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Toyota Prius



  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,807
    Let's stop talking about each other as that never leads to much good.


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  • Gary...Now that you mention it, YEs I'd like to own one of them big, macho mechanized Swartzinegger muscle flexers. BUT... that would be in a world of 99 cent a gallon gas or putting it another way.."when pigs fly!!" Who cares that it takes up two parking places and hardly ever fits in any garage except a barn perhaps. Who cares that if a "Hummer bumps into you it'll probably run over you.
    As to my alter ego ....I guess what I'd prefer to entice the hot babes with is an Austin-Martin (James Bond style). It seems to me that our cars do reflect alot about us but not everybody sees us as what we really are...just people going from point "A" to point "B" only some of us choose to make a statement thru, as you put it, our alter egos.
    One thing for sure. We will adapt when fuels become either short of our demands or so expensive that modifications will be in order. That includes you too!! Oh!! And everyone else
    Railroadjames :surprise:
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,681
    I'd probably be happy with an S2000 or Boxster for cruisin' chicks. My wife won't let me buy one. I understand what you are saying and agree with most of your posts. I came to Edmund's 6 years ago looking for a decent mileage PU truck. Guess what? They are still not available in this great land of ours. There are small PU trucks the world over that get 45 MPG. Not here we have gas guzzler small PU trucks. You are lucky to get 20 MPG out of the smallest PU available. I am happy they are making a little progress with cars such as the Prius & HCH. What about the other half of the population that don't like driving a 4 door sedan?
  • waltercwalterc Posts: 6
    Anyone have any recent talk about the 'o6 model? I have a chance to buy an '05 but since patience is the only virture I have in abundance, should I wait for more improvements?
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    I've read conflicting reports. I know that the Salsa Red will not be an option for '06. There will only be 3 options packages. I did hear something about a different grill but that is still unconfirmed. Overall, pretty much still the same car. Wait for the 06 and get a nice juicy $3100 tax credit. I have my order in already.
  • rasmanrasman Posts: 10
    anyone know what the tax break is, i believe its 2000$, can u take an accelerated one time deduction, or does it have to be amortized over several years, best regards all, and thanks to anyone who answers with the facts!!!!
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    $2000 deduction. No need to amortize.
  • In terms of interior size, it's close to a Camry than a Corolla:

    Passenger Volume (Prius/Camry/Corolla) 96/102/90
    Wheelbase (Prius/Camry/Corolla) 106.3/107/102.4
    Front Leg Room (Prius/Camry/Corolla) 41.9/41.6/41.3
    Rear Head Room (Prius/Camry/Corolla) 38.6/37.8/35.4

    I wouldn't have thought Passenger Volume would include a trunk calculation.
  • I also wanted to add that in terms of weight, the Prius' curb weight is 2,890 lbs, the Camry 3,108 lbs and the Corolla 2,530 lbs. In fact the Prius is closer in weight to the Camry (218) than the Corolla (-360).
  • otis1otis1 Posts: 142
    I wasn't trying to compare the prius to a corolla. if you re-read my post, I was wondering where edmunds got their numbers. If they use the numbers on the TCO, the prius and the corolla cost the same in a 5 year period and the prius is CHEAPER compared to the camry.

    I was wondering why that edmunds report used different numbers to skew the results.
  • otis1, I know you weren't comparing the Prius to a Corolla. If you re-read my post, you'll notice I was replying to stevedebi's comparison of a Prius to Corolla. And I quote, "[stevedebi] In terms of actual size and weight, it is very close to the Corolla."
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    ...but what does ANY of this debate have to do with the purpose of this particular forum?
  • Folks, we need to stick to pricing and the purchasing experience only. This topic is primarily for those who have already decided on the Prius, and are in the shopping process. There are numerous places throughout the Forums where you can compare vehicles and the Toyota Prius 2004+ discussion is the place to talk about the size/weight of the Prius.

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  • zoranzoran Posts: 68
    Please advise? any ongoing experiences, prices, discounts, color changes, leather option? etc.
    BTW! When are 06 expected??
  • zoranzoran Posts: 68
    Any final word on pricing and mileage? I am not excited about High 20s number/Gallon advertised!
    If lexus can get mid 30s from 07 8cyl LS 470H then mid 20s on 6Cyl H are preposterous imho
  • I just got a call saying my Prius would arrive in September, wondering if I should wait for the 06's to come out. I have the same questions. When are the 06's coming out and are they any different. Anyone know?
  • bic1bic1 Posts: 5
    I went to two dealers in the Los Angeles area, both took my name and wish list (seaside blue Prius '06, package 3). Both said they expected several hundred dollar increase in prices ($300), and one quoted me $23,100 MSRP for package 3 (without taxes, license, etc.). One dealer (Longo -- nation's largest Toyota dealer) said they never add any dealer fee above the MSRP and would not be putting on surcharges as others might do.

    I want to wait until Jan. 1 for the tax credit and both said to call back in November just in case it takes 2 months to get one. Only 1 salesman out of 4 knew the difference between this year's tax deduction of $2000 and next year's tax credit (possibly as high as $3000 for the Prius). Someone at Toyota is not training their salesman.

    In any case, no one had any more 2005 and they were all awaiting the 2006.
  • The $300 price increase came into effect Aug. 1st. Also, from what I've been reading on various "Prius Chat" and "Prius Online" sites, the packages are being reconfigured again which will also include some new options (MP3 stereo, backup camera, leather) and colors. As much as I am enjoying my 2005, I'm seriously contemplating selling in favor of a 2006. Besides the camera option, the tax credit is very, very tempting assuming I don't run into any AMT issues.
  • Anyone know how helpful the back up Camera will be? Thanks
  • voiturevoiture Posts: 1
    my understanding is that tax credits are not affected by AMT. Does anyone know for sure?
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