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Toyota Prius



  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I like the visibility in the Prius better than my 4 previous Camry's and my wife's MR2 and Solara Convertibles. That back window issue is of no concern if the mirrors are set up right, especially with the backup camera.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    That's the first time I have heard anybody accuse the Prius of good visibility. I find it one of Prius' minor bad points.

    My wife is very short and has trouble seeing out the back of most cars. The Prius has that rear window in the hatch which works very well for her and she's comfy enough behind the wheel with the limited adjustments that it has. It does have very thick A pillars but so does my Civic Si.
    Rear visibility in a Civic isn't very good. You can't see the nose or the tail.
  • I said that the Prius is "OVER-RATED" <---------This doesn't mean "bad car".I just had to clear that up, because it seems as if people think that is the definition of what over rated means or something. I dont know, maybe its just me.(Didnt think anyone would get their GREEN panties in a bunch over 1 mans opinion. BUT ANYWAY, I feel that the prius is a GOOD car. I just dont see the prius being the number 1 vehicle choice of anyone thats trying to save gas.( The whole reason we are trying to save on gas is to keep money in our pockets. Right? Then tell me why the heck would I pay $10,000-$15,000 more on a vehicle up-front just to save pennies at the pump down the line. Just doesn't make sense to me. You WOULD BE better off getting a yaris vs getting a prius. By the way . . .scotty . . . .(the SX4 thing was an example) I own a Honda).Toyota has always made a hella nice vehicle. I just know that toyota isnt the only one making quality cars anymore. Times have changed. Suzuki is the number 1 selling car in JAPAN though. (just in case you didnt know that) Its funny because A LOT of the people at toyota factories in japan drive Suzuki's to work. The reason me and quite a few others left the toyota dealership here is because they treated employees AND CUSTOMERS like crap. The rest are looking for new jobs as we type. But since you like stats so much scotty . . .find out how long it takes to break even when you buy a prius. Then find out how long people usually keep their cars before they trade them in for something else. THEEEENN tell me if it still makes sense to buy a prius just to save gas. :)
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    The key point that you miss in this is that you're viewing this from the perspective only of a $15000 - $20000 buyer. In this case your are exactly corrent it makes NO sense to spend $25000 for a vehicle to save a few thousand $$ in gas.

    Now view this from the perspective of a $30000 - $45000 vehicle buyer who also doesn't want to spend extra money on gas. There are MILLIONS of these buyers out there in NA. They will not ever consider a $15000 or $19000 vehicle under any circumstance.....but they DO want to save money on gas. Most can afford the extra expense of $4 per gallon gas it's just that they choose NOT to spend it if they can get away from doing so. So they choose the most efficient $25000 - $30000 vehicle they can.

    To address your breakeven question...again you are viewing it from a lower-income- level buyer. What if the $28000 price is $5000 lower than you normally spend on a vehicle. Heck in this case you're already $5000 ahead of the game.....then there's a savings on gas on top of that.

    The Prius and HCH are not just for those scrimping to make the rent payment. In fact these buyers should NOT be buying a new vehicle anyway.

    This is the gold mine that Toyota and Honda discovered and are mining now.
  • davew13davew13 Posts: 2
    Is the front seat legroom different in the 2008 Prius vs. the 2007? I sat in a new 2008 and my legs were very cramped (I'm 6'6") but when I sat in a used 2007 there seemed to be more room. Vehicle specs for both years show the same amount of space, so I'm wondering if there is a slight difference in how the seats are set, etc. Does anyone know if there's a difference? :confuse: Any input will be greatly appreciated!
  • kayenkayen Posts: 5
    Instead of just thinking about purchase price, one has to consider trade in value at the end of ownership. You can be sure that the residual on a Prius or HCH will be far greater than a non hybrid. I traded in a Lexus ES350 for my Prius and couldn't be happier. I feel it is more of a correct car for today and I feel like a kid in it all over again. It is also easier getting in and out of spaces as well as my garage. Every family should have one high mileage vehicle to counter gas price fluctuations.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Precisely and well stated. There are literally millions like you in NA.

