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Toyota Tundra: Problems & Solutions



  • OK, Last word on the mileage thing. I was reading while on the governor aaa magazine. It was stating that they compared the 24 year old testing procedure for mileage thats used by the epa for mpg on new vehicles that goes on the sticker. They (epa) admitted it had a 14% error factor (yes 14%) not in your favor error factor from the stated sticker posting. wow,,Then aaa compared the tests with a dodge truck or something and found the new mpg test system to be within 1mpg variance, comparing the old to 14% off. So per say it stated 15city and 20 highway,, it could be 12 city and 17 highway at 55mph. who th hell drives 55?
    It was in the last quarter of AAA magazine if you can get your hands on it. But don't worry I'm sure opec will ower the cost of oil soon. :cry:
  • treihingtreihing Posts: 1
    Ok Girls-

    Looks at the reality of the matter. You bought a full size truck with a V8 engine. The standard for a Tundra is 14mpg in town and 18mpg on the highway.

    Big truck, Big Engine = Low MPG
    Little truck, Little Engine = High MPG

    So quit Crying and face the facts-

    2k5 Tundra DC Limited
  • cyclone7cyclone7 Posts: 6
    GM's 5.3L(more torque,more horsepower) gets 17 and 20 city and highway. Also, the Tundra weighs less.Do you fail to see the complaint?
  • stdbobstdbob Posts: 14
    Until this week I had a 2004 Tundra 4x4 SR5 long bed (wife totaled it). She's OK, but now I need a truck, so I went to 4 different dealers. Nobody has (and can't get)an 06 Tundra 4x4 SR5 long bed. The only long bed I found was stripped. (vinyl on the floor, poor seats, and no power options).There are plenty of extended cab short bed trucks around.
    What's up with this?
  • hprjrhprjr Posts: 24
    I have a 2001 sr5 v-8 with about 57000 miles. Recently at first start-up in the morning, the engine turns over and starts with a slight hesitation, but when I put it in drive, the rpm's drop so low, the engine cuts out or barely keeps running. After giving it normal acceleration out of the driveway, everything is normal. I've tried different grades of gas with different suppliers with no change. I live in a mild climate. Also the truck is throwing off no codes. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I share your dismay, because my 01 Tundra Lmtd tranmission failed on my way to have brake work at the Toyota shop nearby. Like you, I drove my truck for primarily pleasure, mostly highway miles and NEVER towed anything. With 98,500 mi on it, I hope Toyota does something to offset the projected $4600 cost for a new tranny. We bought Toyota for long-term quality and low maintenance. With only 4 payments to go, I'm shocked that this happened. We don't need 10 more payments. This truck earned Truck of the Year honors so I'm counting on Toyota to stand behind its ads and truck. I can't imagine paying for a part that should last the lifetime of truck. A company is as good as its warranty and service.
  • contact toyota customer service since your local dealer cant help
  • I have a 2006 Tundra with the 4.7L V8, I've got 5400 miles on it. This weekend I was changing the oil and the oil filler tube and cap were full of moisture. The goo had an orange tint to it and I'm thinking it may be coolant but don't know. I called several dealerships, all said they had never seen it in that motor before, of course my dealership that I took it to be looked at said it is completely normal. There is no way that much moisture in the valve covers is normal. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem, if you are unaware check it out.
  • jusdrivejusdrive Posts: 2
    Hello I was wandering if anyone has changed there own Trans fluid?? I have an 05 quad cab and there is no dipstick do dump the trans fluid back in.
  • jusdrivejusdrive Posts: 2
    My truck has moisture under the cap to. I wouldn't worry about that the cap is on a plastic extension form the valve cover.
  • henschelhenschel Posts: 1
    I put 2.5 inch strut spacers above the coil spring to lift the front of my double cab tundra 05. It requires a one inch differential drop down kit, installed, to reduce the angle of the front diff.

    Since doing so I've had to replace the CV boots twice, they keep busting, which shouldn't happen. The diff. cannot be lowered anymore because it is resting close to the A frame.

    How do I save my boots? Has anyone lifted beyond a couple of inches, if so, how do you prevent this problem?
  • Hi I have A 2000 Tundra and both exaust manifolds are cracked, you said that the warranty is 7 years 90k how do i go about proving this to my dealer so they will fix my truck. thanks so much. my e-mail is
  • rasbingerasbinge Posts: 2
    I am looking for the instruction to program my 2001 Tundra the dealer want $95.00 for 5minute work. I f you cam please help me i will be most thank full...

  • rasbingerasbinge Posts: 2
    I am looking for the instruction to program my 2001 Tundra the dealer want $95.00 for 5minute work. I f you cam please help me i will be most thank full...

  • roofratroofrat Posts: 1
    I periodically have the same symptom with my 2000 tundra. The problem is sludge or gunk that builds up where the engine breather vacuum line dumps into the top of the throttle body. The port is immediately in front of the butterfly. Gunk builds up and limits the air supply at low throttle settings. Solution...remove the air horn clamp and rubber airhorn leading to the throttle body, spray some carb cleaner or wd-40 on a rag and wipe out the inside of the throttle body. You won't believe how much black gunk comes out. The problem should go away immediately.
  • my baby needs replacement shocks. Being that it is such a soft ride can anyone recomend an upgrade that is a bit firmer but won't rattle or break the bank?
  • andy36andy36 Posts: 9
    I used to love my 2000 tundra but the front brake problem is just to much. I put drilled and slotted rotors on it at 50k miles and still had vibration problems with it. I was going around a corner on a paved road and my front right side just came apart and collapsed on the road. It took out my fender and door and the truck is now at the body shop for repairs. I have never had anything like this happen to me before in my life. This truck has some serious problems.
  • popper1popper1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 tundra and just found some corrosion in the bed it s about to rust through and Toyota wont fix it. is anyone else having this problem. if you have a bed liner you wont see it until its to late
  • popper1popper1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 just found alot of corrosion in the bed look the truck over good i bought mine new have not had alot of problems wit it until now but this is bad toyota has not fixed it yet. are they in for the long haul or not.
  • 7forever17forever1 Posts: 11
    I currently own a 2004 Titan Crew Cab and I'm at my wits end with this truck :lemon:.
    How are the 2006 Tundra's holding up so far? Are the 04' and 05' models holding up. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated. :confuse:
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