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Toyota Tundra: Problems & Solutions



  • My Exhaust manifold cracked too at 75,000 miles. Two O2 sensors went bad, and of course the brakes.

    I paid the shop to put a weld bead over the crack. There needs to be a recall. Toyota didn't step-up on the O2 sensors until I did them myself -now Toyota wont reimburse me.
    Toyota needs to step-up on the exhaust manifold, 76K mi. is too soon.

    Anyone know if Toyota is looking at that? I wonder if it is a common ptoblem.
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    I recently got out of the mechanic field after 20 years of frontend, brake, tire and suspension work. To put it simply, doing an alignment after a ball joint replacement is not reccommended (well actually it is by shady mechanics). Some vehicles do have adjustable ball joints (Ford mostly), but not Toyotas. Ball joints are fixed, so unless a tie rod or something adjustable has been damaged or replaced or you notice unusual wear on non-stock tires, there is no need to align.
  • Would it make sense to run all synthetic oil instead of substituting 1 quart???

    BTW - I have an 02 Tundra with an unbearable engine noise that gets wicked when it's colder.

    Let me know your thoughts on all synthetic.

  • I use the synthetics mobil one, and I have no issues.
    I have been privy to a report done on engines after they were drained of oil to see if their lubricity was all it was cracked up to be compared to far more expensive marine products on the market. They used mobil-1 from the automotive market as an automotive comparative product. It actually performed the best but,,,they had to state that you should "refer to the owners manual".
    I spent great cash on the truck and use it to haul boats, why not give it the best lubrication. forget the additive crap. :surprise:
  • I have a 05 Tundra DC V8 with approx 4500 mi on it. The other day for the first time I had to accelerate fairly hard from a dead stop to get into traffic. I noticed that while accelerating through first gear; starting at approx. 2500 rpm and continuing for a few seconds there was a noticible "chatter" that could be felt mostly in the steering wheel. The engine would accelerate through this "chatter" and it lasted only a second or two. It never occurs unless I accelerate fairly hard in first gear, and it never occurs in any other gear.

    Have any other owners noticed this in their DC trucks? Don't know if it is just a design characteristic or if there is a problem.
  • 2002 Tundra,
    I have replaced brakes twice, transmission once, differential twice, o2 sensors once, rear wheel seal once, and the list goes on. Toyota left my truck stuck in Mexico and I spent 9 hours trying to get it back to San Diego.(This was after I went to the dealer to get trans looked at, because I knew there was a problem with shifting and gear selection. Dealer noted no miles driven to evaluate problem???) All of this in 42,000 miles. I have to say Fords are looking good. Also I contacted Doug Law in S.D. I should get ALL of my money back including dmv fees and down payment for truck. He is the most feared lemon law laywer around...look him up. Oh yea, I never tow with truck and it is really taken care of, no off road or anything. :lemon:
  • My 2002 Tundra had a failed transmission at 42,000 miles, with a host of other problems. Call Doug Law...98% sucess rate with lemon law items. I really think they have latent defects with these transmissions.
    You will be suprised at what you can get back with lemon law attorneys, you don't have to pay a dime and you get all of your money back including down payments etc.
  • GREAT NEWS My dealer warranteed both of my exhaust manifolds plus all 4 O2 sensors. They told me the 2000-2002 warranty is 7years/90k miles. They did say that if your old O2 sensors would come out of the old manifolds they are to reuse them but my guy was cool and said "I'm going to just say they would not come out" So goodbye ticking. This is all free no charge at all. I did how ever pay for a 65K service because he was so good to me which cost $197 thats quite cheap considering I'm getting the better part of $2,000 of work done FREE Good Luck to the rest of you.
  • I am having a similar problem with the transmission during the same speeds 30-40 mph. I was wondering if you fixed your problem?
  • I have 61,500 mikes on my 2000 Toyota Tundra and both exhaust manifolds have cracks. The company said too bad, you are out of warranty.
  • I bought a new 2004 Tundra SR5 V6. Around 7000 miles it developes a good tranny leak( one foot circle of fluid on the garge floor each day) at the rear seal. Irritating because it's stinkin up the garage. Toyota replaced the seal twice and it still leaked. Today they replaced the transmission extension, it still leaks. It has 10,000 miles now. Seems odd after searching all these problems , I'm the ONLY ONE with a LEAK , pales to most other problems I've read, an annoyance to say the least driving back and forth to the dealer numerous times. I'd expect a leak at 70,000 miles maybe , not 7,000, and you'd think it would be something easily fixed, IT IS NOT . Seems the dealership is at least trying, guess the next step is to replace the tranny. My guess is it's the Shaft, which was NOT replaced ? Well headed back tomorrow again, another day shot... will keep you informed, Off to check the Fla lemon law...I've had it 14 months...
  • I have an 06 Tundra DbCab with the factory Nav. When your driving, you can not change destinations or do some of the options because of a safety feature. The truck must be in park to change most things. I know there must be a way to overide the safety feature but I just don't know how. Does anyone know how to disengage the safety feature? Thanks...
  • I bought a 2005 Tundra SR5 in April and have about 6,000 miles on it. I have noticed a few strange things happening when I drive it:
    1. About a month ago while stopped at a light after driving for only about 4 minutes the truck shuddered as if the truck was braking with anti-lock brakes activated. However, the truck wasn't moving. This has occured only once.
    2.Occasionally, when I stop, as happened today, I get a clunking noise. Sometimes this occurs just as I begin to accelerate. It feels as if something is sliding and stops. This is infrequent.
    3. Today I felt a clunk in the transmission area just as I stopped.
    4. I have also found that sometimes the truck does not shift out of low gear until the RPM is about 2500.

