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Acura TL Maintenance and Repair



  • danny1878danny1878 Posts: 339
    Its very easy to bash other car, create a new login-name and start bashing. (especially when the car is hot :))

    Its true that Acura had a problem(tranny), but who doesnt. Can you mention one brand that has no problem at all?.

    I've been driving Hondas, Toyotas, Acuras for more than 20 years with very little problem. I dont have to prove anything cuz its all written in any survey magazine, and its resale values is also always one of the best.

    A car that has many problems but still is one of the best when it comes to reliability rating and resale value? do you think those experts are fools or its just a tall puppy syndrome? lol.

    FYI the demand for Acura TL always high(almost 7k every month, outsold lexus/BMW), And Acura even raise its MSRP.

    A car that has so many problems (that you have to stay away) but outsell its competitor and still able to maintain its resale value and reliability ratings(even raise its MSRP)? what kind of logic is that? lol.

    I dont care about those pop-up member have to say, they suddenly start posting and having problems (Acura TL'04 with 41,000 miles? in less than a year? btw nomoacuras, you need to change your data, it says you have TSX not TL) give me a break. :)

    Again no Recall on my TL 04 lol
  • Danny, I know what series of Acura I drive, & it's a TL. It's interesting the other responses were helpful, but yours was emotional and irritating. You sound like a guy with anger issues.
  • Let's remember that this topic is about the vehicle, and not about personal assessments of other members.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    brew & boylan, same thing with mine. The ABS will engage when I brake over small bumps. Not a big deal but slightly annoying.
  • Holy Hondas, Batman, 41k on an '04? Really?

    My '00 has 68k & runs fine. Acura picked it up, loaned me an '04 TL, did the recall work, washed it, and returned it to me. The tranny warranty was increased to 100k. All for no charge. I agree that the tranny issue never should've happened. However, I can't argue with the way it's being handled.

    I don't know if my experience is the norm. I talk to real-world people and think, "yes." I read the posts and think, "no - Acura sucks."

    If you're concerned about Acura quality & service, do your research before getting a BMW. They're great, but they (and their dealers) can be temperamental. If you're sure you want one, I'd recommend getting a new or certified one.
  • Just curious..I have heard the same "thump" how do you know its normal? Did you speak to the dealer about it?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    To me it's not really a "thump". It's more like a crunchy noise, like you've ran over some debris on the road.
  • Has anyone had this problem. I have found rust buildingup in the weather stripping at the lower rear window. When I contacted the dealer they indicated that they have seen this before and the only fix is to clean it out. The dealer did not indicate knowledge of a fix. This concerns me.
  • robbrrobbr Posts: 1
    i bought my tl in july, i have 3900mi on it and it is a rattling, vibrating piece of junk. i'm on my forth set of tires,(curently bridgestone ls-z), they have replace my motor mounts, re-tourqed my suspension and re-tourqed my sub-frame. i'm in the middle of dealing with acura and there normal stall tactic, if i don't have a buy back deal on the table this week i'm going to lemon law. i've been dealing with acura corp since early august and its been very frustrating. this problem is not the tires and is apperantly a drieline issue, acura aware and knows its a common problem. i would never buy an acura again. try for more info.
  • nkeennkeen Posts: 316
    I'd like to hear any feedback on these, especially how they compare with the Michelin Pilot A/S that seem to be very highly thought of. I liked the Contis that came with my VW GTi -- great in rain and good in snow. The Bridgestone all seasons that came on the TL grip well in the dry but are otherwise unimpressive.
  • frankdfrankd Posts: 2
    I've had my TL for about three months. Several times over the three months, the sound on the radio goes off without warning and the radio freezes - I can't change stations, or even turn it off until I stop the car and take the keys out of the ignition. This has happened on both XM and the regular radio. I'm going to ask my dealer, but has anyone else had this problem?
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    I agree with everything you said. I've had mine for about a year and had nothing but unresolved problems with the car.

    Acura has not been sympathetic …they just tell it’s normal for the car to rattle.

    Acura quality is about the same as GM or Ford at twice the price.
  • dmauchdmauch Posts: 1
    I share your sentiment about the brochure. I e-mailed Acura yesterday to inform them that although I thought their new 05 TL website was great, the interactive interior video for the surround sound/dvd audio system incorrectly spelled "surround" as "surrond." When "Dimitri" of their "Acura Web Team" contacted me, he had to ask "Where on the site did you find the mispelling?" I finally e-mailed them a screen shot of the specific page on their site. If they can't find a problem that someone else pointed out to them on their own website, I can't imagine what happens when an Acura owner tells them of a problem.

