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Toyota Prius



  • ...this may have been discussed previously but when you let the Prius coast what are the advantages?
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > when you let the Prius coast what are the advantages?

    The engine shuts off. And not just while you are coasting either. If the power demand remains below 10kW, the motor will supply thrust exclusively.

    So you can be cruising alone the highway at 65 MPH gliding down a very gentle decline (less than 1%) and the engine stop using fuel. (It will still spin though. 42 MPH is the threshold.) That will increase efficiency while still maintaining the same speed.

  • With the Smart Start/Entry, do you have to actually put the gizmo (for the lack of a specific term for this new fob-device) into the dash like in that one set of pictures for the pre-preproduction model? My impression all along has been that you don't plug any recognition device (ie key/fob) into the dash--you only press the Start button.
  • John, I thought I read somewhere that the threshold for the engine to kick in was higher than 42mph in the new Prius. Maybe I am thinking about the lower threshold for the older Prius.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > do you have to actually put the gizmo into the dash

    Nope! :)

    You just leave the fob (gizmo) in your pocket or purse.

  • I was reading the Edmunds review on the 04 Prius and it said that you can get satellite radio as an option? I thought that this wasn't available? Can anyone confirm?
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    Correct, the threshold for the 2004 Prius is higher. The specs state that Voltage, RPM, Torque of the thrust-motor have all been increased, so we know there's an improvement. However, we don't know what the heck that new threshold is... yet.

    Deliveries begin in less than 2 weeks. The proud new owners will gladly research this and report back to us... Hmm, I wonder who will be first? Since I live in the Midwest, it unfortunately won't be me. Those on the West Coast don't have to wait for train transport. So someone out there will likely have the honor.

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    coasting down the road- it earns you more battery "bars" as Motor Trend likes to put it.
  • Thanks! That's what I thought but those pictures said "smart start" on them and the guy put the gizmo in the dash. I love this car!
  • I am in Virginia and my dealer says I can expect my Prius the first week of November. They only had two orders, both for the fully loaded car, and both are being delivered that week. By then, these boards should be full of reviews. I am especially curious about Bluetooth and the Nav systems.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,623
    Re availability... here is the response I got today to a query I sent to a dealer in the Twin Cities, through's referral service, regarding availability:

    <start email>
    Unfortunately no one has the 04 Prius in stock at this time. The 2004 Prius are expected to start delivering to those who have them on order in late October early November. We are expecting to have a couple of "taxi" units, i.e., demos units for test driving only and not for sale, about the middle of October. We currently have a backlog of 25 units on order, and the list is growing. Last Monday the order count when I logged an order was 17 and now its 25. It takes a $500 deposit to get in the queue, which allows you to define the color and the package.

    In the initial rollout they are planning to limit the build pattern to three configurations. We expect this to be the build pattern until they can ramp up production. As with most new product introductions our "Best Price" will initially be set at $500 off sticker.
    04 Prius Configurations and Pricing including the $515 Destination Charge:

    Pkg. #3/AF includes: Rear Intermittent Wiper, D/P Side & Curtain Airbags

    Pkg. #8/BG includes: Rear Intermittent Wiper, Smart Keyless Entry System, GPS Navigation, JBL Premium AM/FM/Cass/6-CD w/9 Spkrs.
    Pkg. #9/BC includes: Rear Intermittent Wiper, D/P Side & Curtain Airbags, Smart Keyless Entry System, Security Alarm, HomeLink Garage Door Opener, GPS Navigation, JBL Premium AM/FM/Cass/6-CD w/9 Spkrs, Vehicle Skid Control, Fog Lamps, HID Headlamps
    <end email>

    So if we do a little math, make a very rough estimate of 1000 Priuses for all of Minnesota for a year, about 80 per month, less than 10 per dealer per month... 25 cars represents a 2-3 month backlog. That's VERY rough math. You should ask your local dealer about their backlog, it could vary based on several factors. Also bear in mind that current Prius owners get first dibs on the '04s, so that demand must be satisfied first. When the word gets out about this car, I don't think Toyota will be able to make them fast enough.
  • Toyota had a Prius seminar for SoCal dealer sales people last Friday. My salesman said that he got a chance to test drive one of several Prius for the event. They were told that local dealers could start seeing deliveries as early as next week. He promised me to give me a call and have a test drive as soon as a Prius comes in. I am looking forward to that.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > but those pictures said "smart start" on them and the
    > guy put the gizmo in the dash. I love this car!

