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Acura TL Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi everyone,

    I've hit 26K miles and it's time for the B12 service visit. I called my local Acura dealership and was quoted $260! I'm suffering from sticker shock. :( What does this service entail? Should I find something cheaper? I'm sure my mechanic can do it for less than that.

    Thank you in advance for your input!
  • I live about 60 miles from the Acura dealer where I bought the car....and the last one also. I have NEVER had either one back to the dealer(except for tranny recall on the last one). I take it to the local Honda dealer and when I show the service manager what the book says to do, he says, "No, we don't do those things....Not necessary.....etc". I asked about the gaurantee and he said he had never had a problem with Honda gaurantee's and felt Acura would do the same.
    Your mileage may vary.
  • fisfis Posts: 17
    I am the original owner of a 2002 TL. This model had known transmission problems and the transmission warranty was extended to 7 years/100,000 miles.

    I am now at 85,000 miles and the transmission has failed, but the car is now over 7 years old. Dealer is quoting me $2500 for a new transmission.

    What are the chances I can get Acura to honor the warranty?

    If they won't, can I get the transmission replaced more cheaply?
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Unfortunately, some nasty curbs came out and bit my right front wheel on my '09 TLAWD. Anyone know where I can find touch up paint?
  • I'm not sure what your wheels look like, but I have an 06 with the 5 spoke aluminum colored wheels. What I did to fix mine that were scraped on a curb looks great and can only be noticed if you're kneeling down lookingvery closely at the wheels. If the scrape is just on the outer edge, I used one of those Dremel hand held rotary tools with a small light grinding bit on the end. Use that to smooth out the rough edges from the curb and when it's smooth (you may want to use a finer sanding bit after the grinding bit to make it very smooth). Just get a small brush on bottle of aluminum colored touch up paint from any auto parts store. You won't find a paint code at the display for Acura wheels, so just look among all the manufacturers colors to find a color that closely matches your wheels. Brush that on to the repaired area and your wheels should look almost as good as new. Good luck and I hope this works for you!
  • I had a Pontiac several years ago and it had a high performance engine. At 20K miles, the transmission started slipping so bad that it caused the engine coolant to boil. At the time, it was over the gaurantee time. I had it fixed and paid for it but then I went into action. I called the area GM person and when he would not agree to pay for it, I asked him for the name and phone number of his boss. Called the guy and he said he never reversed what his field man told him. I asked who his boss was and called him. Pretty soon I was talking to a guy in Detroit and I finally got a man to say they would look into it.
    What do you know. They paid it in full.
    Give it a try. They cannot do more than say NO.
  • I have a 2005 TL. I inadvertently pressed lock and unlock buttons and now I can't link the remote back for the keyless memory features. I've changed the batteries on both #1 and #2 remotes (latter seldom used) and a couple of times I was able to link them, but the link only holds for a short time. That is, they become unlinked by themselves. After holding down the lock and unlock buttons, I am assuming that seeing the red LED light blink twice means that it is linked. Right?

    I'm reluctant to buy new remotes because I'm not sure they are the problem--especially since #2 hasn't been used much at all. Appreciate your help.
  • camoncamon Posts: 98
    Step 1: Page 94 owner's manual
    To relink repress both lock and unlock buttons simultaneously and wait for the 1 SECOND SINGLE red light . The double red blink indicates unlocked !

    Step 2: Page 101 owner's manual
    Note that the memory settings are ERASED when you unlink and resets it to default, so you may have to go back into the car (after relinking the remote) and reposition your seats and outside mirrors to where you want them. THEN on the DRIVER's door, PRESS and RELEASE the MEMO button (you will hear 1 beep from the door) then IMMEDIATELY PRESS button 1 on the DRIVER's door (or 2) to lock in the new positions into remotes 1 (or 2) respectively (then you will hear 2 beeps from the door). Also, be sure the car is in PARK with the ignition ON the II position (idling works also as I recall) to do this otherwise the positions will not be locked-in.

