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Toyota Prius



  • We're getting ready to buy in Seattle. We want an '06. I'm confused if the '05 or the '06 tax credits are better. Maybe a moot point since we might not be able to get it until '06 anyhow. But is there any reason to try to get it in '05 for the tax credit?

    Also, if any Seattle area folks here, which dealer do you recommend? Michael's has same month delivery, supposedly, but they markup $3K. Downtown says MSRP but 3 months.

  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    It's very simple. The tax CREDIT will only be available for vehicles delivered after January 1, 2006.

    For vehicles delivered in 2005, the much less lucrative tax DEDUCTION is the only option available.
  • Keep in mind that the 2006 tax credit is complex. There are several factors that determine the amount. The credit may be $3150 for a Prius, $600 for an Accord Hybrid, or nothing if you owe Alternative Minimum Tax. As such, a tax deduction of $2000 for 2005 may be more valuable (maybe worth $620 if you are fortunate enough to be in the 31% tax bracket without being subject to deduction reduction due to AMT). A tax accountant might be able to figure this out, but surveys of accountants indicate that they seldom agree with each other in complex cases. /emo_confused.gif

    From the San Francisco Chronical:
  • My wife and I were at our local Toyota dealer the other day and test drove the prius. We loved the car and placed one on order. Delivery time of 6 to 8 weeks. One thing I forgot to ask about was the "B" position on the shifter. What does it do?
  • It signifies engine braking---equal to a low gear on a standard car. Cruise control does not function when the car is in "B" gear.
  • I just sold my fourth Prius. And I don't even work for a Toyota dealership. I just let people sit in mine.

    Maybe I should change jobs...
  • Hehehe... good one! It truly does sell itself. Glad I'm finally part of the club!! Really love the doodads, Navi, etc. I've already sold one, but they're waiting for the 2006. Enjoy it!!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Has anybody tried, or thought about trying....

    Install an onboard genset, say the Honda EU3000, to continuously charge the hybrid batteries and thereby further reduce the times the ICE operates?

    I would think a small ( ~4HP genset with good fuel economy could recharge the batteries a lot more economically, fuel wise, than the ICE.
  • LOL , you need to get with Electrictroy he wants a perpetual energy engine form the regenerative brakes so it will always run on electric power at virtually no cost.

    First you have the weight and efficinciy of the genset to contend with. H'mm wait doen't the Prius already have a MG1 that does this function as efficintly as possible? Why yes I believe it does. And fiurhter doesn't MG! also act as a second smaller eletric motor when needed ft ofurther increase the efficinecy? Why yes you are right again.

    It mught help the efficiency of Toyota to install a Honda product though? I am notsure Toyota would cover it under their factory warranty though.

    Honda EU3000 =

    The super quiet Honda EU3000i generator is truly the ultimate in portable power. It runs from 49dB to 58dB at a full load, and features a key start. AC 120v output with 20 and 30 amp receptacles, and features DC output. This unit weighs 143 lbs, and can run for over 20 hrs on a tank of gas at a 25% load!

    I am sure adding 143 lbs would be efficient! Let's see a tank of gas is about 3.4 gallons.

    If the generator would only run at 6.25% load ( 1/4) then it could go for 80 hours. It the car averages 50 miles an hour then that would be 4,000 miles that would cost 3.4/4000 or ).00085 miles per gallon. So assuming theweight penalty of 143 poundsdidn't offset the supposed savings then the recahrge wouldbe less. LOL.

    Good Humor,

  • The manual leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to one touch and phone book. Wondering how much of the Bluetooth phone system actually works while the car is in motion. The one touch screen blanks out the phone numbers when the car is in motion, but pressing the blank space for the number actually calls that number, so one can make calls while the car is in motion using the touch screen, if one remembers which phone number goes with which of the 5 spaces shown on the touch screen. Also, using the actual phone to start the call while the car is moving results in Bluetooth taking over as soon as the first ring happens.

    Both of my Bluetooth phones work with the Prius system.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Let's have you run those numbers using the EU2000 at ~46 lbs.

    And what I'm suggesting is that instead of firing up and running a 1.5L Prius engine JUST to recharge the batteries why not use a 6HP Honda engine that undoubtedly will be a LOT more fuel efficient if the only task required of the moment is a recharge.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    Since we're NOT here to discuss politics, I've taken down the last couple of posts that have headed us in that direction. Let's stick to discussing the Prius here please.


