to keep it a surprise as she is the primary driver for this vehicle (me and my 99 Taco are still going strong). For the money the XL is really a great auto for the price. Looking to acquire in the 25-26K-price range with the cd changer and security system. Color am looking at is the blizzard pearl. Any comments from those of you that have seen the color?

    I will discuss the negotiating process once we "get down to it" My dealer has been really good (SE Georgia) in the past, around 200 over invoice. Will be curious to see if that will hold on this new redesigned model.

    Keep up the great posts. For those of you that are special ordering what kind of time frame are you getting from your dealer? Don’t want it to be late for the big day.
  • My limited should arrive next week. Have any current owners of the 05 Avalon found the need to return to the dealer for warranty work? Have you encountered any problems with the 05?
  • Couldn't tell if it was my post you asked the following question about: "When you initially pressed the pedal, was there a very short moment where nothing happens but then the gear engages and off you go?" The answer, in my case, is no. Rather, I experienced the opposite of hesitation, a kind of an instant mini-lurch, which I can't even imitate in my smooth '03 Avalon. My '99 Taurus has a more pronounced lurch, which can be controlled with concentration and which I've not found in any of the couple dozen different Tauruses I've rented over the years.
  • There was a review of the 05 Avalon and Buick LaCrosse on CAR and DRIVER TV on the SPIKE CHANNEL. While the review of the LaCrosse was just so so, the Avalon got a much more positive review. It said that the Avalon will attract grandparents and regular parents alike. If you are interested in watching it, it will repeat tomorrow at 12:00 pm ( Eastern Time Zone).
  • I was told 6 to 8 weeks.
  • future1future1 Posts: 103
    After all, if so many people are trying to figure out if there is hesitation, or there isn't, do you really think it would be an issue that would actually stop you from buying the car? :)

    Absolutely. That's the reason I didn't buy the 05 Avalon. If I drive the car that is called a "high-performance sedan", I expect that when I step on gas and release it 1 second later, it would accelerate and then coast. The Avalon does the opposite -- it coasts and then accelerates. Very unintuitive, to say the least. Exactly same issue as it is with Camry V6, Sienna, as well as certain Lexus models. All seem to be related to transmission designated as U251. It is especially noticible if you drove Nissan or Honda before.
  • Wouldn't that be U151E if your making reference to the Avalon's tranny!
  • Toyota reports YTD Avalon production at 3,441..
  • With an automobile with so much power,I wouldn't buy it without stability control.

    It is downright insane for Toyota to offer XL and TOURING without stability control as an option.

    The stability control systems are getting better by the day. The new 2006 BMW 3-series (rear whel driven)is expected to do much better in snow with the new generation stability/traction control systems.
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    I've got an 05 Limited in transit from Georgetown to the Port in Portland, OR. According to the dealer the Remote Engine Starter is a Port installed option but cannot be taken off the deal even though it has not yet been delivered to the Port.

    The reason I want it deleted is because it is not legal to use it in the county where I live.

    Do you know if it can be deleted prior to installation?

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Douglas, the dealer has to call the port operations with the vin# and talk to their vehicle operations department and have it deleted since the car is already in transit there. Otherwise they will install it.
  • I am not sure exactly what the reasoning is. It could probably be built into the dash near the windshield as well. I have an XM Delphi Roady II that I use in my '01 XLS and in the house. For those of you not familiar with the Roady II it is a bit of a kludge. I plug it into my lighter and shove a wired adaptor into the cassette player. You have the option to use it wireless by tuning to an empty slot on the FM frequency, except in LA there is no empty space.

    The antenna they say to mount outside the vehicle. This I have found is not necessary. On my car I have found it works fine just velcroing neatly in the middle of the dash (hopefully this is far from any airbags which I believe come out of the steering wheel or the front of the dash on the passenger side. I have driven the car under a variety of circumstances and do not believe it effects the ability for it to work. Obviously if you are traveling through narrow canyons and through tunnels it cuts out.

    In addition I have a "home adaptor" which has a separate antenna. Here they suggest the antenna, a larger one than the car be placed outside, unobstructed to the south. Once again I have the antenna inside, in a wood frame stucco house with plaster walls. The antenna is approximately three feet from the north wall window. It works fine.

    Unless you want to deal with a bunch of dangling wires the installed XM is the way to go. But I am using this more as "a proof of concept" to see if it was something I would like having on the car. If you spend any amount of time driving around give it some serious consideration.
  • I'm from Long Island. Is there anyone in the northeast area: NY, CT, NJ that knows a dealer that will discount these cars. They must have all colluded to charge MSRP.
  • That's a good thing. That means their electronic mapping of the throttle has been well done. General hesitation of the 3.3L 5-AT is the throttle being poorly done. Nothing wrong with the tranny itself.

    So, you press the pedal from a stop and it takes a bit less than a second until everything is sync (the position of pedal, tranny gear, engine output)
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    Does your state do yearly vehicle safety inspections? I wondered if they might have a problem with a midline XM box partially blocking the rear window brake light. Just saw an XM antenna on a 2005 (I assume) Maxima; a black box on the posterior midline roof (so far OK) with a 3/8" wide rubberized strip running about 4" to the upper edge of the rear window (I guess covering a wire). Unsightly, to say the least. Your installation looked much better than that dealer choice.
  • "Does your state do yearly vehicle safety inspections?"


    Iowa does not have any type of annual safety, emissions, or any other type of inspection, so I should be OK with my XM antenna placement. It only sticks up about half way on the CHMSL, and only 2 inches from side to side. The CHMSL is clearly visible, day or night, with the antenna placed where it is.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 335
    Does the back of the console still have the 115V outlet? Also did Toyota ever bother to night light all the armrest switches?"

    Doesn't look like it, I didn't find one anyways. As to the lighted switches, I don't know that either but I'll look tomorrow and get back to you.

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 335
    2 weeks and 3 days later, no problems or concerns to address with the dealer.

  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Can someone with a new Avalon having the 12 speaker "Synthesis" audio system comment about its sound quality and Digital Signal Processing capabilities? Does it provide a multi-channel sound effect similar to the 5.1 surround sound system in the Acura TL?

    Has anyone directly compared the Synthesis system to the ELS system in the Acura TL and to the Mark Levinson system in the Lexus? Which sounds best?

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