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Toyota Prius



  • rick294rick294 Posts: 77
    Yeah, that isn't good. I guess the prospective buyer needs to look at the overall repair and trouble history for a particular make - especially when a completely new model comes out. Even at that, it wasn't too long ago that CR mentioned that buyers should be cautious with first year models and showed examples with Honda and Toyota that had "issues" on the first year. To a certain degree, it really is a crapshoot.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
  • After 5 years without a ski rack I changed my mind. The "custom" Thule and Yakima systems were $350-450 which was way too much. I found a Universal CB-602 rack at Proline Products for $40 plus shipping. It came today and took a long time to install because I was not comfortable with the "gutter hook" attachment. I ended up straightening the four gutter hooks and putting one self tapping screw through each of the gutter hooks and into the body just under the door frame/roof. I'm sure they will hold securely and will not cause any leaks. If it were a new car, I would have spent the $350+. When the ski racks are empty, I can tilt them forward on the round bars so that they are parallel with the roof, minimizing wind resistance.
  • I am an owner of a 07 Prius with 59K miles. Even though I like my Prius, I would also love to see more diesel cars sold in this country. I test drove the 2009 Diesel Jetta, the car was great. It handles better and has better pick up than my Prius. But I would never buy a VW due to poor reliability. I have friends with VWs(Jetta + Passat) that are much less reliable than the Japanese brands.
    I would love to see the Japanese and Korean companies offer diesel motors in their vehicles. These modern diesel engines are great. You cannot lose using a hybrid or diesel for better fuel economy and less pollution. Also plug in electric cars would be great also except for the initial high cost of buying them.
  • Yes, those German cars, any of them, surprisingly, do not come close to Asian cars and trucks for reliability. I have a 2008 Prius and we love it. I firmly believe gas prices are going to go through the roof in the next few years due to the Obama administration getting deep into "cap and trade". For that reason, I consider our Prius as insurance against that eventuality. (Not "cheap" insurance, however!) VW products have exceptionally nice interiors. They really do it right, but without vehicle reliability, it doesn't mean much to me. During the 1960s and 1970s, I bought 4 new VW products, but I wouldn't do so today, since the Asians have surpassed all other countries in quality and reliability. That's why Toyota is now Number #1 auto manufacturer in the world. The word gets around and old loyalties fall away. But the real bargains these days are with Hyundai and Kia while they are establishing themselves. More content for less money, and especially with Hyundai, the same quality and reliability. Down the road, their prices will likely match those of Toyota, however.
  • Europeans are very big on diesels and have been for many years. Diesel trucks are big here, but not so much diesel cars. Wasn't so long ago that diesel fuel prices were above premium gasoline prices. Now diesel seems to be going for less than regular. What happened? Plug-in cars will begin coming on market during this coming year. The Nissan Leaf will be one of them. Like everything else (the first VCR, etc.), the cost will gradually drop as popularity increases (presumably). Exciting time to be in, with all these new innovations coming in.
  • mac93mac93 Posts: 1
    i dont mean to break up your diesel rants but my prius gets 85mpg with this new setup i just got from you cant put it on a diesel though bummer really....Mac
  • :confuse: A friend bought a 2010 Prius, package 4. He also bought a new Navigation System on his cell phone and the difference is 2 MPH, e.g., 52 MPH versus the true 50 MPH. Anyone else checked on this?
  • Do you mean two miles per hour or 2 miles per gallon?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    From other sites like PC that difference sounds like what they're reporting. A lot has to do with how much fuel is put into the tank each time. 52 mpg vs 50 mpg is just under 4% difference. On a typical 9 gal fillup that would be about one third of a gallon difference; 9.35 vs 9.00. On a 5 gal fillup that would be a 0.2 gallon difference; 5.20 vs 5.00.

    On a tank by tank basis that's a random filling variance IMO. The only way to get a real solid number is to keep track of gallons pumped and miles driven over a good long period of time...3 to 6 months at least. A better idea would be to keep records over 1 to 2 years.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207

    The original poster posted MPH and meant MPH. He's talking, I think, about the difference in speed reported by his GPS and his speedometer.

