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Toyota Tundra: Problems & Solutions



  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    It is unfortunate that a bunch of people that have never driven a Tundra are posting unfavorable comments. I had a Tundra that I traded only because I wanted a true 4 door. Never had a single problem, and as a professional mechanic, I offered to look at hundreds of problems with Toyotas. Suprise, they all got fixed before I had a chance to check them out. If someone complains about a vehicle, chances are they don't even own one.
  • I have a 2001 6 cyl manual shif long bed tundra that produces a squeek everytime I depress the clutch. Does anyone know where the squeek is coming from so that I an lube the #@$% out of it. I have tried numerous places and it still squeeks. Please help.
    P.S. It is our weekend vehicle that only has 37K miles on it. We love it because when we go camping, we can sleep in the 8 ft bed comfortably and we're off the damp ground. Plus, it is really easy to carry all the toys (quads, bikes, etc.) when we go to the desert as well.
  • I have a 2000 Tundra sr5. The K&N does not work for me in the winter. (MLPS, MN). I've had the K&N for 4 years. For the rest of the year I get about 1 mpg better around town. I do get 19 mpg+ on trip highway driving. My Truck has a bad manifold (Dealer won't fix) Second O2 sensor has failed( Dealer won't cover) and my front brakes also rotor problem.
  • Gary,

    Run by me again the oil filter upgrade you did with AN fittings. Did you do this by yourself? Where do I purchase this fitting? HOw much? Thanks.MAC
  • Hey folks,

    I need to know what's the best price (before tax & lic) for a regular cab v6 automatic, & aircon Tundra 06 along the Gulf States. I know Toyota just upped the rebate from $2000 to $3000 ( if you're a Toyota consumer).

    I hope I don't have to drive that far to get a few bucks savings. Thanks for the information. MAC
  • You may want to check your spare tire. I have the same problem with my 2000 Tundra when I drive over uneven or bumpy roads it squeks alot. I tried everything until I realized that the spare moves under the bed and squeaks because it is loose. Have the dealer look into the tightening system of the spare tire. Let me know if that fixes the problem.
  • Sure Mac no problem. I purchased the oil filter adapter and filter adapter heads from lofa industries. There web site is I did not buy their hoses because I would have had to find a machine shop to crimp the connections to their hoses since they do not do this. So I said hey, NHRA used AN fittings all the time for fuel and oil assemblies. So I called summit racing equipment which I had a catalog and ordered Russell endura series that swivel. I used AN12 fittings but you can use AN10, I just wanted the larger diameter hoses. The fittings off of the filter adapter that is mounted under the front frame and fender well on the drivers side are AN12s with a 45 degree angle and the AN12 fittings off of the adapter to the engine oil adapter are with a 90 angle. I then purchased 10 feet of Russell metal braided hoses AN12 which gives you a temp rating of 350 degrees plus along with their lube and sealant assembly kit and an AN12 wrench since the fittings are aluminum and you can damage them with a regular wrench. I then went to work and installed it myself and routed my hoses thru the drivers fender well by cutting a small hole in the rubber flap that attaches to the well. I also used grade 8 bolts, lock washers and fasteners to attach the filter adapter head to the frame just back of the front bumper. I purchased them online since I could not find them at Home Depot or Lowes. Anyway after all said the total cost was approx. $300 for everything. I use a Fram extended guard 7500 mile oil filter PH8A which holds one quart of oil and Mobil One extended life oil. Hope this helps. Gary
  • GAry,

    Man, that was awesome. Thanks. BTW, do you think Toyota will void my warranty if I go this route? Thanks
  • No I do not think so. I asked my service tech at my dealership and he said no. I do not know how Toyota could void the warranty, since you are increasing capacity and running a cooler oil supply. In addition, I purchased a cool can assembly from JC Whitney for about $25.00. This is a metal aluminum type heat sink that wraps around your filter and also acts as additional cooling plus it helps to protect my filter when driving down the road. Hope all this helps you and good luck. Gary
  • that is not necessarily true. I have posted negative comments about the tundra because I have experienced many problems with the one I OWN, I have had several toyotas in the past and haven't had nearly the problems with those. For example, both of the exhuast manifolds were warped on my tundra and toyota refused to fix one of them.(the other was fixed under warranty) it doesn't take a genius to figure out the manifold problem is a factory defect. I was able to get toyota to foot a little portion of the bill but it still cost me well over $500. imho, toyota's quality is starting to mirror that of the american made vehicles. and with their exorbitant prices, I will shop for a different brand the next time I look for a new rig.
  • higdonc,read msg no.373 for a solution to your problem. something about having the slip yoke lubricated would take care of the thump that you are feeling.
  • I have an 01' Tundra with 65k. My tundra makes a loud clunk noise which is definately coming from the trans. It happens when I'm going maybe 50-60 mph when I let off the gas only, not when accelerating. When the problem first started it would shift in to fifth gear, well overdrive. Now when I'm driving at 60mph my rpms are at 2K, I know that's not right.
    I turned the o/d button off and it would stay in 3rd, but when I turn it back on, it does shift into 4th, but that's it. Doesn't trans have 5th gear? I think my problems are in the overdrive gears. Has anyone had or is having these similar problems? Please let me know. Thanks.
  • No, your transmission is a 4 speed automatic with the 4th gear being an overdrive. Toyota did not come out with a 5 speed automatic until 2005 model year. I have a 4 speed automatic in my 04 tundra double cab. If you are experiencing a loud clunk you are probably having some sort of problem. Do you change your fluid and filter every 25k to 30K miles? I would have your transmission looked at by a reputable transmission shop. Hope this helps. Gary
  • mav6mav6 Posts: 1
    Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts! I have an 05' with about 61k on it. (I drive alot!) At about 57k a rear axle seal went out. Had it repaired under warranty, no big deal! This morning while leaving for work the left front ball joint apparently snapped and almost lost the entire front tire. I was only going about 30 mph. but had I made it to the highway and been doing 70 or so I am afraid I might no be here to write this post. It is now out of warranty but my feelings are that this is pretty major and am wondering what toyota will do for me?

