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Toyota Prius



  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    The tax credit in the energy bill is independent of model year, but absolutely dependent on when you take delivery of the car. The car must not be delivered to you and put in service until after Jan.1 to qualify for the credit. And keep in mind: there is a soft cap of 60,000 credits PER MANUFACTURER. For most car makers, this is hardly relevant. For Toyota [including the Lexus brand], it is likely that they will run through their allocated tax credits in 6-9 months - so not only does delivery have to be after 1/1/06, but before the first 60k folks buy any brand of Toyota-made hybrid.

    To say this will have a temporary distorting effect on demand for Prius, Highlander H, Lexus RX-H, etc. is probably an understatement. What it will do to pricing depends solely on how many informed people put off a purchase until after the first of the year - right now, media coverage of the tax credit and its limitations has not been widespread or well-reported. Once it is, I expect to see some demand pushed from the 4th quarter of '05 into the first two quarters of '06. We shall see....
  • rsharprsharp Posts: 103
    I am considering a Prius for 2006. I currently have a Honda Pilot and that would be going to my wife to replace her 10 yr old mini van. I drive way more than she does so she would give the Pilot a longer shelf life. I drive quite a bit around town and I have to haul things most every day, not heavy things just bulky stuff. So I need a hatchback and when I look around the Prius is a nice sized hatchback that can ride 4 comfortably, has adequate cargo room and as a bonus gets outstanding mileage. (Not to mention the gee wiz techno-gadget factor which appeals to me as well).

    Here is my issue. The few people I know who have a Prius all fall into the extreme left wing, tree hugging, vegan, green eco type. (Which I have no real problem with if that is your cause or your thing) Well, that is not me at all. And just because I drive a type of car I am wondering if all of a sudden I will be lumped in with the eco-extreme crowd?

    Anyone have any experience with people's reactions? I guess I could put a rush Limbaugh bumper sticker on the Prius and really confuse people!
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    I'd make my decision based on the vehicle, not the presumed image of those who drive it!

    And before we go off into any tree hugging/anti tree hugging rants here, let's just stick with discussing the Prius and help keep this a place where we can escape from some of the angst of the day! :)


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    I'm buying an '06 too and I don't care what anyone thinks of what I'm driving. I'd be more concerned about driving a gas guzzling SUV these days.
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    Well done post and quite concise (as usual). Thanks for the briefing.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,679
    The few people I know who have a Prius all fall into the extreme left wing, tree hugging, vegan, green eco type.

    I would not worry about that. Conservatives should also consider them to save money. After all that is a very conservative concept. I would be more concerned with people coming up asking for my autograph, thinking I was Leonardo de Caprio :)
  • otis1otis1 Posts: 142
    there is a soft cap of 60,000 credits PER MANUFACTURER.

    Check out the tax credits and incentive forum. I posted a different interpretation of the law regarding the 60,000 quota which is a little different than what's been posted. Bottom line: you don't have to be one of the first 60k buyers.

    otis1, "Tax credits / incentives for hybrids?" #79, 17 Aug 2005 11:56 pm
  • aleknitaleknit Posts: 6
    If your buying for image, get a lamborgini.. I got a prius because of the ride, the gas it saves and yeah.. because it is green.. green as in dollars it saves me nowadays passing them gas stations..

    this is my 3rd toyota, and each one has been better then the last one. Kudos to toyota for giving the public a great car at a reasonable price..

    btw.. we need a new smiley! can we get a lemon with a X in it, meaning no lemons..
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    The 60k has some wiggle room - but not at the full level of the initial credit.
  • tucker9tucker9 Posts: 2
    I'm debating between the safety features in the 2005 PRIUS Package 4 and the sound system in Package 5. If I go with Package 4, and add the optional 6CD changer, can I easily upgrade the speakers? Any ideas on where my SIRIUS radio cam safely be installed? I routinely transport rescue dogs and want leather, weathermats and the rear bumper guard. Should I get these items installed at the dealer here in North Carolina or after market?
  • priusprius Posts: 6
    :mad: I put down my deposit of $500 in May at Libertyville Toyota, I was told that in 90 to 120 days I would have my "no option" Prius. I received a call yesterday that my car had to be "special order" because I had no options. My Prius could be here by November. Has anyone in the Chicago land area had this problem? Does anyone think if I put a option package on my order I would get it faster? or is the demand so high that it is taking this long now?
  • molokaimolokai Posts: 313
    It is rare that someone will order a Prius without any options. That's why they're so hard to find. Try and find a dealer that will try and find one with minimal equipment. That may increase your chances. If you can wait for the 06 model you may luck out even more with the tax credit. You'll also have the updated Prius which has slight appearance mods and other assorted goodies. Good luck!
  • I just bought a new Prius and was almost strong armed by the dealer to get the extended warranty and the maintenance package which I declined based on my experience with Toyota's. What is the general feeling in regards to this warranty on this vehicle?

