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Toyota Tundra: Problems & Solutions



  • Did you resolve the POS issue?

    I have a drop in K&N air filter on my '04 V8. I was talking to the parts guy at the local toyota dealer and was told if you over-oil the filter (probably would have to be several times unless one goes apeshit) you run the risk of frying the sensor and that runs $250. Is "resetting the computer" a necessary step in getting the new airflow recognized?

    I have not seen any serious performance improvement since dropping in my filter - actually a little bit of a drop in mileage. Maybe a little in acceleration. I am kind of hard on the gas though...

    Has anyone put dual exhaust or a supercharger on a DoubleCab? I am thinking about the exhaust (SC is to much $$$ for me now) and want to know how that affects the toy?

  • I have the 03 v8 4x4, I replaced the whole intake system with the k&n system(288.00) and I haulk 9500lbs worth of boat twice or three times yearly. no Issues to speak of.
    No whistles nothing as of yet.
  • Did you see a sizable improvement in mileage?
  • I have a 2003 Tundra, Step-Side, that had the same problem. After 6,000 miles (1-1/2 years) the check engine light came on this past June. I brought it in to my dealership and they diagnosed it as a corroded gas filler tube. Unfortunately, I couldn't have it replaced immediately because of a lengthy trip that I was going on. Since I wasn't experiencing any other problems they told me to go on my trip with the check engine light on. I brought it in this week with an additional 13,000 miles and they replaced it under warranty.
  • I had the lower ball joints replaced on my 2003 Tundra, Step-Side, this week under the recall. Prior to scheduling the appointment I called Toyota Customer Service and they said that front-end alignment was part of the replacement process and would be covered under the recall. I verified this with the service manager at the time I scheduled the appointment and he concurred with Toyota CS. According to my service receipt the alignment was checked and performed. I am not a mechanic but I would give Toyota CS a call and check on this.
  • You need a limited slip unit installed. You can get through most anything with that. It gives you two wheel drive. Well worth the $500-$600 if you do any off roading. With ordinary two wheel drive, once the right rear slips(or left)you're stuck! With the limited slip,some power starts going to the other wheel. It is not like four-wheel-drive, but you'll be amazed at the difference. Bet you won't get stuck, again.
  • I would be real suprised if there is a transmission problem, I have a 04 double cab 2wd and love it. Have not had any problems to date. Probably is just a defective sensor on the one you drove. It is a good idea to drive another one just to see if it does the same thing. I really think you will like the tundra if you decide to buy one.
  • I had the stickers and all Toyota associated markings removed from My 2003 Tundra. It is important to know to do this as quickly as possible after purchase. It should be done on a warm day. My Auto detailer peeled off the stickers and used dental floss on all the other Toyota decals as they are glued on with super 2 sided tape. Afterwards he removed all traces of glue with mineral spirits and followed up with clean water. He said the glue removal is important to keep dirt etc from sticking and creating a shadow effect. So far so good. Oh he also wahed and waxed with a buffer afterwards. Toyota told me it was almost impossible to remove decals and stated they would attempt it for $250.00 Yeahhh Right. My detailer did it for the decals and the cost of wash and wax. $110.00.
  • Well, not really sure. I live in boston so inner city driving is the norm, but I really got it to help in hauling 9k/lb boats three times per year. It gave me more HP for sure, at one time I just pulled the air filter when hauling at the end of the season to let the engine have as much air as it wanted and get off the slippery ramps. Winter I'll say 15.5mpg and summer definately 16-17mpg and that's inner city. In vermont I got 19mpg on cruise control doing 75mph from boston to burlington. I wish I could use a fuel device that would tell me what the rate of fuel consumption is for my driving as I'm going like in boats.
    Oh well. Any ideas appreciated....
  • I really want to know who has the best durable wax tried on their truck. Live on the ocean and looking for the BEST protector. Zaino or t-wax or zymol or are they really made at the same plant in mexico.
    I have 10 bottles of half used everything and It all seems to last about a month or two at best.
    I'm lost....
  • I have a 2005 V6 6 speed with non-stock rims...
    #1-How can I get the low tire pressure light to go out without buying the sensors for all 4 rims?

    #2-Is there any way to adjust/disable the clutch depress feature to start the truck? I can't believe how hard you have to press the clutch in to start it!

    Thanks in advance!
  • GM vehicles have those - pretty hokey as it gives you instantenous mileage - incline, decline, etc (which is pretty worthless unless you see it 100 mpg); and I think there is an average MPG per tank. Not sure of any aftermarket gear out there or that I would want to know.

    What are you driving - regular, access or double cab? I have an 04 with just the KN drop in. It is a pig - the mileage is dropping. PreKN - 14- 17 mpg, post KN 10-13 mpg. Not good. I guess I should quit caring about mileage and just enjoy the damn thing.

  • I have a 2000 Tundra. The transmission needed replacing. I was lucky that the warranty covered it. That was last April 05 my Tundra is now getting 11 mpg due to my transmission slipping. I am very unhappy with Toyota right now. Oh! and by the way my exhaust manifold is bad along with 3 of my friends who bought Toyota Tundras because they liked mine so much. Sorry about your transmission. It seems pretty apparent that Toyota can't make the same truck in our country as they did in Japan.
  • I have found a great remedy for the ticking/exhaust leak sound. Add 1 quart/32ounces of LUCAS SYNTHETIC OIL in place of 1 quart of your current oil. After about a 15 minute ride my engine quieted up very nice. It still is there when it first starts up cold but is gone much quicker and is a huge improvement getting rid of the sound most of the time. You guys owe me!!!!! LOL
  • wow, that's really low for mileage.
    I replaced the whole intake system with the thought that the cone filter with 360deg. and a 4inch intake allows the engine as much air as it wants easier, no restrictions was the thought, next will be bigger exhaust(when the old rusts out) with less back pressure right from the head pipes back to exhaust tip. if you look in the performance catalogs there are a zillion products to help mileage(It's baffling)the only other i would contimplate but to cheap to try is the computer chip that changes the settings to whatever you want.
    Just a thought.
  • I am thinking about the FIPK/exhaust setup. My friends who are car-savvy tell me not to as it may void the warranty, and the factory chip is set to allow for a certain amount of air. I suppose it helps if you are not so heavy on the gas because you arew getting better performance.

    I am too cheap for the chip mods as they are pretty pricey.

    Thanks. I will keep looking for some way to get better mileage without spending an arm and a leg.
  • Has anyone found out what makes the knocking noise in cold weather at start-up?
    My '02 knocks like crazy for about a minute, then goes away in cold weather.


  • I hate to say it but I wish my seat went back another notch or two for more leg room on the drivers side.
    I hate to ask but....
    Anyone ever come across or fix this one before.
  • Guys, A friend of mine has an issue that I have no answer for.

    They have a 2000 or 2001 Tundra and when they drop it in gear, the engine stalls out.

    Automatic, As soon as it is taken out of park it dies.

    If left in park, it will run all day.

    I have never seen or heard of a problem like this, the best I can come up with is a safety, anti-theft device going bad, or a locked up torque converter or trans causing it to stall.

    Any ideas?

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