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Volvo XC90 Maintenance and Repair



  • Had the same experience with tires. Purchased Michelans twice, very dissappointed with wear. Then went with Yokahama's Geolander's which have worn significantly better. I put the Yokahama's on my other Volvo too.

    Where did you get the drive belt replaced? THe Volvo dealer in San Antonio wants $925 to replace it. Seems very high to me.
  • msc8210msc8210 Posts: 2
    Hello. My car has the same exact problem, and i'm wondering if you were able to fix it... Please kindly let me know and if there are any options out there as how to solve this problem. I don't want the dealer to charge me a fortune for this.
  • msc8210msc8210 Posts: 2
    how much was the replacement if you don't mind me asking.
  • Highly recommended. The timing belt has to be replaced at 105k anyway and it's cheaper to replace the water pump while they're in there. Much more expensive to go back in after the water pump fails later.
  • We have brought our 2007 XC90 into the dealership twice in the last month for service, both time we asked them to check the breaks because they were grinding at times. It was a distinct metal on metal sound. The first check was done with the 75K service. The breaks were reported to be 5mm and still w/in the normal measurements. It was the same measurement for front and rear on both left and right sides. During this visit they also rotated and balanced the tire, PSI set to 36 rear and front. One month later we brought the car in again specifically for the grinding noise. The mechanic was not there when I picked up the car, but I was told that my breaks were "found low but not grinding. Breaks not needed this visit. Found the tires all cupped." Does this sound right? It makes me nervous because we just had the tires rotated and balanced a month ago, not to mention I drive around with a 1 & 3yo child.
  • raycouzraycouz Posts: 1
    My 2005 XC90 may be a lemon - 3 sets of tires before 100K miles, 1st set lasted 20K miles.
    replaced both rear whell bearings at about 60K miles.
    currently at 110K miles - per my local Volvo Dealer - radio / ECM need replacement ($900), front main bearing leaks oil, timing belt needs replacement, front tie rods bad, breather box bad - $3000 repair cost, and the list goes on.

    I expected far more from this car - parts are "Volvo Only" - very expensive

    I am concerned about the overall mechanical quality of this vehichle - ready to blow it up.

    I don't know if I should invest $3k in this car or get rid of it.

    Anyone with similar problems?
  • onawhimonawhim Posts: 9
    Ours was a v8. Notice past tense. Lost oil between servicing and although I should have gotten oil in sooner, it seized before I got it to the dealer. There was no apparent oil leak in the driveway so I'm not sure where the oil went. Also needed front end bushings and one mechanic thought the transmission might have been going too. It was on it's way to auction, still drivable, and the timing chain broke. Totally dead. We got 3500 from a salvage guy probably because it had brand new michelins and the body was in great shape.

    Car broke my heart because I loved driving it. We were also on our 3rd or 4th set of tires. Had other under carriage repairs. If the car was running I think we might have gotten between 10-12k for it. You'll have to decide when it isn't worth putting more money in. Good luck!
  • pgeracipgeraci Posts: 1
    File a lemon law complaint with your state and try to get out from under the nightmare. SOON
  • So- besides the cracked seat sides, malfunctioning windows and sunroof, speaker screen fall-off, and, of course, the ever-loving transmission problems- we now have a stereo malfunction. I searched the forum for matching problems and promptly lost them to no avail. On the first day, the stereo would not turn on until you pressed it twice, and then would only display the "High Performance Sound" message and shut off. Then, two days in a row, I must have crested my driveway in a certain manner because it magically came on for no reason. The last time it did that, as I arrived at my destination and removed the key- the stereo kept playing for approximately 60 seconds! I love this car but it's beginning to feel like an abusive relationship where I should be calling a hotline. Have an appt with my Volvo guy tomorrow- but afraid he will be stumped too. Help?
  • I have a '03 XC 90 and the interior/ exterior lights seem to brighten and dim as the engine revs by itself. I have changed out the mass air flow sensor but the problem persist. Any suggestions?
  • Does 2005 xc90 v8 need timing belt change? If so, in what mileage should the belt be changed? Some people saying that it has timing chain instead of belt. For my understanding, timing belt does not need to change.
  • I have a 2003 xc90. It has 75k on it. Im the only owner and its been serviced at the dealer only As I was driving down the highway this evening the front left wheel basically fell off. Luckily we werent going that fast and we are all ok, but we were stuck in the middle of the highway with rushing by at 50mph.

