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Toyota Tundra: Problems & Solutions



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    #1 of 2 Tundra breaks suck, Toyota doesn't care by anamouse Sep 27, 2004 (10:36 am)

    Toyota refuses to upgrade the brakes on my Tundra even though they have a recall for them. They say I missed my chance to have this safety upgrade done for free.

    I bought the truck new because I needed something that could hold 3 infant seats. When Toyota sent me a letter offering to upgrade my breaks IF I WAS HAVING PROBLEMS, I did not respond because I wasn’t having problems at that time. Kids were young and the car rarely went further than the market, I had very little mileage on it. AT THAT TIME I did not have recognizable brake problems.

    Now that the kids are older we are venturing further from home and the breaks do have obvious problems. They shake and shudder badly. I contacted Toyota and they are not surprised. According to them the brakes on my truck are not adequate for a truck that size and were destined to have these problems the day they were installed.

    Toyota doesn’t care if my truck is unsafe they just want my money. The upgrade will cost me thousands of dollars if I get it done. I no longer think the truck is safe with a load in the back or at freeway speeds.

    If anyone knows a way for me to force Toyota to give me the upgrade I would like to know about it.
  • "Toyota doesn’t care if my truck is unsafe."

    Apparently neither did you when they brought it to you attention, Bad parent!
  • I have been addressing a squeaking problem with my 03 Tundra access cab (v8 4wd w/o TRD Off road package).
    Others have also been addressing this problem.
    See post #189, 190, 193,194,211 in the "Toyota Truck Owners:Problems & Solutions" discussion.
    I hope this helps you.
    If you resolve your issues, please post it.

  • My 04 tundra has a belt......should be good for 100,000
  • wrkllcwrkllc Posts: 6
    On your Rear end slipping look inside the transmission pan, there are four magnets inside if they are coated with metal bits, You have a transmission problem not rear end. Good Luck!
  • Mine does the same thing....just one of them things...still better than GM
  • I recntly bought a 04 Tundra sr5 access cab. There seems to be more engine noise than usuall during idling and sometimes the vehicle gets a push forward. Has anyone experienced this before

    i havent; taken the the dealer yet, less than 3000 miles on it now.

    Other than this i love the truck, it rides and hadles great!!!

  • I'm sorry to hear about your brakes, but this is good info because I am looking for a used Tundra. What year and model do you own?
  • Recently I bought a 2002 Tundra V8 4x4 SR5 from a private party. It was in excellent shape, 20k miles. One owner. Test drive was solid.

    It still has time left on the original warranty.

    Problem is cracking noises in the center of the dash that occurr when the road gets a little uneven or you hit rough spots.... I took it to Old Mill Toyota in Omaha and of course they said there was nothing wrong but said they put some soundpadding in the dash to see if that would take care of it.

    Well, that was friday. Didn't hear any cracking rest of friday, but yesterday, I went to use the 3 temp control dials and they would hardly move. Finally I got the dials to slowly turn... Guess what? The cracking noises in the dash have returned. I plan on taking it back in Monday if I can get away from work. But I have a feeling I'm gonna get the run-around since they said they couldn't find any problems. Why didn't they bother explaining to me what they did do? and didn't they know whatever they did was going to effect the temp controls? I thought buying a Toyota would be a different experience than the nightmares i've had with other cars and trucks but it appears not... If anyone has any constructive suggestions on how to resolve this, I would appreciate the input. I'm at the end of my rope and you would understand that if you knew my past experiences.
  • I have been looking for the same thing for my 02 without any luck. Just wanted to know if you have a lead on the cabin filters thanks!!!
  • Every Tundra has the same problem.. I took my truck into Toyota to complain about the windows rattling when they're rolled partially down and you're driving over small bumps.. I found out that this was a problem with all Tundras including the new 2004 models.. Some of their vehicles (Camry)also have the same problem.. I hope Toyota fixes this problem in the future because if it wasn't for this, This would be the perfect truck..
  • When the temperature is 20 degrees or lower, my engine (8 cylinder)sounds loud like a diesel engine when started until it's warm. Is this common for Tundra trucks?
  • newellnewell Posts: 15
    HEY GUYS! Toyota finially has a TSB for the squeaks in 2004/2005 Tundras. See TSB SU003-04 dated 12/24/2004. Problem is with upper shock mount systems; field fix kit has been developed. Looking forward to my next service visit!! I knew it wasn't in my mind!!
  • I've got the same engine noise in cold weather; worse when it's really cold. This is definitely valve tap or lifter tap in my opinion - that's why I haven't had it checked out. I had a 99 GMC Sierra that also tapped but the problem continued (but lessened) as the engine warmed up. I plan on changing oil types to see the affect - right now I'm using Mobile 1 5/30. Let me know if anyone figures this out.
  • billstlbillstl Posts: 14
    I have been to the dealer twice, and the service manager is blaming my after-market camper shell for the squeak/churb noise coming from my rear suspension. I told him that I will remove the camper shell to prove that it's not the cause. Thanks for the info re the Service Bulletin. It may save me the hassle of removing my shell.
  • billstlbillstl Posts: 14
    What has the dealer said about this? I have a 7 year warranty on my 7 month old Tundra, so I'm not too concerned, but the noise is annoying. I own 3 other Toyota cars, and none of them have this problem during cold weather.
  • billstlbillstl Posts: 14
    Where can I obtain a copy of this Service Bulletin? Can you e-mail me one?
  • I have the same prob also could someone please also e-mail me. Thanks
  • sorry to hear about that they gave me all new brakes,calapers,turned drums,rotors,backing plates hardware the service manager told me it was a few grand worth of parts and labor! They are not calling it a recall though! Got it done at about 33,000 and now at just about 60,000 brakes are starting to have that catch and release feeling when breaking AGAIN!! I think I am going to try to go with ceramic rotors maybe they will not have same prob!!
  • Toyota replaced my belt and told me there was an upgrade on the tensioner if this helps anyone! I have a K&N air filter in and it has a hissing sound out side of the truck and also inside the cab when the tranny shifts into gears. So the tech thought is was the belt and replaced it and also gave me the upgrade!
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