    There is a legal requirement that speedometers should not read slow and within a certain percentage of actual speed. A 2 MPH error at 50 MPH sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    ahhhh...duh. Good pickup. My bad.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    My 2007 TCH is also off by about 2 mph. Wonder if it's a 'Yota hybrid issue?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,444
    6 months behind your post, but i am sending that video to all the prius owners i know.
    LOL! is all i can say.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Hey, better LATE than NEVER amigo !!! :)
  • Hey Prius owners. I haven't been on the forum since I first bought my '06 Prius, in part because I have been busy working with my anthropologist sister on a book about American car culture. The book was released this week and is titled Carjacked: The Culture of the Automobile and its Effect on our Lives. It reviews the current state of our nation's love affair with the car and highlights many hidden or infrequently discussed costs of car ownership.

    In it I tell the somewhat amusing and embarrassing story of my trying to find and buy a Prius in the summer of 2006 when they were pretty hard to come by here in New England. You can learn more about it at our Facebook fan page,, or I'd welcome any feedback you have if you get a chance to read it.
  • oldsargoldsarg Posts: 21
    I have an elderly friend who worked for Henry Ford who is writing his autobiography. I am amused at the hype given to the so called "quality" of the Prius when way back in the 30s and 40s inventors such as he could have put most of the auto industry out of business. In his words, "I did not want to put that many people out of jobs." This is amusing as many of my friends and family were put out of the boating industry due to the advent of the railroad in the early days of this country. And, just to think, how many horses were put out of work due to Henry Ford's Model T? As a side note, the depression was caused by the banking industry trying to put Henry Ford out of business. Does that ring a bell?
  • rick294rick294 Posts: 77
    I can't get the connection between quality of the Prius and Henry Ford having the capability of putting most of the auto industry out of business...are you saying the early Fords had better quality than the Prius, or ?? How did job losses in the boating industry take place due to the advent of the railroad. Apples and oranges? No, no bells are ringing about the Depression being caused by anyone trying to put Henry out of business?! I admit not being the greatest student of history, but it's been my understanding that the Great Depression was caused by over-valuation of the heated-up stock market. I've never heard of any ties to Henry Ford - but maybe I missed the boat somewhere, I don't know.
  • aghoshaghosh Posts: 16
    edited December 2011
    My 2010 Prius was parked outside overnight (ambient temp 30-40) after a trip of about 400 miles. It is usually garaged otherwise. Anyway, when I started the car the following morning, there was a huge rattle in the engine compartment. I shut it down, gave it five minutes and then everything was back to normal. The following two days I completed another trip of about 1000 miles without any problems. Is this something to worry about? My car is still under warranty so I will probably get it checked, but meanwhile would appreciate any thoughts since I am still on the road.
  • Just curious if you own a Prius. I bought a 2010. First car I ever paid cash for. And boy, do I wish I had bought the VW Jetta Diesel instead (those 2 were the semi-finalists). I am so disappointed. I live in Cleveland. It doesn't get Dakota cold here by any stretch. Yet, the Prius is a different car Nov through the end of March than it is the other months. 47-51MPG in summer, 39-42 in winter. Wish somebody would have told me this. The Jetta Diesel gets the same 46-48 winter or summer. The car's heater/AC is god-awful. Too high tech for its own good. On a sunny winter day, about 34 degrees, I want some air coming in. But the setting LO is too cold, and the next hottest setting, 65, is too hot. Nothing in between. Oh did I mention the Prius' $3000 sunroof. I would have had to get the Solar package to get a sunroof. Great marketing Toyota. But worst of all, my range is limited because I apparently don't get to use the last 2 1/2 gallons in the tank. I only get about 440 miles (on a good day) and after driving 50 miles with the gas light flashing, I put in no more than 9.5 gallons. So what gives with the tank? I hate myPrius. And the latest thing, I seem to be getting 35 MPG right now
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