    There are pictures that *STILL* show the original (1998) Prius and claim that it is the classic (2001). So it won't surprise me at all to see a number of mislabeled pictures for the newest (2004) model either.

    Lot's of pre-production photos are already making the rounds. Just look for a "Start" button. There isn't one on the production model. The name got changed to "Power". But reporters won't pick up on the fact right away, since they commonly reuse existing materials released to the media. Oh well.

  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    That actually matches the info I have fairly well.

    One addition is that I GOT MY CALL yesterday from regional! My 2004 is on the way and will be here in less than 2 weeks. Yeah!!!

    So watch for a Silver 2004 Prius cruising the streets of the Twin Cities very soon.

  • Hi

    I had a chance to drive the new Prius & test the intelligent park assist last week in Japan. All I can say is VERY IMPRESSIVE.

    The IPA system works very well and it's really quite amazing to experience. As someone mentioned in an earlier post, it doesn't use sonars but instead the rear-back-up camera (Japan-spec only). However, there is no need to worry about running over a dog or anything else for that matter because you, the driver, control the reverse speed by pressing/releasing the brake.

    Also, to answer another question about why "P" wasn't part of the shift-lever. I understand from speaking with regulatory people that in some cases (and I don't know what those are), NHTSA requires that the PARK gear be separate from the other gears. As this is not the case with 'conventional' vehicles, I assume it has much to do with the shift-by-wire design.

    Anyway, for everyone that has ordered/purchased a new prius, congratulations.. you're getting a great car.
  • Thanks Eatmyvoltage for the info on "P". At least now I see a reason for the "P" not being part of the shift lever.

    On another note, my sales rep told me recently that his dealership will definitely have one Prius as a demo vehicle. Since I ordered my Prius early Sept. I don't expect to see it until late November to early December. Hopefully sooner than latter. My rep also mentioned to me that a few reps from each Toyota dealer around the state (Texas) will be going down to Austin for a demonstration and education session on the new Prius put together by Toyota.
  • oldfoxoldfox Posts: 29
    "Backy" posted that the initial release would offer only three build packages. Can anybody else provide additional info. on this?
    I plunked down $500 at my local dealer and was told I was first in line to get the single prius they had been allocated for a January delivery. The dealer called and got a commitment for Red which is the color I want but they were unable to tell me which package would be on the car. I would like #6BI and will be real ticked if it has the most expensive #8 or 9 and I have to start all over again. Seems that package #6 with the air bag combo and smart entry would be the most popular. T.
  • dupiedupie Posts: 22
    jeep2jetta: I just returned from the dealership that I ordered my 04 Prius from, the sales person said he and others from the dealership were going into Minneapolis for a training session next week on the new Prius, he also confirmed that their TRAC Prius will be in on the 15th of October, and that he will call when it arrives.
    The mechinec who works on the Prius models had his training three weeks ago.
  • Dupie, yes, that is what my sales rep told me. Looks like a bunch of sales people will get training on the Prius, which is a good thing. Funny thing may be that some of us here (not me of course, still a novice at this hybrid thing) will have more knowledge of the Prius then some of the sales reps out there come delivery date. Since I do not expect my car to be in until December, I had put my name down at my local dealer to take a TRAC Prius out for a few days. I figure it's not going to hurt to have an extended test drive and get to know the car before I get my own.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Does anybody know why we don't get IPA if the driver has master control? Just stick a huge sign in the window that says:
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