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • Understanding the "B" has been sorely underexplained by dealers & Toyota in my opinion. Getting the "Owner's Manual " out and investigating this "B" feature @ the shift contol does however clear the air for the most part. Too often I've heard several folks refer to the "B" as "boost".....wrong!! The "B" is, as Toyota explains, engine braking mode. Lacking anymore significant explanation, Toyota simply shows a piture of a Prius going downhill useing the "B" position to give added engine braking. Obviously this mode helps to add "drag" to the cars tranny helping to slow the vehicle without excessive foot pedel braking. On page 135 of the Owner's Man. it indicates that you "CAN" put the shift lever in "B" from "D" while downhill driving. This, I think, Toyota could explain better than they do. As an owner, I've noticed several other owners indicate confusion about the "B" position.
    My wife and I even disagreed about how to shutdown the Prius. I thought you should press "Park" position then "START" to turn everything off. She said to just press "START for off from Drive and then exit car. She was right! I was wrong! Boy that was some serious humble pie I ate that time. Just goes to show that the Prius and its new inovative system of starting can be intimidating to a novice until mastered. :confuse:

    P.S. One good thing about the starting sys. of the Prius would be the fact that a thief would skip the Prius because its no piece of cake to figure out. Takes too much time to figure out.
    Railroadjames :(
  • Is there a way to find out what will be different on the 2006 model? I really wish there were some more luxury stuff, like leather and power seats and a sun/moon roof.
  • Well - there's no see-thru top, but there's leather - and a rumor that power seats might be available too. In addition, the headlamp and rearlamp assemblies are "freshened", and there's a new look to the front grill. A tire pressure sensor will be standard. Note the new colors too.

    Taken from PriusChat posted by Amped

    2006 Prius option codes, package contents and exterior/interior color combinations. Please note that each of the twelve Toyota regions are able to order any, all or none of the packages.

    FE- 50 State Emissions, Included w/All Packages

    GY #1- Driver and Passenger Side and Curtain Airbags (your basic TRAC car)

    HE #2- Rear Camera, AM/FM CD 6 Speakers & MP3, Smart Key System

    HF #3- RC, AM/FM etc., SKS, All the airbags

    HG #4- Vehicle Stability Control, RC, AM/FM etc., SKS, All the airbags

    HI #5- VSC, RC, JBL AM/FM, CD Changer, 9 Speakers, Bluetooth & MP3, SKS, Security Alarm & Homelink, All the airbags

    HK #6- VSC, HID's, RC, JBL etc., SKS, Alarm & HL, All the airbags, Front Fog & Driving Lamps

    NL #7- VSC, HID's, RC, JBL etc., SKS, Alarm & HL, All the airbags, Navi, Fog & Driving Lamps

    NW #8- VSC, HID's, RC, JBL etc., Natural Leather Seating Material, SKS, Alarm & HL, All the airbags, Navi, Fog & Driving Lamps

    Exterior/Interior Colors- Super White (040) G/B, Classic Silver Metallic (1F7) G/G, Magnetic Grey (1G3) available w/04/06 production G/G, Black (202) G/B, Barcelona Red Metallic (3R3) G/B, Driftwood Pearl (4S2) B/B, Silver Pine Mica (6U0) G/B, Seaside Pearl (8S2) G/B. The G or B indicate the interior colors (Gray or Beige) that will be available for either the cloth or leather. G/B means Grey or Beige is available for both, G/G is Grey only for both, B/B is Beige only for both.
  • there are still some 05 in the market if you are persistent! Just scored 1 @ MSRP last weekend!
  • So Cal dealerships have wildly different attitudes, policies, and prices. About half are happy to put my name on a waiting list (wait 1-2 mos), some with a required refundable down payment and some without that requirement. All are asking for MSRP with no markup, which is what I expected from the big dealership I went to recently but then found they wouldn't come down below 26!

    The other half don't have any in stock and don't have any idea when they'll get any in--they never mention the option of ordering one. It's like they're not interested in the Prius (or my business!).
    I put my name on several waiting lists. Looking forward to my new toy arriving!
  • So I'm in Northern Cal - and I just put a $500 refundable deposit on a 2006 Prius - so excited!
    Dealer said I could probably get it in Dec-Jan. Also, that new options include leather seats and MP3 connection support that includes powering for iPods, and 2 new colors. I'm waiting to pick my color until they know the colors...I just would love a really pretty color, but odds are against that. No idea which color I'd pick, otherwise.
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    Try and defer delivery until 1/1/06 and you'll get a nice fat juicy tax credit!
  • I just put in an order for one at Geis Auto Mall in Peekskill NY.. MSRP, no other fees (Dealer prep, paperwork fee, open the door fee...). He did say the MSRP could change bewteen now & delivery in January. Said, no problem if I wanted to cancel, they would just sell it to the next person ;)

    A bery easy, non-pressure, matter of fact sale deal.
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