    The reason I am posting this message is to get information on whether Toyota has discovered any known problems with the 2005 five speed ECT automatic transmission.
  • Just got the Tundra 05 for few weeks, too new to notice any big problems, but I have few questions if anyone can help.
    1. The 5 auto speed tranny is the same for both V6 and V8 ? true mileage / v6 auto 5speed gets 22 hwy? 6 speed manual gets 21 mpg ? true MPG ? anyone knows ?
    2. The tranny cooler is standard or optional on 5 speeds Auto ? Do I need one to tow a 3k lbs boat/trailer ?

    3. Is there anyway you can turn off the light cap in the back when you open the door? besides push the button on/off? it's annoyed , also how you turn off the light at airbag passenger dash? should it be off after we run ?
    4 . There's some electrical wires underneath the bench seat
    what are they used for? heated seats on the stripped model ? :-)

    5 Should I buy a trailer hitch or use the standard bumper.
    It's said I can pull 500/5000lbs with that step-bumper
    where is the best place to buy the hitch besides UHAUL??

    6 The Lock button next to the radio. What they use that for? downhill breaking by tranny ??? or lock limited slip diff. ?? :-)
    Thanks for all the help ? Mich :D
  • I take it you have not looked at your manual. The tranny cooler only comes with the tow package. Get a good class V and hope you don't cook the tranny. You can get an aftermarket TRD cooler. They can be a real [non-permissible content removed] to install. For gods sake don't use the bumper. The lock button keeps the tranny in 1st. Next time your doing #2 take the manual with you. You could have saved yourself alot of grief. Oh and the wires under the seat, give them a lick and tell us what happened ;)
  • Sorry for the late reply, have been away awhile. I no longer have the V6 reg cab but have a DC now and wished I had the reg cab back big time! My gas mileage on the V6 was 18 in town and 22 on the road consitently. My DC does dang good to get 11 in town and 15 on the road.
  • '04 Tundra....peck, peck, peck, peck (when engine is cold). The noise quiets down quickly....but is getting louder each winter.

    What the heck is that engine noise ??

  • Where are you guys locating it???
  • Have a dbl cab 05 Tundra, 1st push on brake pedal is soft, 2nd is much firmer??? Why can't the first be firm?

    Used cruise c. on trip, hit resume, truck excellerated at full speed past original speed??? Any ideas?

  • nneilnneil Posts: 2
    I own 2004 Tundra Double Cab which Raps like a stuck pig. Toyota calls it piston slap. The engine sounds like a diesel.

    When I first started the truck Tuesday morning there was a large cloud of smoke, and not condensation, but a cloud of smoke which smelled like raw gas. The engine was rapping like crazy and even harder when I put the truck into gear, this sure doesn't sound like anything normal to me, or anyone else, but Toyota.

    Toyota do something about it if you want future business, my friend has the same truck with the exact same problem

    Synthetic did nothing, besides quiet down sooner, less than 5 minutes..
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