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Toyota Tundra: Problems & Solutions



  • billstlbillstl Posts: 14
    I just met with the service manager at a local Toyota dealer, and he said the loud engine noise during extreme cold weather was from the pistons. He indicated that Toyota is aware of the noise, but has no way of correcting this complaint. In the future, Toyota is considering coating the pistons to reduce the noise. He assured me that no damage to the engine would occur from this issue. Since I have a full 7-year warranty, time will tell if he's telling the truth.
  • newellnewell Posts: 15
    I have same conditiom @ startup here on Cape Cod, until engine is warm.
  • Yes, there were problems with the O2 Sensors but Toyota has extended their warranty to 90K miles. As far as brakes; I couldn't tell ya, never had a problem with them. BTW, mine is a 2000 model with 68,000 mile
  • bigerebigere Posts: 1
    I have a new 2004 Tundra (new for me). When I am at speeds below 20 MPH, the transmission surges in to gear ! At normal speeds above 20 MPH, It's okay. It seems worse on windy days. Is this normal?
  • Was the repair made and did it work? The Service Manager at my dealer today claims the repair kit has been revised since 12/24/04 and is now 4 metal lock nuts. Seems like metal against metal will not resolve the problem. I am checking with another dealer.
  • I am looking to purchase a used 2004 Tundra SR5 4x4 with very low mileage...Are the problems regarding the brakes across the board and could effect this truck? The issue raised by Bigere on the transmission, are others experiencing this? Basically, I am wondering if getting this truck is a mistake or should I get the new Hummer 3 or a used Sequoia for a fe more dollars?
  • newellnewell Posts: 15
    You are correct; there is an TSB Revision Notice 1/19/2005 for Rear Shock Squeak: Step 2 graphic has been clarified to show that cushions (washers) are of equal size. Repair field kit and part # is same!! Have Service manager check his "own" company TSB! Seems to have improved my ride! Good Luck.


           Mark/Cape Cod
  • I am looking at puurchasing a 2005 Tundra access cab. This is my 1st Toyota truck purchase. Are ther any major issues/things to be aware of. I always have a f-150. Thanks for any imput.
  • Here's what another Toyota Service Manager has to say about the fix, "TSB SU003-04 involves turning over an existing shock bushing retainer and installing two new shock nuts. The retainer was installed incorrectly at the factory. The procedure is very simple - we have performed it several times. 30 minutes is adequate to do the job. This is the only current TSB for the shock squeak on 2004 Tundras."
  • Mine does the same thing!

    I have just under 40,000 miles on it. I think it has something to do with the transmission electronics, specifcally the overdrive. I can make it happen any time i want by turning off the overdrive, then switching it back on. The next time I stop the endine dies as if the torque convertor is locked and doesn't disengage.
  • I took it to the dealer today, I told them it was probably a sensor or switch or solenoid that kept the torque convertor from disengaging.

     They said that they don't work on components like that, they would just replace the whole transmission.

    I said, how much is that gonna cost? they said it was covered under the warranty (that is already expired), maybe they know something i don't.

    Sounds like an unofficial recall.

    I don't care, I'm getting a brand new transmission out of it.
  • I just got sick and tired of taking my truck back to the dealer for brakes. I finally had the front rotors turned again and install CarbonMetallic pad from "Performance Friction" and cured my brake problem. I now haul a camper and tow my 15ft boat behind me and have no brake problem. I've put on 50,000 miles with this set up and no rotor shake and pad's still look good. Very little dust also. About the transmission. I tried to talk to Toyota since I was a transmission rebuilder and told them about the slip into third gear under throttle and a severe bad you got which is very hard on all the bearing inside and also about the coasting problem you get going around a corner slow. The vehicle would go back into first gear and the overrun clutch would coast and slam back into gear when you applies throttle. They though I was some kind of dope. These so called engineers really don't know what the real world is like and that's why they have so many design changes as the public finds these faults. You think they would listen sometimes. You can't do anything about the transmission because is electronic but, what you can do is ease back into the throttle when you feel that coast feeling and also back off the throttle when going into third gear under heavy throttle. This will ease the hard shift into third. I'm going to go into my transmission one day the replace the third accumulator spring and drill out the third clutch apply hole. You know us mehanic's, we always wait til the last minute.
  • oagroagr Posts: 2
    Hey all, I've got a 2005 Dbl Cab SR5 4x4, and I love it. I love off-roading for it, I've got a great pic of me pulling my friends jeep out of the mud... however, that mud trip required a trip to the dealership.

    Beware, that alternator is mounted down low, protected by the skid plate, but not from any mud that may get splashed up there and right into the brushes... note to self, mud makes a better insulator than conductor!
  • I just got a 05 double cab. I am wondering about your mudding. were you realy throwing the mud with the tires or were you plowing into the deep holes? I do a LOT of mud driving. I don't drive real fast but a lot of my winter is driving in 4 to 8 inches of mud. I am a little concerned with you post. Ron
  • I also have an 04 tundra, when it is started then put in gear is when it sounds just like a diesel. It lasts only a couple of minutes, but I believe I can hear it slightly even when it is warm
    It started after it had over 10K miles on it. I took it to my local dealer and they said it was normal, and would not hurt longevity. Time will tell.
  • jossjoss Posts: 2
    Our 2004 Tundra (V6) is the one of the roughest riding pickups I have been in. I have ridden in 2 V8 that were almost as smooth as a car. Why is mine so rough? What's the ride like for you other V6 owners. I am extremely dissatisfied with mine!
    It is not a smooth ride on a smooth street, and heaven help if it is a rough one!
    thanks for any help/suggestions!
  • I currently own a 02 V8, but I had a 00 V6. Both have a carlike ride. You may want to get that suspension checked out.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Maybe you have already checked you tire PSI - but that is one thing that can cause a ruff ride.
  • govner22govner22 Posts: 1
    Did you change your rotors or just your pads? I'm thinking about the Brembo rotors to stop the warping.
  • Coastie1,

    I have been an exclusive Toyota Driver for the last 25 Years. have had nothing but exceptional service from them. I have owned 77 Celicas and 81-83 long bed 4x4's and the first 4runners and I currently run a 90 4runner with 270,000 miles on it. Clutch gave out at 226,000 Ac went at 166,000 but I suspect the dealer screwed it up whilst relacing head gaskets that were prone to failing mine never did. I have been looking at the f-150 but the forum has scared me off I am afraid. I have been looking long and hard at the Sequoia as well. I, like you, am chasing the used ones. My suggestion is go for the Toyota's .My son and I travel and shoot compititions. Seems they (Sequoia) have some piddly issues when you chase the forum down.
    I will drive the Chevy's as well but I bet it'll be Toyota again.
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