    With the risk of gas going toward $6 within the next 6 yrs not wanting to waste money on fuel is not reserved only for the struggling young couples. Everyone is concerned about potentially setting too much money on fire. However this desire to save fuel dollars doesn't relegate everyone to a $15000 beater/econobox.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    With the risk of gas going toward $6 within the next 6 yrs...

    We'll be at $6 long before 6 years have elapsed. Cost of gas is not a large factor in why we bought a Prius.
  • Well... not to stray too far off topic... I don't think gas will be $6 in 6 years. At any rate I am sure glad I got my Prius and I bought it for the features/versatility and good gas mileage. I currently have 200 miles on this tank and my avg MPG is 50.5. I recently read a test on the Smart Four Two. Now to me, that car makes no sense at all. It requires premium fuel, seats 2 and gets 36 mpg overall. Why not get a Honda Fit that seats 4 comfortable and gets 30 mpg on REGULAR gas? Apparently the Smart car is selling very well. Not sure how SMART it is to buy one though (Pun intended!)
  • fseaverfseaver Posts: 13
    Purchased mine in March 2008. You won't be sorry, Gas mileage 51.1 MPG. very comfortable. I drove up to high Sierra's to test mountain driving . No problems handled just great. :)
  • fseaverfseaver Posts: 13
    My satellite has music that is nice but the CD player in the Prius is much better.
  • Hi all,

    I'm in the market for a 2009 Prius and I live in Southern California. Ideally, I would like the Package 3 Prius, which includes the Bluetooth but not the Navigation system. Two different local dealers have told me that I cannot get a Package 3 or 4 in Southern California - only a Package 2 or 5 (or higher). Here are my questions:

    1. What US states DO offer a Package 3?
    2. Has anyone had a Toyota dealer install an after-market bluetooth phone system onto a Prius that did not come with it? What was it like? The dealer gave this option for about $400.00.

    Any advice would be very helpful!

  • They sell package 3 in Washington state.... We had an option to get package 3, but settled on 2 because of the deal we were getting and the only 3 that they had was a color we could not stand...
  • hi, im new and i just got my prius for like a month now, but i got rip of by the dealer, i got the package 2 but they charge me 27G i though 27G would include everything like the bucktooth and Nav so i buy it, but they hold my prius for 3 day because i was installing a remote starter so i didn't get to c what in the prius, so i got rip of so bad, so i complen but they say they put wood in the interior and wit all this stupid thing that y is 27G =( so yea cheak everthing u want in your car even thoel the price might be the same price as the package you want they might add stuff to make it the same price even thole u don't need it =(, ohh i got a question on the prius, is it spoce to make noises when u turn it off?
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207 it spoce to make noises when u turn it off?

  • rick294rick294 Posts: 77
    Yes, the Prius will make interesting little clicks, hums and who-knows-what. The book says that it will do some kind of electrical check several hours after shutting it off. Interesting.
  • Twice today when I shut off my 1 yr old Prius, it beeped once and the hazard lights flashed once. There were no warning lights on the dashboard and nothing on the screen to indicate a problem. The car was in park as it normally is when I shut it off. Despite this apparent warning of some sort, the car appeared to shut off normally. I can find nothing in the owner's manual indicating what the Prius was trying to warn me of? Can anyone shed any light on this?
  • thekingtheking Posts: 107
    I need feedback for price on 15,000 mile checkup at a dealer,which would not include a new air filter element as mine is as clean as could be.. :D
  • I'm thinking about buying an 09 Prius and have some questions.

    What mpg would you get with the air condioner running and driving at 70 mph?
  • I have a 2004 Prius. On interstate highways, going at 70-80mph, I get 40-45mph with the A/C on. If you hold it down to 70, you'll get 45-50 maybe even more. The onboard computer calculations are pretty accurate so a test drive should confirm this. Going uphill, snow tires, head winds all are adverse factors but they should generally average out. It's hard to better that with any other similar size car.
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