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Toyota Tundra: Problems & Solutions



  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    That's what happens when they mount these plugs on the bottom of the hitch. My Dodge is mounted in the bumper where it should be. It's just a matter of time before I'm in the same boat as you with my Tundra.

    I doubt you'll ever get this to glue together well enough to not cause problems. And there's no way it should cost $180!! Shop around, check Ebay, or try some of the online parts stores. They're usually a lot less. You can probably find an aftermarket that will work as well, check at the trailer shops. You might have to splice the wires, but that's not a big deal.
  • Same problem that I had. Be careful what the dealer tells you - my transmission quickly failed with the same problem, and Toyota didn't want to hear it. Had to replace it at a cost of $3500.00. EVERYONE (dealer, regional rep., and national) in Toyota said I owned the issue since I was over the 60,0000 mile warranty. :lemon:
    So much for all the advertising about going 100,000 - 200,000. After 60,000 you're on your own
    Be sure to stay on top of the issue BEFORE you reach 60,0000 miles.
  • Had the same problem myself in a 2001 Tundra. Soon there after, the transmission failed totally. It had to be replaced. I NEVER towed or hauled heavy loads.
    Toyota said I was on my own. Vehicle was out of warranty: over 60,000 miles. I had to cover the expense myself - $3500.00. Service manager indicated failure was not caused by lack of the transmission being maintained, but it wasn't covered after 60,000 miles.
    Don't gamble on this major expense; the "thumb" is likely going to result in costly repairs. If you have over 60,000 miles, it's likely to be out of your pocket.
    These transmission don't "age" well. For a vehicle that is advertised as a 100,000 - 200,000 mile vehicle; you'll find that it's going to be a 60,0000 vehicle if there is a major drivetrain component issue.
    I've owned two Toyota trucks; there won't be a third because of the lack of drivetrain support after the "warranty." :lemon:
  • My '06 with 11,000mile has started the infamous intermittent 'clunk' when coming to a full stop and/or during initial acceleration from a full stop. I have read many posts indicating the slip yoke needs greased. I will take those posts to the dealer, as they seem to give me the 'blank look' when I take the truck in a complain. As is normal, the 'clunk' will not duplicate itself when at the dealer! What I would like to know is if anyone else has had the problem solved by some other means than having the slip yoke lubed.
  • I own a 2000 tundra and I have had this problem twice and can't get an answer. While driving my brake light will fade on then fade off, it will fade on again and stay lit. Then the truck stalls and tries to start, this all happens without me turning the key. When it does start the starter will engage while it is running. Any help will be grateful.
  • I Have a Silverado with 145000 and never have problems. I have had 3000lbs in a half ton truck and it handled it just fine. I also beat the hell out of it and it just asks for more. Gm also offers the 5 year 100000 mile warranty on powertrain. Go with a company that stands behind it product and its not toyota.
  • If this was directed to #483 if you can read the last line any help would be grateful. Your statement doesn't really help but since we're on the subject.......I have 162,000 on my Tundra and besides oil changes, tune ups, and one set of brakes it hasn't cost me a dime. So good luck with your "silverado" I hope it lasts as long as my Tundra if it doesn't perhaps I can suggest for you to move up to a quality truck and look into Tundra's.....have a good one
  • My message was for a previous statement on transmissions in the tundras. My last chevy went 215000 before sold it and it was going strong so why would i lower my standards and even consider a wanna be truck. Not to be rude but why not support an american company when they are just as good if not better. You can tow, pull, haul more for a lower price, why not.
  • My Tundra was made in Indiana, last time I checked out a USA map it was there......imagine that.
  • Do you know if toyota donated anything to the 911 relief. Whats that Zero dollars..... Do you know what GM donated 10 million plus 100 trucks to help out. How about all the money toyota makes off the U. S., does it stay in the states or uh go back to japan? The point is that American trucks are just as good why not support.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    The point is that American trucks are just as good why not support.

    I don't think everyone buys a Toyota just because of reliability. I don't keep my 1/2 ton for very long just to have a new one, so reliability isn't a biggie for me. I've had about one of every brand and so far like my Tundra the best. The big reason I really checked out the Tundra was because the bed was over 6' on the crew-cab. The only other 1/2 ton that has such was the F-150 and the Tundra was better in many other areas. FWIW, I've got 15k miles on the Tundra and have had zero trips back for any issues. The '03 Chevy it replaced had four warranty trips in the same period. But I probably would have bought another Chevy if they offered what I needed. There was a lot I liked about the Chevys but I don't know that I would say they're just as good. Maybe the '07 Chevys, they seem a lot better.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

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