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police car



  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    in Arizona. It seems everyone drives a Dodge truck... or a jeep. :)

    >He says that they've already raced the Intrepid against other cars, and supposedly it blows away the Crown Vic and Impala.

    Nuts, even the Michigan test doesn't indicate the Intrepid blows away anything. I've driven them all at the largest police academy in the world. Neither of the FWD's (Impala and Intrepid) were close to speed and halding of the Crown Vic, which didn't handle nearly as well as the old Caprice.

    This is not the same as saying that Dodge isn't practicably just as fast. There aren't many areas where you can go as fast as any of these cars will go. In Michigan, I'm sure that FWD is favored for the winter traction. A slight decrease in handling may be more than offset by snow traction.

    >So much for the myth that just because a car is bigger and bulkier, it can't handle!

    Right, within reason of course. I've also found that the old style Dodge vans are surprisingly agile. They will go very, very fast.

    I really have never been a Dodge or GM guy, but the Dodge's in particular have caught my attention. Many of these vehicles have lots of hard miles on them and are still good vehicles.
    >As for interior room, the Crown Vic really isn't that much bigger inside than an Intrepid or Impala. Shoulder room is within an inch or two,

    Take a tape measure and measure it yourself. The measured amounts are per rear pasenger, so a few inches per passenger means the CV has 9-12 inches more width. It really adds up when you're trying to stuff three bikers in the back. Also, police cars usually have cages. Cutting a few inches out for the cage and the CV still has some useable room. Most other cars do not and the perp ends up sitting sideways.

    >After all the Dodge Diplomat and Plymouth Gran Fury compared favorably to the Crown Vic and Caprice for years.

    Yes they did. And I was told that they were the absolute fastest. No doubt the new Dodge will be also.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Rear shoulder room in a Crown Vic is 60.3 inches. The car is only 78.2 inches wide.

    So, if that first figure is per passenger, what are you doing, rolling the widows down and counting part of the great outdoors???

    Seriously, there is very little more room in the backseat of a Vic than an Impala. And the commonly used figures are NOT per passenger...

    The NEW Dodge is RWD, has a V8 but is NOT body on frame. I doubt it has perceived gas tank problems, though.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'd love to hit one at 70mph with a Crown Vic and find out :)
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