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Volvo XC90 Maintenance and Repair

hmagerhmager Posts: 1
Has anyone encountered a musty / moldy odor right after starting the vehicle? It typically lasts about 5- 10 seconds, then disappears. This has been an on going problem with my new 2004 XC 90. It has been to the dealer several times, and they can't find a problem. I have noticed that it occurs more often during humid or wet days.


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You might want to check out this discussion: Musty smell from A/C

    tidester, host
  • I have a 2003 XC 90 with an inline 6 and Twin Turbo. There's a shudder in the drive train around 50 mph when I'm accelerating. Has anyone else experienced this?

    I have taken it to the dealership and had them check it. They have performed a software upgrade on it but it didn't solve the problem.
  • from raymon:
    my xc90 came with Pirelli scorpion zero tires and under normal driving conditions I have less than 3/32" of wear left on the wear bars of all four tires at 1200 miles. Is any one else experiencing this problem with their Pirelli's or other tires.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Fortunately my XC90 came with Michelins. Ihave a C70 as well and have not heard anything good about the Pirellis. Among those have been flat spots after sitting a while, excessive wear, blow outs on the Chicago streets (but that is more likely do to the streets then the tires).
  • bulbabulba Posts: 1
    I have also experienced the excessive tire wear at about 12k miles. I was told that the rating on that particular tire is 20k. My dealer is trying to help out by contacting Pirelli and get some sort of resolution
  • My wife's XC90 had the same problem. I had to bring it back to the dealer multiple times. I found that I could replicate the problem in 4th gear every time (except it looked like 51 MPH to me). They finally fixed the problem after (so they say) the flew a Volvo tech out from Phoenix and another from Sweden. The final official fix was that a part was provided by Volvo North America. The claim it was a damper that was installed between the drive shaft and the rear axle.

      Let me know if you need additional info.
  • My XC90 has an intemittent exhaust smell in the interior when @ a stop sigh. No other cars around. If I place AC on recirculate, no smell. Dealer can't find the problem. Any thoughts?
  • If I place AC on recirculate, no smell. Dealer can't find the problem. Any thoughts?

    That would lead me to believe there is an exhaust leak somewhere. I would persist with the service rep and take them with you on a drive if necessary.
  • Has anyone else experienced problems with their 2004 XC90 key? Both my and my wife's keys separated from the flimsy metal key ring within two weeks of use. Apparently, it's not designed to attach to other key rings - we hooked ours onto the key fob for our '94 850, and it was too much for the seam on the plastic housing. Last week, my wife's XC90 key fell out of her pocket as she was taking out a tissue, and it shattered upon impact with the sidewalk. After seeing eBay claims of $110 and up for retail value of our '94 key fobs, I dread to ask the dealer what it will cost me to replace this one! Friends of ours with a 2003 XC90 don't have any problems with the original style key (the 2004 is a spring-loaded blade key that pops out of the side of the plastic case like a jackknife blade).
  • My wife nor I have had any significant problems (key on a few occasions has opened in my pocket) with our fob.
    Others have used a `swivel' attachment to connect the fob to the keyring with good results in that the fob stays together and the ring no longer comes off.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    The key fobs are probably the worst design in the world. I've been told by my salesman that Volvo does in fact understand this and are trying to come up with a new design. The metal rings are not designed to hold any weight whatsoever and once they seaprate from the body, they can never be 'truly' fixed.

    As Volvo understands this, I would suggest that you go into the dealer and raise HAY about this and ask for a replacement.
  • From what I've been reading elsewhere it's related to the number of keys we Amurcans keep on our fobs. I only have 4 keys on mine, but most of my co-workers have 10 or more. Evidently Yerpeens don't carry as many keys......

    I've seen some women with at least 8 or more keys on their fobs. They keep their keys in crammed purses and when they reach in to get them, they tug at them by the fob or by whatever key they can grab. I can see this causing the small ring to come out on the Volvo key fob.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    The bigger issue in the long run is that having a lot of keys on the fob actually ruins the ignition switch. The weight that is tossed around when driving actually causes one half of the ignition channel to wear prematurely and eventually causes keys that do not make proper contact and lead to starting issues.

    I found this out the hard way in a GM car several years back and have found it is much more prevalent in domestic cars than my Volvos (which I think are aided by their design with one very deep groove in the middle of the key which MIGHT hold things in place a little better even with excess weight from too many keys.

    Worse still is that industry is doing all they can to make our keychains heavier. I have miniature scan cards for grocery stores, movie rental, etc. in addition to things like an ExxonMobil Speedpass on my rings. Credit card companies like Discover are now coming up with miniature credit cards that go on key rings. Add keys for office, desk, mailbox, home, etc. and you have a real problem real quick.


  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    I don't have anything on my fobs but one car key. Read too many stories on Town Hall about excess weight messing up the ignition and causing strange problems.

    Steve, Host
  • Both the driver and passenger doors of the xc 90 have popped open while driving down the highway.My wife told the service manager @ the dealer. He tried to make it do it and couldn't.Nothing else was done about it.Since then I experienced the same thing myself.HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM?
  • rhenrhen Posts: 2
    My Driver door opened once while driving... but I think it happened because I wasn't able to close the door all the way... If I just read the message on the dashboard before I go.. I should be able to see that my the driver door is open...

    Now, I always checked that all doors are closed before i take off... and I never had the same problem...
  • rjsmomrjsmom Posts: 8
    I have a new 04' T5 with 1300 miles. I've noticed a knock when applying the brakes which I thought was a problem with brake pads. I have even noticed the same or similar knock when I press the accelerator. Anyone else with a similar problem? I'm getting ready to go to the dealer for service.
  • Sounds like the engine mount.
  • mdandgmdandg Posts: 11

    I picked up my new 2.5T on Dec 31, washed it a few days later, and a few days after that we went into a super deep freeze in New England. I developed a similar noise which I called grinding. I took it to the dealer the next day, and because of this deep freeze the dealer had been informed the previous day by Volvo of the problem. They ended up finding ice in the subframe bushings that had frozen since my car wash a few days earlier. The solution was to "remove all 4 subframe mounting bolts and plates, clean out the ice, and lube the plates and washers." Hope this helps.
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