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Toyota Prius



  • debldebl Posts: 7
    i have two offers in front of me: an '04 certified with 9000 miles for $21,500, or an '05 for $22,700. So far the only differences i know of are that the '04 doesn't have side airbags, has the 9k miles, but also has the longer warranty (100,00 mi instead of 60,000)vs '05 with side airbags, no miles, shorter warranty.
    The cost difference is $1700. Does anyone know any other '04/'05 differences, or have an opinion on the pros and cons? (and whether these are good prices anyway...) they are both package 3. thanks
  • mtransue1mtransue1 Posts: 15
    What was the price out the door with tax in
    Fl. and all.... preparation fees etc.
    I think that I am way overpaying for my Prius on order in N.C. So would be interested in your total outlay.

    They are not giving me a trade in N.C either.
  • mtransue1mtransue1 Posts: 15
    Why don't you see which car suits you better... I like side air bags.. You can always purchase the warranty.
  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    I'm working on joining the 100,000 dollar club :) but in the mean time is the radio antenna easily removable on a 2004 + Prius ?
  • To be or not to be (removed). That is the question. YES!! It unscrews. Highly recommended for car washes. Also note: Be careful not to lift the rear wiper to clean or wash Rr window. I've been told by service & salesmen that broken wiper arms are a common repair because owners think the wiper is a flip-up type...about 2 inches if that. By the way, the cost of of repairing the wiper was about a "C" note. Scary!!
    Culliganman(Be Careful)
  • rpgolferrpgolfer Posts: 157
    Hi gang,
    Re the antenna, I found it unscrews by hand if you're strong enough. Definitely remove it for the car wash. I'm also surprised that with all of the technological advantages this car possesses, why wouldn't they put in a "flip-up" wiper on the back? Is it possible to "convert" the wiper to flip up? If it wasn't too expensive, could a "front" wiper be installed on the back to accomplish this benefit? I'd be anxious to find out. Thanks Culliganman for your info.
  • tempusvntempusvn Posts: 119
    "why wouldn't they put in a "flip-up" wiper on the back? Is it possible to "convert" the wiper to flip up?"

    It is 'flip-up'. It's just held down by a clip on the base to prevent it flipping up due to air-flow while driving.

    Remove the clip from the base of the wiper by lifting it off, and the wiper will flip up for cleaning and replacement.

    Replace the clip when done.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    different between the 2004 and 2005.. ?

    should they not be the same ? Is toyota trying to save money ? what is going on ?

    also...I am interested in buying a Prius...but found ebay price to be too high.

    one dealer , which should remain nameless, actually put a 2005 prius up for bid...and guess what...I asked her around where is the reserve price....and she said the reserve price for the car is placed HIGHER than the MSRP.... in other words...she is trying to inflate the price, by having people bid on the vehicle...and keep having the frustrating "reserve not met" sign keep popping up , until you bid OVER the MSRP !

    I am still looking....
  • fb1fb1 Posts: 2
    Meki, Would you mind giving us the dealership name and city where you got your good deal of $696 below MSRP?


  • pmkaypmkay Posts: 1
    I was just offered a 2004 Blue Demo Prius (3901 miles)for $24500. It is fully loaded with nav, bluetooth, floor mats and bumper guards. They are also considering this a Certified Car so I get the 6 year/100K warranty. Am I crazy? Should I run with it before they realize they are crazy?

    Thanx in Advanx
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    I second the motion....

    which dealer is willing to sell the Prius for $700 under MSRP ? please share.... :-)
  • bobraxtonbobraxton Posts: 11
    What was O.T.D. (out-the-door) price paid? We are looking to buy in Virginia just outside Washington, D.C.
    Does Pkg# 5 include cassette playing capability?
  • Several people have inquired as to the little round plastic cap that covers the hook-up for emergency towing (driver's side front). Of course this should be a moot point on a car that practically never breaks down but lets sort of humor the skeptics. There is a tool attachment for that rare towing situation.
    Culliganman(a car for all seasons)
    P.S. Some salesmen fail to explain this tid-bit.
  • semenzatosemenzato Posts: 28
    I bought a black Prius with Package 6 today at Toyota
    Town in Stockton for $200 below MSRP. I drove from
    Oakland (San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California),
    it's about 1h 20m each way from my house.

    I was expecting to pay MSRP but when I called my salesperson
    yesterday he told me there would be some discount. I didn't
    even ask for it---perhaps he wanted to make sure that we
    were really going to get there.

    I was on a wait list since late December.
    The purchase was completely uneventful.
    The car had 2 miles on the odometer. There
    was absolutely no pressure to sell us anything

    The salesperson told me that package 6 was still
    in high demand, but there were several package
    3 and 4 ready to go on the lot.

    Hope this helps and good luck to everybody!
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    Hi Luigi:

    Thanks for your info.... I was going to go to Melody Toyota , since a friend works there...but still have not gone in there....wanted to compare prices first.

    Was in STockton for the first time last has grown, with lots of new shops...but am glad that the salesman did not try to squeeze you for more....

    I will check with them .
  • joebeattjoebeatt Posts: 50
    Hi railroadjames. I'm surprised to read that the standard tires on your Prius are not rated for performance hi speeds. In Europe you get your Prius on tires that would easily do 140 mph for an infinite amount of time (Michelin Pilot Premacy). What kind of tires do you get in the USA?
  • debldebl Posts: 7
    This certified vs new question has me puzzled.. i am offered a certified '04 package 4 with 17k miles, for $21,900.. this seems like a good price, yet a new is around $23,600, maybe negotiable for a couple of hundred, so around 1500 more for 17,000 miles... doesn't it make more sense then to just get a new one as the price is so close? yes certified has longer drivetrain warranty but the other warranty's have that many miles used up....and the new one gets the tax deduction.. any thoughts? help! have to decide today...
  • cammer2cammer2 Posts: 38
    I'm just curious .. or my mind wanders way too much ...

    Has anyone heard if there might actually be something like a Prius GT in the works? Something along the lines of CS&S concept car shown on Toyota's web-site for future vehicles?

    Barring that, wondered if the US might ever get something like a Prius SE (using Camry nomenclature) - since it sounds like the Prii sold in Europe get better brakes/suspension/etc ..

    Any thoughts ..........?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    So for $1500 less you lose the tax deduction (worth several hundred $ to most people) plus you have an extra year's depreciation ('04 vs. '05). Plus you have no way to tell how the used car was driven/abused during break-in and afterwards. If it were me, I'd pay the extra bucks for new.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,678
    GO for the new one, better interest rate and you get the $2000 tax incentive...
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