    Hard to say exactly what happened because we didn't hit any potholes etc, but the firemen (who had to shut the road down to allow us to get the car towed, and who cleaned up all the transmission fluid that was split all over the road) and the tow truck operator thought that the front axel had detached from the transmission and that the ball joint then broken off. Looking at all these posts about xc90 tie rod problems and transmission/axel problems, does anyone have a similar experience or knowledge of what could have happened here ?
  • havent had this problem YET, volvo did have a recall on certain suspension nut, check NHTSA, report to them. Just wondering, did your car have a loud clunking noise when wheel turned all the way right? kind of like a joint or something, very loud and startling. Also did it have a noise when going over speed bumps, somewhere in suspension?
  • I have that issue with my '05 as well.
  • Hi, Is there some kind of secondary belt on an 05 V8? I just found a broken belt in the same area as the main serpentine belt. its only about 2 ft long. Does this run the A/C perhaps? Car seems to be running fine, not over heating, Alternator is ok, steering ok. Thanks.
  • lcmnlcmn Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    My 04 xc90 came in this am for the urgent transmission light. I've read so many repair posts that have started this way. The vehicle has 135k in miles. Volvo North America nor my dealer will compensate me in any way in regard to my transmission needing repalcement ($6,000).
    I'll list all the parts that have needed replacement since I bought the vehicle certified used in 05.
    bushings on front right and left
    rear wheel bearing
    Electrical system failed twice- always in the summer
    Switchblade keys- both don't work anymore
    Air intake snorkel-company never created a fix left winter snorkel on continuously
    garage door opener in visor- never worked, dealer couldn't get it to work
    Headlights had water in them from rain or car wash. Dealer wouldn't replace seals
    strut plate cracked
    U joint on front axle both right and left
    outer tie rods replaced
    left front stabilizer link
    blower fan motor replace
    upper engine mount replaced
    head gaskets were replaced
    Please avoid this model if you can!
  • is this model the T-6?
  • armermarmerm Posts: 2
    Turned out to be a broken electric cooling fan motor, which allowed overheating at idle, which tripped transmission overheating sensors, which etc, etc, etc....

  • I realize I'm replying to an old post but... My XC90 wore out tires quickly too. The dealer replaced the first set for free. After talking to people I found out the dealer provided the CHEAPEST tires available. I went to Sears and bucked up for the tires meant for heavy vehicles and rated to last 60,000 miles or something like that. Anyway, tire issue was never an issue again.

    Avoid the dealer. Find a local guy who has a computer thingy that services Volvos. And go to Sears for all routine stuff. Oh yeah, when you buy tires at Sears you can bring them in every 4000 miles for a free rotation and balance. So every 4K miles I have them change my oil/filter (even thought Volvo says 7.5K) and rotate tires.

    I feel very lucky...our 2005 XC90 has been very good. In the beginning Volvo sent us letters to go in for "Important Service." In other words they discovered a production defect and fixed it at no charge to me. I went in about 2-3 times for those fixes. AT 75K miles our's is still running very well. Feels nearly new.
  • I have a 2004 XC 90 T-6. The original tires are Michelin MXV4 (i think that's right) Pilots. these tires are terrible. wore out very fast. The volvo is heavy and is AWD which makes them wear out even faster. I do mostly city driving too. I recently bought Michelin Primacy and like the way they fell so far. I have about 6K miles on them and no sign of wear yet. I'm gong to be rotating them very soon. Thanks
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