    Your thoughts?

  • Toyota just bought back my 2002 Tundra. They had to pay back $35,000 plus pay attorneys fees, and the truck can only be sold at auction. It didn't cost me a dime, and It is officially now a :lemon: Check my earlier posts to see what I went through. I now have a Ford F150 and I really like it a lot. I will never own a Toyota again...It was my 5th and last Toyota. I feel better supporting our U.S. car makers. Good luck with the imports!!!
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    Regardless of problems, I'm flat amazed you got this thing bought back after four years. That's several years outside the legal lemon laws of any state. I've seen folks with representation unable to get a vehicle bought back after 15 months.....How'd you pull that off?
  • We've had a ball joint separation too. Our 17 year old was driving the vehicle to school, when the wheel separated from the upper/lower ball joint causing loss of steering and control of the vehicle. He was traveling on a city street traveling approx 30 mph, and luckily was able to grind to a stop without hitting anyone or anything. We were lucky he was not injured but, he was very shook up being put in this emergency situation without any prior indication of vehicle problems. We thank God this did not occur when traveling at highway speeds or while pulling our 4000 lb stock trailer. We have not received any notice from Toyota regarding this recall. In fact, we called two local dealers after having the vehicle(2004 Tundra Double Cab SR5 4WD)towed from the acc scene. Both indicated there was no warranty coverage since the vehicle had 52,000(warranty is 3yrs/36,000) and neither one mentioned anything about a ball joint recall or even offered to come and look at the damage. We've had a number of Toyota vehicles and are quite shocked at Toyota's response to this knowing there is some kind of problem with ball joints.
  • Good luck. My 2001 transmission also failed. Had to be towed about 80 miles.
    My service manager contacted Toyota, they said I am on my own. Like yours never towed; second Toyota truck I have owned. It's likely to be my last.
    I called Toyota national after the regional rep said they would cover NOTHING. The national rep also said they would cover NOTHING.
    I had to cover the entire cost, and my truck had 87000 miles. Rep said I was beyond the warranty.
    These vehicles are now reaching the point where the weaknesses are surfacing - it's the transmission and Toyota will is not willing to cover this major powertrain component beyond 60000 miles, yet advertise 100000+ owners.
    As you said, a company is as good as its warranty. Wish I knew their response before I bought my second truck. :lemon: Get rid of the truck as quickly as possible after 60000 miles; it's not worth "rolling the dice."
  • I had the same problem this week. The noise one day and the next day, the transmission failed - no forward gears; no reverse. Towed to dealer. I asked him to call the regional rep to see if they would cover any of the cost. The regional rep said out of warranty: truck has 87000. I called the Toyota 800 national number - same answer they would cover nothing. COST: $3500.00. Hopefully, you don't get the same "bums' rush."
    BE CAREFUL and don't take a chance; GET RID OF THE TRUCK NOW. Toyota appears unwilling to stand behind this major component of the powertrain.
    My transmission was maintained according to the Toyota mait schedule, and I never towed or carried heavy loads. Major components such as the transmission should not fail under these circumstances; and more importantly, Toyota should support in some fashion. I WAS going to purchase my third Toyota truck next year - I doubt it.
  • Found a weak link in a other wise tough truck, the cheesy metal bracket that holds the wiring harness to the frame. I backed up onto a steep slope and the bracket bent like a piece of tin foil which cause the the plastic connector to break in half. Checked the price today at the deal, $180.00 to replace the the piece. The parts guy suggested trying to glue the two pieces back together. I had already tried that with super glue , didn't work. Does anyone have another suggestion for a good bonding?
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