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Acura TL Maintenance and Repair



  • stickguystickguy Posts: 13,602
    ditto here. If it was so shot that is was burning like that, I think you would notice it from feel, and certainly juddering starting up in 1st.

    I once had a plastic bag wrap around the cat converter, and man, did that smell horrible!

    I would also check with an independant shop or 2 for opinions. And prices, since that seems really, really high, but I have not paid to replace a clutch since 1979 (and I have driven stick exclusively since then).

    keep in mind tht if you pay for a tear down, you are kind of stuck with them and what they find, unless I guess you want to pay to have them put it all back together, so you can go elsewhere?

    also, you mentioned the smell coming from around the rear tire, which seems odd if it was the clutch. Might want to have the brakes checked 1st (tire stores do that for free). Maybe pads are shot, or something was dragging?

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

  • billpaulbillpaul Posts: 103
    Clutch might actually be a warranty problem, depending on what's wrong with the car (assuming anything is wrong). Agree with others: get other opinions before commiting to a very high cost.
  • coast4coast4 Posts: 1
    had similar thing happen and was told by the dealer that the car will use 1 qt of oil for every 1000 miles have it in writing from dealer. who would buy such a car if told this in advance and if it is true should not all acura tl owners be warned.
  • rlonn1rlonn1 Posts: 106
    But!!! Think how many of us have the same car and we do not burn 1 Qt of oil every 1000 Miles! I did burn 3/4 of a quart after 5K! But from 5K to the present 7800 that does include a 6500 mile first oil change, Zero oil burned.... :confuse: :sick:
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    Sounds odd? I have a 2007 TLS and got 30K out of mine? I did go to aftermarket when I changed them out. It's much cheaper! I went with the Brembo Drilled Rotors and Powerstop Brakes. They work excellent! And NO MORE BRAKE DUST!!!! :shades:
  • rlonn1rlonn1 Posts: 106
    A recent Court Decision went against HONDA on these brake issues. They offer a $150 credit for your particular situation. Talk to your dealer about all the details. My wife 2009 Acura TSX had her front pads replaced after 23K, they covered the entire cost!
  • Their are much better cars for winter driving. I use snow tires and drive in New Hampshire and MA 1k mi a week. It's not bad but I've driven better. Saab 900 S or 93 with snow tires is unbeatable in the snow unless you want to go to AWD or 4WD. But it drives like a dream the rest of the year.
  • I have a 06 TL with 137K mi. and replaced the tires in March with Yokohama Avid Envigor tires. When I first had them installed the car drove better than it ever had. Outstanding handling and absolutely no tire noise. After about 12-15K miles they have started to feather on the inside. Have rotated ever 6k and the alignment was checked twice and is fine. Now after 25K I can't stand the noise any longer they are louder than my snow tires. The Alignment was checked again and is fine less than a 32nd off on the camber. The mechanic checked the ball joints and mounts and found nothing on any wheel. His only suggestion was possible strut fatigue. Any thoughts on that? I don't want to spent $1100 on all four strut replacements if they are just trying to change parts to troubleshoot. I know 137k mi is a lot but it's all highway miles. Would Fatigued struts feather the inside of the tire? What else would it be? :sick:
  • Well certainly at 137K if you've never replaced the struts, they are fatigued--however, if this is truly "feathering" and not scalloping or "cupping", then toe in and toe out are the usual culprits. If there is noticeable cupping, then strut replacement would be warranted--but if it's the typical feathering pattern, then struts as a cause is much less likely IMO.
  • I just bought a set of Toyo Proxes 4 for my '08 TL Type S (62K miles). As soon as I got on the highway they were whining and vibrating

    I went thru 2 sets of Proxes on my previous car, an '03 RSX Type S. I loved the tires on the RSX but the car wasn't exactly quiet so I did not notice (or care) about the tire noise. The TL is a very quiet ride so the tire noise is very obvious and annoying.

    What tires have TL owners bought that were high performance tires yet quiet?
  • Many of the TL owners have had issues with vibrating wheels/tires. If you do a search on this forum for some related key words you'll find a bunch of comments. I had some of the same issues for quite a while with the original tires. After switching tires (don't recall what I switched to, but it was a set highly recommended by others on this site) it got a little better, but the vibration was still there during certain speeds and certain temperatures. Finally I went on and purchased a new set of wheels and some "winter" tires that were highly rated. Problem is now gone.

    Granted, the winter tires don't perform quite as well as my other "performance" tires in summer. But to avoid the hassle factor of swapping rims/tires I just leave the winter ones on all year-round now. The winter tires perform great in these Minnesota seasons.