    The website was corrected as of this morning. ( )

  • dj25dj25 Posts: 1
    On one of my TL Federal price sticker I found that my car was equipped with "solar absorbing green glass"-- tough on the AC. I have also found Internet site errors. One of my gripes is that I set up my owners site account when i had AOL so AOL is part of my screen name. Now that I have Earthlink I can't change the account name because the account (and my VIN) is associated with my AOL screen name the ac. SO I log in with my very old AOL screen name and give them my Earthlink email revision so at least I can get email from the site.
  • brew99brew99 Posts: 86
    I enjoyed the same tire on my A4 but do not have any TL specific feedback. The tires had great grip but a slight sensation that they were rolling over did occur which was a little un-nerving. They were great in the wet and snow. If anyone has put them on their TL it would be great to hear feedback.
  • sftroysftroy Posts: 30
    robbr - Bridgestone just installed the Turanza LS-Zs on my car this evening - this is the 3rd set of tires on my 04TL. I had the original EL42s (marked with "PVC" on the side wall - they flatspotted and vibrated like crazy. Acura replaced them in the Spring with reformulated EL42s (marked "TU2") they also vibrated. Acura's customer service (and I use that term very, very loosly) offered to have my Regional Service rep. test drive my car. He clearly had an agenda during our test drive and not surprisingly found that the vibrations are a "normal characteristic" of the OEM tires on my car (just 'cuz its normal doesn't mean its right). My dealer drove my car and said that the vibrations were not normal but he couldn't do anything because the rep said the condidion was normal. At this time my wonderful customer service people at Acura have stopped returing my calls (I left 4 messages for a certain rep with the initials BG, I guess he has more important things to do). I haven't been a jerk, and I've approached this with nothing but good intensions - I've only wanted my new $35K car to stop vibrating, which I don't think is asking too much. Bridgestone, after several tests agreed the tires were defective and replaced them with the LS-Vs tonight. I'm very, very disappointed to hear you are still having problems even with the LS-Vs as I have yet to take my car on the freeway to try out the new tires. I'm so very frustrated with the vibration problem, Acura's lame-[non-permissible content removed] attempt at customer service, and their failure to correctly address the problem. I no longer enjoy driving the car and I find it very hard to recommend the car or Acura to anyone who asks me about how I like my car.

    Has anyone gone thru arbritration with a car company? Seems like the next step if the vibrations continue . . . .
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "Has anyone gone thru arbritration with a car company? Seems like the next step if the vibrations continue . . . ."

    I have --- on a 2000 Prelude. Where I live, there are no lemon laws. Only recourse is arbitration administered by the local BBB. By the way, I won the arbitration, and Honda was forced to buy-back my 8-month-old Prelude at full purchase price.
  • calwhizcalwhiz Posts: 29
    I just took my car to the dealer for the second time since I bought the car. For the same problem--the car has trouble starting (it just cranks for like 5 seconds, then starts) when the car is warm/hot.

    I am almost sure it has to be related to the fuel pressure. I never have this problem in the morning. The problem is most evident when I need to drive the car back to work after lunch.

    But the dealer cannot reproduce the problem. Saying everything checked out fine.

    Anyone has experienced similiar problem? Any suggestions?
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    I'm sorry to hear about your 04 TL tire problem. I too purchased a 04 TL with defective tires and they flat spotted and vibrated. For four months, Acura told me the tires were normal. Then, out of the clear blue (after 4 months), they called me and said the tires were defective and offered to replace them.
    The new tires do not flat spot but the car does vibrate a little. I'm not sure if there is something wrong with the suspension or perhaps the vibrations are due to the rough ride that seems inherent to 17 and 18-inch tires. I think 16-inch tires with a larger sidewall give a much better ride. In any event I feel for you. I feel like a dam fool for spending 35k on a very mediocre car.

    PS: My neighbor recently bought a Gran Prix (about 24K) and it rides much better than my expensive Acura TL! I’m just no longer sold on Honda or Acura products…
  • Is it me or are the seats like sitting on rocks. The seats on my 01' TL are so much better. I took it for a test drive and within a few miles had to get out, seats like sitting on a metal bleacher. Nice fit and finish but just not comfortable. Sticking with my 01'.
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