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Toyota Prius



  • jpeters1970jpeters1970 Posts: 82
    HI ALL
    I was hoping to get one of the small clean diesels to compliment my Prius. Looks like that plan is on hold. Diesel is $0.85 more than regular now. I don't see diesels taking off anytime soon. Pity. I had my eye on the Subie. I guess I'll make due with my 48.6 mpg Prius for a while. The wife will make due with the Mazda 3. :) :)
  • mikesidmikesid Posts: 22
    Hi all,
    I hope this is the right place to post this. I was wondering if the Prius is worth it? I'm pretty sure that gas will hit $5 or $6 a gallon by years end. I currently have an 06 Accord that gets decent mileage (about 22-23 mpg). I drive about 28 miles to work round trip each day. I've heard that some people have had issues with the battery and that the "bladder" in the fuel tank takes some getting used to (not sure what that means though). From reading briefly these forums i see that the Prius is going for the high 20's and low 30's (depending on the package) and that supply is really tight. I'm also looking at the new 09 Carolla. I'm trying to find out which one would be better. I also travel to see my in laws (about 197 miles away) every couple months.

    I'm trying to get a head start before the big rush sets in when gas goes higher. Thanks for any and all help.

  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    This is the 4 step process I tell everyone to do for themselves after asking this question.

    First recognize that nearly every vehicle made will be worthless at some point. This is a given.

    1...Choose the vehicles that appeal to you. You've done this
    2...Decide if you are most interested in the lowest cost of transportation or if certain features are mandatory. An honest inward-looking assessment is needed.
    3...Add up all the costs. This takes some work and good estimates of your personal situation.
    4...The one that costs the least before the vehicle is worthless is the best buy, this is the one that's worth it. This is easy it becomes obvious.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Pricing: the standard package 2 Prius can be had for just about $24000
    The fuel bladder issue is just one that's unfamiliar to new drivers after a few weeks of breakin it's a non-issue.
    Supply is very tight and discounts are rare. The Corolla can easily be bought at a discount.

    PS .. the only ones that have had issues with the battery are the ones who have not bought a hybrid for fear of 'something going wrong'. Check some of the hybrid vehicles sites. There are almost no issues whatsoever.
  • mikesidmikesid Posts: 22
    Thank you for the info.

    Cpuple more questions. 1. How big is the trunk space? I know its smaller because of the batteries right? 2. how is the driving and speed? I know its a 4 clylinder but does it run smooth or does it drag?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,678
    The Prius is a hatchback. With the back seats folded flat you have a lot of space back there.
  • oldcoacholdcoach Posts: 28
    I have bought a new 2008 Prius, and it will be here on May 30,2008. I wanted to know how long I should drive it before going on a 600 mile trip. Is it ok to drive it on a 600 mile trip with very little mileage on the auto? I hope the car is as good as many of you say.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Yes, as my knowledgable friend Gary notes this is a 5 door hatchback.

    It's as big inside as a Matrix/Vibe, just configured a little differently. The battery pack takes up little or no space. It's incredibly well designed for utility. You will be able to fit more 'big stuff' in a Prius than you can in an Avalon or Camry or Corolla or Malibu or etc....
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    You can take it on a trip right away. There's no special breakin procedures except two.

    Don't tow a boat.
    Don't drive at one single speed for the entire breakin period; i.e. don't drive from NY to FLA in a single 1000 mi trip with the cruise set at 70 mph. All new Toyota's need to do a variety of driving from 5 mph to 80 mph during the breakin period.

    By all means keep us informed of your experiences both as a new owner and as you get well into the ownership. ( 75600 mi in 30 mo's and counting )
  • oldcoacholdcoach Posts: 28
    Thank you for the information, I will drive around the area for a few days before taking it on the trip. Also I will vary the cruise control . I am planning on going from Ohio to Atlanta. ;) ;)
  • oldcoacholdcoach Posts: 28
    How long is the breakin period we are talking about??? :)
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    For the Prius it's 600 mi. For all other Toyota's it's 1000 miles. Don't worry just enjoy your trip. Vary the speeds as much as you can.. Take potty breaks and stop for meals/snacks. You might not need much gas.

    You can expect to get 450 to 500 miles on about 10 gal of gas ( 11.9 gal tank ).
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    I took a 600 mile trip in my Prius when it was brand new. I even used cruise. I was well aware of the requirement to vary speed. I found that, in practice, engine speed varies significantly with gradient and I felt that it was varying sufficiently and sufficiently often that I could meet the varying speed requirement and use cruise.
  • jpeters1970jpeters1970 Posts: 82
    I Would do the same thing. Cars are not like years ago where break-in was crucial to longevity. Just vary the speed and I believe that will suffice. On another note.... I had my first $40 fillup on my Prius!! OUCH!!!
  • oldcoacholdcoach Posts: 28
    THAT 40 DOLLAR FILL UP MAY SOON BE 50. :cry: :cry: I wish my Prius would hurry up and get here. :) :)
  • ctsactsa Posts: 6
    It may have been a $40 fillup, but I still have to fillup my Pathfinder at $65 - $70 per time about 3 times more than you do. I am now #1 on the list for a package 5 at a local dealership. I don't even care about color really. Hoping that it has XM radio, but don't even really care about that. Can't wait to get rid of the Pathfinder and the 14mpg.

    Hey, can anyone tell me if the "Sound Shield" in that 350 dollar package from the ports makes a difference? There are 3 or 4 things attached to that protection package, but I am curious about the sound shield. Please advise.
  • oldcoacholdcoach Posts: 28
    My Pius came in this morning May 27, 2008. :D :D :D I will pick it up on thursday May 29, 2008. I will keep you in formed.
  • oldcoacholdcoach Posts: 28
    My Prius came in this morning May 27, 2008. :D :D :D I will pick it up on thursday May 29, 2008. I will keep you in formed.
  • jpeters1970jpeters1970 Posts: 82
    Save your money!!! That is pure profit for the dealer and any benefits are marginal at best.
  • rick294rick294 Posts: 77
    I can't find the instruction sheet I had that tells how to shut off the "Maint Reqd" light. Anybody know the procedure?
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