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Infiniti M35/M45 2006+

jms9jms9 Posts: 8
Nissan has released some pictures of the Fuga, the replacement for the Cedric/Gloria, which we know as the Infiniti M45. The new car is based on the FM platform (shared with the G35/FX/350Z). It is much sleeker than the car it replaces, and it definitely has the best interior Nissan has ever designed. There are some design cues from other Infiniti vehicles, like the FX-like grille and the G35-like tail lights, but this car has its own style. It has all the elements necessary to be a huge success.

Here are some pictures.

Front view

Photo gallery


  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    It's not bad looking until you look at the back. The front view, while attractive, looks like a Ford Mondeo. But I guess anything is better than the current M45.

  • This is a damn fine looking car. The interior is just about the most beautiful interior I have seen in recent memory of ANY car no matter what the price. The exterior is also exceptionally sharp looking to me (I also like the G35). After seeing this, I will add the M45 to my short list of potential cars that I will replace my current one with in 2005 (Cadillac STS, Jaguar XJ8 and Mercedes E500).

    Of course the production interior won't be nearly so nice, but if it looks half as good as this show car, I will be very impressed. I just hope the performance aspects of the car don't fall short of its incredible good looks.
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    Note it's still a Nissan in Japan. I thought Infiniti is trying to get established over there. What does the rear plate say? I can't read it.

    Pictures can be deceiving, but it does look fantastic!
  • Awesome, aggressive yet elegant looking car.
    The front end has that bold, imposing, powerful styling I like. Autospies has some good pics. of the M also. This car will be big trouble for BMW's 5 series as was intended.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Nissan has no plans to expand the Infiniti name outside of the U.S., the only market where the Infiniti name exists. At the Tokyo Show, the Exec VP of global sales and marketing for Nissan said he would like to make Infiniti global someday but that's not a reality due to regulations and the fact it would cost a lot of money.
  • msgreenmsgreen Posts: 67
    As a BMW E39 (5series) owner who had planned on trading on the new E60, but was so put off by the styling and materials quality that I won't, the new M45 will go on my list. I plan to wait for the '05 models to come out anyway and plan to look at the STS, New Lexus GS, Audi A6, and now the M45.
  • When the M45 cruises at a steady speed on a freeway, and "instant" acelleration is needed to change lanes or merge with traffic, there is a two to three second delay before the vehicle responds to the depressed acellerator. Is there a FIX for this possibly dangerous problem?
  • The collision-avoidance sensor is a dangerous device, because it may cause rear-end collisions, as follows: When the cruise control is ON, so is the sensor. When the M45 approches a large vehicle - such as a 'semi' - in an adjacent freeway lane - especially if its an inside curve -the vehicle will suddenly and severely decellerate, with following vehicles barely avoiding a collision - especially at high speeds.
    Is there a way to disable this so-called safety device, or at least narrow its beam?
  • secure another good seller in their new M45. This simply CANNOT be an ugly car. The current M45 is very ugly and turns people off like the Pontiac Aztec. Why car companies (see BMW) feel that they need to take proven best sellers and change them dramatically and controversially is beyond me. Infiniti has struggled throughout its existence and finally has a winner with the G35. Why? It looks great and has many positive features (emphasis is on "looks great" with few dissenters). If Inifiniti makes the M45 "look great", and can sell it below the GS430/BMW545, then they could well have a winner. But if it is butt ugly like the new BMW E60 (5) only true diehards will buy and the rest will walk...
  • of the M45 are your opinion and just that. I personally think it looks better than the G35. Other people like it too as I have never owned a car that received so many compliments. The low sales figures have more to do with lack of advertising than anything else. I like this car more all the time.
  • I agree that looks are subjective; however, name one auto magazine anywhere that has said anything good about the M45's looks? Whatever. My point is that, at minimum, the current model's looks are "controversial" and do not automatically enhance its sales opportunities. That is NOT the case with the G35, which is widely seen as a "good looking" automobile. My original point is that the current M45 has taken plenty of brickbats for its styling, and while some - such as you - may like it, most don't (also see current BMW E60) and therefore, no matter how much YOU like it, it WILL NOT SELL. The mechanicals may be fine, but Infiniti MUST ditch this "look" asap and market it like an upscale G35 and it will take off (any amount of marketing would NOT sell the current M45. Whether you like it or not, MANY people think that it is just plain UGLY). IMHO, Infinti has seen the light with the G35, and can/should sell much better as they dump much of their current styling to go with more easily accepted trends. I hope so. I think the current M45 has dynamite stats, but I would not buy one on a bet given the current looks....
  • Is also a beautiful automobile. The problem with Infiniti is advertising. I hear first hand what the public thinks of this car - can you say the same? I could care less what the magazines say about the car(see lack of advertising). I challenge you to drive both the M45 and G35 and report back. You will find the G35 pales in comparison. If you had chosen a different word than "ugly" I would have never responded to your post. Not everyone finds the Mona Lisa appealing do they?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    will the M35 replace the current I35?
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    correct. After that, Infiniti will introduce the M45. :)
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,159
    I actually love the look of the current M45! Has that badass Maurader/KennyBrown Panther style to it, definitely all about the attitude it portrays. But it's a sophisticated attitude, not F&F crowd attitude, but more of a "sleeper", reminiscent of an older muscle car, mixed with the luxury of Infiniti's flagship Q. Very cool, just too expensive for me at this time.
  • msgreenmsgreen Posts: 67
    I am happy that you like the way the current M45 looks. But apparently, you are in the minority by a huge margin. This car has power, features, handling, a decent price, etc, but does NOT sell. Why? Most people think it is ugly. I am certain that with more universally accepted styling, and otherwise retaining the same features and pricing, the M45 will skyrocket in sales. Anyway, if you like the current model, buy it. At minimum, there won't be many more on the road like yours....
  • Most people think it is ugly? Because you say so?You think the new bimmers are ugly too - I think you're in the minority on that one too. I really haven't seen a Gallop poll conducted on this - just a handful of magazine ads. What makes you think you know more about what the public thinks than someone that drives this car every day? I've got news for you - this is an awesome car - the owners all know that. Not to mention, I like not seeing my car 50 times a day - that is a major plus. Did you drive the M45 and the G35 yet? I didn't think so....
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    isn't all the bad to me. Looks futuristic.
  • msgreenmsgreen Posts: 67
    get a life! I am not saying the M45 is ugly because I say so - read my post! I am saying that it is a great car with many features, but which DOES NOT SELL because it is UGLY! It is not my opinion that it is ugly (I own a BMW E39), it is the public at large - they WON'T BUY IT! Sure, some people, such as you like it - great! But how many others do?? Apparently, not that many. Sales figures for the M45 are HORRENDOUS! No way Infiniti can keep selling this car without major upgrades... and what are they? Well, the car has great power, performance, features, etc...but....doesn't sell. Car magazine commentary is that the styling sucks. Guess what? Given all of the above, they are probably right. BMW has absolutely shot themselves in the foot with the "Bangle" styling. After the usual surge of "gotta have a new one" wears off, sales of the 5 series, just like the 7 series are likely to fall... because they are UGLY! I did not buy a new E60 as a direct result. I'd love to consider a new M45, but not if it looks like it does now. Be realistic. No matter how much you love the current styling, how many others feel the same way and are buying one? The sales figures will give you the answer.
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