    Anyway, do a search on my previous posts and you should be able to find the performance tires I used to have. I've since sold them, with the original rims, but aside from the minor vibration - which I now partially chalk up to the OE rims - the tires performed great...used to love going 100+ on those tires.
  • zak_autozak_auto Posts: 19
    edited December 2010
    I recently purchased a set of Toyo Versado's for my '08 TL Type S. After a month I have to say they are pretty nice. They are a little quiter than the original Bridgestone's that came with the car. I 1st bought a set of Toyo Proxes because I liked them a lot on my previous car, a '03 RSX Type-S. The Proxes however do not belong on the TL. The Proxes are too loud and turn the normally quiet ride of the TL into a humming, vibrating unenjoyable ride. I returned the Proxes and replaced them with Versados.

    So far the Versado's handle very well on the road and are nicely quiet. I haven't had a chance to drive in the snow yet but I live in Massachusetts so it's only a matter of time before the snow falls.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,491
    Hi, Zak: Another MA TL owner here. I, too had the Versados. Be careful in the snow, I think they are worse in the white stuff than the OEM Bridgestones. Love the TL, but it is the first car I've owned that I've put snow tires on for winter driving. FWD and all-season tires have served me fine all my life. Until the TL...

    Just replaced the Toyos (one unrepairable puncture, another pretty worn on the inside) with Vredestein Summer tires. Limited driving, like 'em even more than the Toyos! But, the Vredestein's are in the garage, Dunlop Wintersports on the TL now. And it is flurrying!

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • At first it seemed that snow on the wipers were blocking the wiper fluid from spurting onto the windshield because as the car warmed up and the snow cleared off my 08 TL's wipers spurted some fluid on the windshield.

    Then (on a long road trip) they stopped working. When I got home I
    found that the reservoir seemed to be empty, so I bought a 1-gallon bottle.
    However, when I tried to fill the reservoir (allegedly 2.5 qts per the manual) I couldn't get much into the reservoir before it seemed to fill up (fluid coming out of the top). Do I need to do it with the engine running? Or just wait for the fluid to settle somewhere and try again?
  • camoncamon Posts: 98
    If you can't get the specified amount into the reservior and it acts as if it were empty, then I'd check to see if there is some frozen fluid in the reservior. If you cannot see it, and the temps are below freezing outside, then parking it in a warm garage overnight might do it.

    I noticed that some washer fluid distributors (like Walmart) were selling what looked like standard blue washer fluid over the summer but it was marked "+32 degrees". This is very poor labeling as one could easily miss the fact that it's only for use above freezing and not below. If you had any of this +32 fluid in over the summer you could run into the symptoms you described.
  • Supposedly it's 37 out right now so I went out and again tried to add WW fluid and could only add a very little (BTW, it's "all-season" WW fluid)

    Also, I don't recall ever adding WW fluid to the car (which is now 3 years old). Either the dealer did it when changing the oil and filter or my service station did it (I use them for things for which it's not necessary to go to a dealer: e.g. tires). If neither, then this is the original WW fluid, so I wonder why it's not all-season
  • I too would love to know what's up with the side mirror issue. My passenger side mirror just started doing this. Not sure if something is stuck behind here, or it's a mechanical malfunction.
  • jranlyjranly Posts: 1
    So this is my first post and i'm sure that i'll have more in the future, though i hope not. So my 2004 Tl which I purchased last year has decided to make this creaking/rattling noise as i turn and accelerate-push on the brakes etc. I've taken it to the dealership 3 times to date and been told that it was a side motor mount that had frozen up. so they basically said that they "loosened it" and that should solve the problem. Wrong, so it continues to this day and I don't really feel like bringing it back to the dealership so that they can charge me more money to not fix anything. If anyone has any help in this department or knows of a good acura mechanic in the columbus, ohio area please send it my way.

    I am someone who really despises the fact that these are suppose to be "luxury" cars and can't seem to get something so audible fixed. Thanks to anyone that can help
  • selig1selig1 Posts: 8
    I bought an 04 TL in 05 with 16k miles. It had all kinds of rattles, and I took it back to the dealer many times to get them fixed. Finally, after several yrs they got all of them. I was lucky, because they were covered under the warranty. Many of the TL for their first several years had these problems. Most, if not all the fixes, consisted of putting insulation foam in the areas where the "rattles" came from. Sometimes it took a lot of effort to find the exact places to put the foam, but it worked. The good news, at least from my experience, is that its been a great car in every other way. Still amazed that I can drive it as fast as I sometimes do and still get 30mpg on the highway. Good luck....
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