    Hope this helps and that it works for you. Let us know..
  • Yes! I have an 08 and I don't have a fan belt screach but there is a noise in that area. Apparently there was a bullitin about a timing belt shim and cover that the belt was rubbing against. All that was replaced including the fan belt and the noise is still there. For a new car with only 12000 kms it idles like a 10 year old car and its ticking me off!
    I had 3 mechanics take a look at it and they can't figure it out. It's almost like a knocking sound. At first we thought it was a loose heat shield.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hi, listen I was hoping for some opinions or suggestions; for the last few months, I've developed a buzzing/vibration noise on the passenger side of the dash above the glovebox; I noticed when the door was open a gap forming between the dash and glove box, and the where the dash/glovebox meets the front frame; as time goes on the gap got worse to the point it looked terrible

    was told by my Acura dealer that this was factory misalingment of the glove box and dash and they worked on it for two days and replaced the glove box

    got the car back and no change in the buzzing/clicking vibration sound in the top part of passenger side dash; the noise is really bad on secondary roads with a lot of bumps; it almost sounds as if there is a piece of plastic or something loose in the dash and when you go over a bump or an uneven road it makes the noise

    I'm at my wits end because the noise really gets annoying at times and I can even hear it sometimes over the radio when blasting it at volume 14!!!

    I really like this car but I mean the noise is ridiculous and I mean the only thing Acura could do if I make a stink is to tear the dash apart to try and find the noise

    The gaps and misalignments were fixed a little bit with the replacement of the glove box but it still doesn't look as good as the driver side panels do and if the glove box and dash are loosening up and pulling away from each other then that might be loosing something up in the dash that when I go over bumps you hear this rattling/clicking sound

    any information, similar noise experience, and recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  • camon -

    I tried your suggestion and viola! got both remotes linked. It was stupid of me to assume that 2 LED blinks meant ok/linked. I thought that because the memory button for the driver's seat beeps 2 times meaning "memorized."

    Your patience and detailed response is very much appreciated.
  • Hi everyone,

    Due to my chaotic schedule, I won't be able to take my '07 TL in for the service (B12) at 27K miles until this weekend. The "service due now" message is now flashing and the oil is at 0%. Are there any risks with driving it for a few more days until I can take it in for servicing?

    Is driving my TL for another 50 miles completely detrimental to my car?

    Thank you in advance for your expertise and input!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,413
    No there is some slack built into these reminders. No worries. But don't let it go too too long.


  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    'Is driving my TL for another 50 miles completely detrimental to my car?'

    I dare say you could probably drive another 500 miles without any detrimental effect to your engine. I just don't think the electronic service minders are as sophisticated as they try to lead you to believe. For example, can those things really measure accurately the actual condition of your oil? I think for the most part they are just a fancy mileage counter. Yes, your average speed, avg operating temperature, etc are factored in to a degree, but at the basis of it, it's still a mileage counter.
  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the input on the "service due now" message.

    Onto a new issue- the tighten fuel cap message has appeared periodically and it started up again last night after I filled the tank halfway. I unscrewed the cap and then tightened it again (several clicks) but that didn't seem to fix the problem. Any suggestions? It's a little bizarre not to mention annoying!

  • Yesterday, my TCS light came on and stayed on. Today, my emissions lite is on.
    What should I do? My friend says her emissions lite came on when she didn't get the gas cap on right. She had to have it reset. Mine is not under warranty. Will this cost much?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I think if the gas cap wasn't tightened properly and triggered a warning light or message, then you may have to go through 3 on/off cycles with the ignition to reset the system. And if that doesn't do it, then you should take it in to the dealer so they can diagnose if there is a more serious issue.
  • I had this exact problem on my 07 TL. The dealer tried changing the gas cap and resetting something I believe it. None of it worked. Eventually, they found some sort of sensor had failed. Once they replaced it, I have had no more problems.
  • Thanks for the advise. Just one question---- how do I do a 3 on off cycles?
    Thanks, again!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Just drive it normally. Every time you turn on the ignition and then turn it off after you've parked, that's one cycle. (Now, I suppose you could just sit there and turn the ignition on and off 3 times, and that should be the same difference, I would think. I'm afraid I'm not expert enough to know if the engine has to run for a certain length of time to constitute a cycle).

    But if that doesn't work, then be sure to take it in and have the dealer run a diagnostic on it.
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