  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "So I need a hatchback and when I look around the Prius is a nice sized hatchback that can ride 4 comfortably, has adequate cargo room and as a bonus gets outstanding mileage."

    Just make sure it meets your criteria for bulky cargo, and weight capacity. A Prius has a lot less cargo capability than a Pilot. You might be better off with the Hybrid Highlander or Ford Escape. But both cost more and get less mileage.

    Also, if you trips are short you may not achieve the mileage you expect.

    Personally, I could care less what people think about me based on what I drive. I do drive a smaller SUV (Honda CR-V), because I need the space, and it serves my purposes. Plus it is resonably good on MPG and doesn't cost a mint to purchase.

    Buy the car that suits your needs and budget!
  • What the heck is the maintenance pkg? I know the "extended Warr." is reasonable since the Prius has only the "hybrid components" @ 8yrs/100K. The rest is the usual 36/3yr warrantee.
    I've heard that the extended warr is available thru various after dealer outfits ....Buyer beware. Find one with a favorable reputation. The costs seem to be in the range of 900-1200 bucks as I have experienced.
    You said the dealer "strong armed you." Too bad. Most Toyota dealers are not usually that hard sell.
    Get back to us soon.
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    I believe the poster is referring to the prepaid maintenance which is a waste of money. As to the extended warranty, it can be had for $985. As railroadjames said, caveat emptor.
  • sappel1sappel1 Posts: 2
    Hey all! Newbie here...I found this site completely by accident (gotta love Google). Been watching for a few days and could not resist commenting here. Frankly, I don't give a rat's patootie what kind of image I portray by driving my Prius.

    I probably would be classified by most here as THE anti-Prius type; early 30's, conservative Republican (the only one in my family. My parents are disappointed to say the least), Federal employee in Counter-Terrorism field. You don't want to know my opinion on some "leftist" issues. I have owned 3 gas-sucking SUV's (including a V8 Dodge-10MPG). I currently still have my '99 4Runner with 175,000. So, I doubt I could be called a "friend of the environment" by the left. Why did I buy a Prius? Simple! (I may be a Conservative, but I'm practical). Show me another car with the Prius styling (so many cars today all look alike, particularly SUV's) plus family-friendly 5-door practicality, tons of room, comfortable ride and (did I mention) 50+MPG!! Plus, HID lights, fog lamps, side curtain airbags and SmartKey for less than $24,000. I looked at it as a fantastic value for the money. The "extra" for me was the gas savings. I drive about 165 miles roundtrip every day for work. I went from an '05 Scion Tc to an '05 Prius package #4. Tc was a great car. Fun to drive, plenty of power, great features, etc. I just saw the Prius as a better value overall. In the first 1,500 miles of ownership I only fill up once every 6-7 days instead of every other day. Average gas savings per month is $185. My insurance went DOWN because of the safety features.

    Yeah, some people will never "get" the Prius because of the "fear of technology" thing. That happens. Look at how many people were afraid of that "new-fangled horseless carriage thing". Some people will shy away for fear of being labeled a "greenie" or a "tree-hugging hippie". If they're too close-minded to realize the practicality or to see this new technology as the way of the future, oh well. More Prius' available for us!
  • These days some dealers are always attempting to find new and inventive ways to add profits to their cash drawer. You might say..."creative marketing to get you to spend more than usual."
    I do think that the Hybrids are cars worthy of "extended warr." add ons, due to the complexity of the cars and the possible higher cost of repairs these days that effect all cars not just hybrids. Better to be safe and secure and not sorry. I presently have 23K miles on my Prius with nary a thing to complain about. Milage is fairly consistant the range of 48-53 mpg's. Whats not to like with nearly $3.00 a gal gas.
    Railroadjames ( I wonder if rationing could be around the corner?) (think about it...its happened B/4) (Look out Hummers and Escalades..etc) :sick:
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,679
    Welcome to the Forum.

    If you drive that much the Prius is a good choice. Do you get to use the carpool lanes in your area? Did you get a break off of MSRP? Good luck with your new car & keep us posted on your Prius experience.
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